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Kodomo no Jikan manga Review

Story & Playability

Kodomo no jikan... ahhhh, the name bring pleasing thoughts to mind... oh, no don't think I'm talking dirty thoughts here, I may be a Lolicon, but I don't think about the fansevice when i think Of KNJ, no, this manga has to be one of the best manga i ahve read, ever, only opinion, but the way everything works out, in many of the other volumes, makes KNJ... gold... But this is only a review of Volume 1, sooo, LETS GO!

The story is about a man, his name, Aoki Diasuke. He is a new teacher, this is his first day, his class... 3rd grade. The class seems normal enough, all but one girl... enter Rin Kokonoe, a seductive, precoscious, little 8 year old who decides that Aoki is now her boyfriend. She teases and torments Aoki, flashing her panties, talking about her sexual fantisies, and everything else that would have made a pervert go head over heals. Aoki is not a pervert, and thus, is in dread of all these events, the story of volume one goes along these lines, weaving in little hints of a serious drama about to unfold, If you read only the first volume, and stop, you might not be impressed, but it leaves you wanting to know more, so you go back, the real events that make KNJ a such manga, no Literary gold, is in volume 2, but you would not get into the characters by then right? For now, Volume 1 is a funny little Loli-comedy, worth the time, and so worth the rewards of the following volumes. In fact, this will be the lowest rateing I give any of the volumes when it comes to story...

Rating: 9


Art is pretty good. I always notice in early volumes of manga, no matter how skilled the artist is, the charaters feel a little forced in their art, being that the artist has not gotten a feel for them yet, this fact is evident through out the first volume, we see slight misstakes, and carboard poses, but it isn't that bad, the charater's actual desighns are awesome, you can easily fall in love with the charaters, no matter how wierd they might act. I will have much more to say later in the series. But for now, al i can say is..... cute.... too cute... (pedobear would be in tears...)

Being that I speak about as much japanese as dirt, I have to note: these manga are not liscened in america, to get them you have to go to Sahadou (dot) com, (not spamming people, thats just were it is) to DL the series in english, to properly review this manga, i also have to review saha's Tranlating skills. Saha's Translating Skills: Awesome, Saha put a lot of work in the manga, even going as far as to explain cultural events and foods, as well as other things to make sure you are never lost, trust me, "Sayo" will become a pleasant sight.

Rating: 8


sound? i'll put a 10 here just to boost the score... (cheating) Doo-wop doopop da doo wop yeaheeyeah!

The.. uh... sound effects bubbles are cool.... sigh......

Why is this here, i checked >MANGA<

uuuuhhhhhhh..... filling in space... not enough characters.......

Rating: 10


KNJ shows itself to be a manga with great potential, in the world of manga and anime, potential is almost always a direct lead into being a crappy anime, KNJ, goes "F@CK YOU, SERIES DOOMING POTENTIAL" and makes itself to be one good series, in volume 1, the humor is awesome, you'll be laughing quite a bit, and the drama, though rare in volume 1, should have you very engaged, overall, this is all just to introduce the charater's and their issuses, alot of the charaters mental issues check out in realism, at least for now, all in all, it is a nice way to start of "Lolita the manga"... i mean Kodomo no Jikan... If you are after the anime, check out Shoujoboy's review...

I would like to note, in Lolita, the persuer is a 50 year old man, chasing a hot 12 yaer old loli... in KNJ, its a Cute 8 year old loli chasing a 23 year old man... to all those picky peole out there....grrr...

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.33 (very good)

Reviewed by chobitz7, Feb 01, 2010


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