ShannaxZala's Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru Tv,manga Review

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru tv,manga Review

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru (UraBoku) is a story of a mysterious boy with mysterious ability, Giou Yuki. Right after he was born, his mother left him near an orphanage, and was found. Because of that event, Yuki strives for independence. He hates being a burden to anyone near him, but at the same time, he was afraid of being left alone. Moreover, ever since he can remember he had a strange ability where when he touches others, he can feel their emotion (mostly anger & sadness). Unable to control it, he often made insensitive blunders in the past. He later met with a mysterious beautiful man who saves his lives, but somehow he feels so nostalgic, like he's met him before. While death threats and his ability increasing, the man who claimed to be his older brother suddenly appear, so what will Yuki do when he learn the truth?

By: EevaLeena

Story & Playability

The story is, generally, very well thought out. It is extremely in-depth and although extremely hard to understand at first, is great once you get a grip on it.

The characters also make the plot just as good, if not better than it is already. Making the story better was impossible, or so I thought, until I took a deeper look at the characters.

Yuki Sakurai - (Or Yuki Giou, however you wish to say his name), the main character, makes the story very interesting. The fact that he was female in his past life and male in his current life is also an interesting concept, in my eyes.
Luka Crosszeria - (First known as Zess) is mysterious and beautiful. His role confused me at first, but it made more sense the further into the story I got. His role makes me happy, and his character is also very well thought out.
Tsukumo Murasame - I don't think I'm the only one who thinks that he looks like Zero from Vampire Knight. He also carries a similar weapon... Regardless, I love him. His ability has to be my favourite, considering it allows him to communicate with animals. His gun is also sexy~
Toko Murasame - To be perfectly honest, I usually strongly dislike the main female roles in anime and mangas, since they usually can't do anything but heal, get themselves kidnapped, and fall in love with the main male protagonist. I mostly like her personality, since it is so different from that of many main female characters. She also uses a huge sword, which in my opinion, is freakin' awesome. She's actually a very pretty girl as well.
Hotsuma Renjou - I love this guy. His personality, his looks, everything. Well, other than the fact that he's an arse to Yuki at first, but he has his reasons. Although like Renji from Bleach, I didn't like him at first. But getting further into the series makes you understand his true feelings much better. I also cried because of how close he is to Shuusei as well. I'd also be surprised if anybody I knew actually hated him as well. He is my brothers favourite character, after all.
Shuusei Usui - My personal favourite character in this series. His quiet yet caring personality isn't something you can come by to often in anime, but I'm glad I finally found somebody like that. His past also seems to be mysterious, which makes him all the more sexy... But on another note, I think that he's a hard character to hate. I'd also bash your head in if you did hate him! Him and Hotsuma have a very close relationship as well, and I think they look extremely cute as a couple~
Takashiro Giou - I'll be very blunt. I used to hate this guy. I thought he was an arse to Yuki, and honestly, I like Yuki very much. But after I got to the point when he apologized to Yuki, I started to love him. One of those characters that I hated but I thought was very sexy... So, his character in itself certainly isn't my favourite, but I don't hate him. But those glasses and that long gorgeous hair... *Drools*
Wakamiya Kanata - At this point, I'm on neutral grounds with him. Considering his connection to the story, yeah I'm just not sure anymore. I still like him but... Well, I guess his relationship with Yuki is what's saving me from strongly disliking him, honestly.

Spoiler (show)

Especially after what he did to Tsukumo! I want to strangle him with my bare hands, or maybe BLAST HIM like he did to Tsukumo... Poor guy...

Hmm... I wonder if that was even a good enough review...?

Rating: 10


I did say before hand that some of the characters were in fact very beautiful, and that is very true.

They all have their own grace, making the story only that much better. With their character design it makes it easy to determine what sort of character they are. Although I don't normally like that in a series, this one is different. Maybe it's because I actually like all the characters in the series... (Except for Ashley...)

Spoiler (show)


After being told that there is a reason Luka is so beautiful also gave me the idea that they really thought about the character designs in the series. Besides, aren't fantasy series' usually supposed to have beautiful characters anyway? I certainly think so.

The characters and their beauty makes this series worth watching, no?

Rating: 10


The sounds, huh?

Well first off, the opening song isn't one I'd constantly listen to. Although it does match the anime slightly, it's still not something I'd listen to constantly.
The same goes with the ending song. It also matches the series, as well as the boring scene it seems to present. (Beautiful all the same) I've really heard better ending and opening songs, so this isn't something I'm too terribly fond of.

As for the voice acting, it's very well done I think.
The only voices I'm not too fond of are Yuki and Toko's, but that has nothing to do with the voice actors talent I think. As I've heard them in other series, the characters in this one doesn't exactly match them too entirely well. It also makes it slightly hard to concentrate when they talk.

Otherwise, this sound is great in this series.
Or at least that's what I think...

Rating: 8


I think this is an extremely enjoyable series. It's something that can drag you in and keep you there.

The manga kept me reading until I had managed to finish it, I can really say that it's addicting. Granted I did start reading it when it wasn't that far in... I still kept reading until I got caught up. The characters and the story can keep somebody sitting and reading for hours.
And although the Anime is not finished right now, I still want to say that it's been great so far. They are currently on episode 11, and I've been watching it since the start. It's a series that I'll actually consider watching in one day once it's finished.

I don't find the characters too incredibly funny nor is the story, but it certainly has it's moments. If you want my full opinion on this, I have to say one thing;

Watch the Anime, read the Manga. It's not something that you'll regret. It's story is unique, I know you'll like it. If you like beautiful characters thrown in with a very unique and powerful story, this is the series for you.
I didn't think so at first, and although it's not hard to catch my attention (Just throw in a sexy or beautiful anime guy and you've got my full attention... *Is a pervert*) the story is usually a whole different story.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.67 (excellent)

Reviewed by ShannaxZala, Jun 16, 2010


  1. ArtificialRaindrop Jun 18, 2010

    I'm not really sure that you really grasp the idea behind the review. If not for the provided summary at the top, I would have no idea what the series is even about other than "beautiful people". Your character descriptions only really state whether or not you like the character and if they are a jerk or not to another character, and sometimes aesthetic details. It's good not to overdo a review and completely spoil things that happen, but if you don't give ANY indication about anything then I'm not sure that there's really a point in having a review, either. We could just read the back of the box if that were the case.

    What is the pace of the story? Does it have a lot of depth, or is it shallow? What is kind of humor do they lean towards? Is it ever philosophical, or is everything straightforward and to the point? Are characters well developed and unique, or are they cookie cutter? Sometimes you say things like it's in-depth, but you don't elaborate any more than that. At times it feels more like a fan blog post than a review actively encouraging people to view the series.

    You made some clear points in your Sound section by addressing how the music fit the series, but the rest of the review needs more attention. Your lack of in-depth coverage seems contradictory to the scores you gave- if the series were that good, I would think you would have more to say about it?

    This isn't meant to be mean or hurtful, just things to consider when you are writing a review. If you want people to see the show or read the manga, give us reasons to want to! :)

  2. Nubes Jun 19, 2010

    errr... is this yaoi or something? what genre is this? who's is the producer? what's the plot?
    I didn't get it becuz this review is not as good as others, becuz u missed a looot of others things... Nor one of the best anime i've ever seen, which is Baccano!, has this rating... something's wrong, Watson...

  3. mona12 Jun 26, 2010

    wow i love this anime umm at first i thoght i may me yaoi but after that i dont thnk so but anyway everyone in this anime looks hot

  4. rukasu04 Mute Member Aug 12, 2010

    Nice review :P

  5. SchRita Aug 27, 2010

    I'm not sure about the genre either...Please, speciyfy it.

  6. Warpten29 Jan 11, 2011

    This great, thanks for the anime's review it inspires me!

  7. Nessbad94 Jun 26, 2011


    I definitely wanna see it)))

  8. kamui85 Jul 31, 2012

    can some one tell me where does the manga continue the anime?

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