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After War Gundam X

After War Gundam X tv Review

Story & Characters

The story of Gundam X takes place in After War 0015, fifteen years after a war between the Earth Federation and the colonies and it ends in a devastating manner in which a colony drop caused a nuclear winter and in the fifteen years since the war, a young 15-year-old named Garrod Ran, a boy who earns his way around by doing jobs here and there becomes involved with the Vulture, a group of indivduals not associated with the military and its' members being a rag-tag group of different kinds of people. One such Vulture member on board the Freeden landship is war scarred Jamil Neate on a mission to save Newtypes and one such Newtype he is guarding is a young girl Garrod's age, the quiet, waif-like beauty Tiffa Adil. Garrod joins the group, along with two young figthers for hire, the girl-chaser Roybea Loy and the short-tempered Witz Sou. Along the journey they encounter many adversaries, the principal antagonists Shagia and Olba Frost, two twin brothers that have a deep hatred for Newtypes and relentlessly pursue the Freeden,

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however the brothers are revealed to be rejected Newtypes

, and for that reason fuels their hate. They also encounter Ennil El, a young woman obsessed with getting revenge on Garrod for rejecting her and a young boy Garrod and Tiffa's age, Caris Nautilus, a cyber-Newtype. In the final set of episodes, Garrod and Tiffa befriend another youth their age, Paula Cis, a girl like Garrod that had lost parents after the war and an honorable warrior named Lancerow Dowell, who once was Jamil's rival in the past war as Jamil once fought as a Federation soldier and Lancerow was a Spacenoid soldier. Each of these characters have their one unique quality and the story was well-told in the 39 episodes it only had, however this series was cheated out of the standard 49-50 episode count for a Gundam series due to the huge fanbase of Wing fans that wanted more Wing anime, so it left X to be underappreciated.

Rating: 10


The art quality was good during the time it was released in 1996 and it was quite visually appealing, especially for the character designs and each character had their own distinctive appearance, such as the cold appearance of the Frost brothers, the curvaceous appeal of Ennil El, and the polished soldier Lancerow. I liked the way the characters looked in accordance to their personality. I especially liked the mecha designs, and loved Gundam X and Double X.

Rating: 10


The sound was really good and the opening songs, Dreams and Resolution sung by Romantic Mode were awesome to listen to and the ending songs were soothing ballads, Human Touch and Gin-iro Horizon wer pleasant and calming. The background musis was also well-done too, but not as impressive as the music score for the previous Wing series. The cast includes Wataru Takagi as Garrod Ran, Mika Kanai as Tiffa Adil, Kenyuu Horiuchi as Jamil Neate, Toshiyuki Morikawa as Shagia Frost, Nozomu Sasaki as Olba Frost, Chieko Honda as Ennil El, and Yuko Mizutani as Caris Nautilus. The majority of the cast of Gundam X were popular voice actors during the 80's-early 90's era of anime during that time and a few are still popular today, like Toshiyuki Morikawa and Mika Kanai. Kanai does the role of Code Geass' Kaguya Sumeragi, a character as loli as her past role as Tiffa is. Kanai did a great job in doing the role of Tiffa and the other cast members also did a fantastic job. As this series hasn't been licensed, it is only available in fansub.

Rating: 9


The presentation of this anime was wonderful, despite the 39 episodes that it only has. As far as how it presents itself, sure there are elements borrowed form the Universal Century as other AU Gundam series tend to do, Gundam X does a decent job in making the series its' own, especially with the backdrop of the series not being around a major war, as the series revolves in the second part of the story of both sides rebuilding their military and the uneasy air of the two sides starting up another conflict with Garrod, Jamil, Tiffa, and their allies in the middle of it. Jamil also presents himself as an interesting character, as in the past war he was the Amuro-type to Lancerow's Char-type as the younger Lancerow piloted a red mobile suit, yet the present Jamil wears sunglasses a-la Quattro Bajeena. The lead protagonists Garrod has the playful like nature of Duo Maxwell, yet has angsty Heero-like moments and Tiffa is quite a lot like Rei Ayanami of Evangelion in terms of her personality and mysteriousness. The present-time Lancerow ends up having more of a personality akin to both Treize and Zechs of Wing as an honorable, gentleman soldier in his character who happens to the Spacenoids top ace pilot. The romance in this series between the two leads is the best by far I have seen in a Gundam series, Garrod and Tiffa have a relationship first as friends before becoming a couple. Their relationship is not rushed and the two take the time to know one another individually. Garrod and Tiffa have a sweet and innocent kind of romance, which I found charming. X has much better romance element than Wing to where I can support the established pairing, as far as chemistry between the two characters go. X was also better than SEED when it comes th the romance factor, as the majority of SEED's pairings were rushed and/or because the characters looked good together and forgotten the emotions that come with establishing a relationship and the bumps in the road. Garrod and Tiffa went through those bumps in the road when they were still friends before becoming a couple and so did Domon and Rain of G-Gundam and both relationships grew stronger as a result. So overall, Gundam X for me was enjoyable to watch from start to finish with a good story and a well-written romance between Garrod and Tiffa.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.83 (excellent)

Reviewed by minayuri, May 07, 2010


  1. rukasu04 Mute Member Aug 12, 2010

    Nice review :P

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    Is it part of the Gundam series?

  3. patriz0 Oct 07, 2010

    i have the same question as schrita..

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