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Maburaho tv Review

Character Conceptual Design (TV) - Eji Komatsu

Kazuki Shikimori lives in a a world where everyone can use magic. Not everyone’s magic is equal. Everyone has a set number of times that he or she can use their magic. Most normal people can to use magic around hundred times or so, while others can use their magic several thousand times. A person's social status is determined by how many times you are able to use magic. If however you use up all your magic, your body turns to ash and is scattered in the wind. Kazuki however is different from most because his magic count is less than 10. Then one day three girls Kuriko Kazetsubaki, Yuna Miyama, and Rin Kamishiro show up all wanting one thing... his genes. Although he himself has very little magic it is believed that his genes will one produce the greatest magic user of all time. Though they all want his genes only Yuna proclaims to be his wife after a childhood promise of marriage

Credits: Mew1Mokuba

Story & Characters

The story of this anime consists in a magic academy, perhaps not the most inovative idea there has been, but if it works why would you want to fix it anyway?
The story starts with the main character, Kazuki Shikimori, who has the limited number of magic spells, wich are 8, while everybody else has much, much more: still it has been said that he carrys the genes to birth the biggest wizzard ever.
Whenever a wizzard runs out of spells , said wizzard will be turn to ashes.

Main characters review.

Shikimori Kazuki
The main character in the story, he's a 17 years old male, a student in the Aoi academy, who has nothing interesting or special besides the fact that he can only can use magic 8 times and that he holds the genes to give birth to the biggest wizzard ever born, his personallity is calm and centered, puts the wellbeing of others before his.

Miyama Yuuna
Student of the Aoi academy.She sudenly apears in shikimoris room one morning claiming to be his wife, aparently there has been made a childhood promise between the two of them. Shes protective and caring for shikimori, can be somewhat jealous, the bad thing is that she can be really vulnerable.

Kazetsubaki Kuriko
Student in the Aoi academy.The youngest of an important and wealthy family, due to kazuki carrying the genes to birth the biggest wizzar, she has been sended to get said wizzard to be born into the family. She uses her sexappeal and good looks to get what she needs.

Kamishiro Rin
A samurai who always carries her katana with her, also a wizzard and student of the Aoi academy.
She has also been sent by her family to obtain the genes of shikimori kazuki, shes not so eager about it and holds resentment towards kazuki, since he is pretty much a useless man.

Story wise it has originality and good twist's, saddly if you are expecting a concrete ending and a finished story, you wont be getting that here.

Rating: 7


Art wise, it has a decent quality in the drawings, its a series launched in 2003, so the style can be a bit old compared to todays standars, the women have ''perfect boddies'' as you would expect in a ecchi anime, the details are good enough for you to feel the theme is going or the place they are, also the magic spells dont look bad either.

The Facial expresions are really funny when intended, recuring to cute faces and traditional anime movements to show either embarasement, happiness and such, it can also show serious faces when is nesessary.

its not something that you've never seen before, but is not bad either, it has a good quality on its own.
not above average, not below it either.

Rating: 8


The music, the opening song is catchy and the lirics are cute enough, has good vocals and a good video for it. It has quite some energy in it.

the ending also does its work and doesnt drift you away from how the episode ended, it somehow keeps the mood going on.

voice acting is good, can be sometime repetitive but always acording to the situation and you will belive the character inpersonafication.

Specially shikimori's voice, is not the macho or the handsome guy voice, he has somewhat of a funny voice, quite realistic.

the background noises are good, keep the theme on. also the sound effects are great, the explosions or what ever is happening has a nice sound to it.

the reason it gets a 7 is because unlike other series, this doesnt have many catchy background songs, the opening and ending are catchy but not as many other.

Rating: 7


In short: this is a great anime, is something you may not watch again, but you wont be sorry youve watched it either, in fact , im sure you will enjoy it very much since it does thing that havent been seen in many other animes before.

It will make you laugh since shikimori's facial expresions can be hilarious, as well as yuuna's, the side characters can be funny at times too, sometimes a bit of a bother, but hey, they are side characters and they are needed.

i recomend watching it if you are looking for a good laugh and a good story, even though if you are looking for a concrete ending or every loose end to tie up, you will end up beeing disapointed.

its a good anime, and i recomend it overall.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.50 (good)

Reviewed by shavo002, Jun 16, 2010


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