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Infinite Ryvius

Infinite Ryvius tv Review

Set in the year AD 2225, mankind has spread from Earth to inhabit nearly all the planets or nearby moons in colonies and settlements. space travel has grown and improved to the point of being commonplace. For the inhabitants of the solar system, an astronaut career isn't out of the question, and one of the schools set up to train future space voyagers is the Liebe Delta, a space station positioned somewhere in Earth's orbit. This growth is despite the mysterious phenomenon known as the Geduld, a sea of plasma that suddenly erupted from the sun along the Earth's orbital plane in AD 2137. Stretching from the sun to the edge of the solar system, this area of high temperatures and gravity pressures has never been explained.

Story & Characters

The sory of Infinite Ryvius is basically Sunrise's effort in making a Lord of the Flies-esque series. It does rather well in this feat. There is also a wide range of characters used for this series, however I think the character of Kouji Aiba is very similar to Evangelion's Shinji Ikari, both in looks and personality, wheras his younger brother Yuki, resembles a cross-breed of Gundam Wing's Heero Yuy and Gundam SEED's Kira Yamato. It is also an anime that also presents the nature of human psychology, such as in Evangelion. Infinite Ryvius does pretty well in presenting all the psychological changes of the characters during the course of the series. I also liked how different types of government was used by the characters in order to maintain order on the ship, although ultimately each one led to disorder and turned friends against each other. Although certain characters befell a dark path, like Ikumi Oze, all the pains and hardships everyone had to endure was at the fault of the adults, that ignored the pleas of these youngsters whom only wanted to be rescued from their plight, but they were ignored and attacked by the adults.

Rating: 9


Character designs were done by Hisashi Hirai of Gundam SEED, S-Cry-ed, and Fafner. In looking at all of these series, the animation quality had changed throughout the years with the designs of Ryvius looking simplestic rather than the designs of the SEED series and Fafner in later years. Overall for the time period Infinite Ryvius was released in, the animation quality looked good, especially if Hirai himself was the animation director for certain episodes.The artwork was good on some levels, but some of the artwork could've been more fluid with better animation directors. The background animation looked good, with the shots detailing outer space and the Sea of Geduld. I didn't care too much for the Zwei uniforms though, I thought they could've been designed better. Some of the characters looked a little old to be looking like teenagers such Stein and Lucson. Look carefully and see some of the characters resembling those from Gundam SEED, like Ikumi and Fu. Neya was a pretty interesting character in the way she was drawn, especially the costume she wears and it amazes me how she can walk in those high heels. So I was somewhat pleased with the appearance of the characters.

Rating: 7


The sound was quite good with the different styles of music with the OP and ED themes, as well as the music used for the eyecatches. Katsuhisa Hattori does well with the backgound music, Hattori also known for doing the music for the Seikai series. Voices were pretty good, with the actors of Ocean Studios doing the dub, Brad Swaile as Kouji and Kirby Morrow as Yuki , two very well known voice actors in the anime world. Another well known voice actress among the dub cast is Kelly Sheridan as the Zwei's leader, Yuli Bahana. Among the Japanese cast is Souchiro Hoshi as Yuki, Houko Kuwashima as Aoi Housen, and Tetsu Shiratori as Kouji, with Aoi in a love triangle with the two brothers, loving Kouji, but can't help but be in love with Yuki as well. The three would later play in another love triangle in Gundam SEED with Hoshi as Kira, Kuwashima as Flay, and Shiratori as Sai.

Rating: 8


Overall it's a great series with a compelling story, a rainbow of characters, and the DVD's are a worthy buy as it has a collection of extras that include the Ryvius Illusion chibi shorts as well as Audio Drama's. The story was well planned out in it's 26 episode run. Although the character animation lacks in certain areas and could've used a better animation director. Other than that, I was pretty pleased with this series and never left a dull moment for me . Favorite characters of mine of the series are Aoi , Yuli, Yuki, and Blue.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by minayuri, Jan 07, 2010


  1. Chitose-Bloodmoon Jan 08, 2010

    Old Works ~~~However, character designs are very beautiful
    Thank you for sharing

  2. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

  3. rukasu04 Mute Member Jan 20, 2010

    Nice review

  4. angelxxuan Banned Member May 23, 2012

    decent review, I wished there could have been more done with infinite ryvius, but sadly it ended. it was one of the few mecha series that I actually liked too.

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