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Legal Drug

Legal Drug manga Review

Rikuo Himura found Kazahaya Kudou in the snow and, not knowing why, brought him to the Green Drugstore. There, his boss, Kakei, and Saiga, inform him that he must have been meant to pick up this strange boy, and that it is now Rikuo's duty to take care of him.

Kazahaya lives and works at the Green Drugstore with Rikuo, but his job isn't only about stocking shelves - with the ability to see memories or spirits when in close contact with the physical object, Kakei sends Kazahaya on special 'jobs' that often involve the retrieval of a spiritual artifact. Rikuo, who has the power to break things with his mind, comes along as Kazahaya's protector, much to Kazahaya's annoyance.

However both boys have dark pasts each involving a special female - Rikuo seeks what happened to Tsukiko, and Kazahaya has lost Kei, his sister...

Description: Twinklebyte

Story & Playability

In the cold snow lies a half-conscious boy, Kazahaya and he is dying. He is found by a tall dark-haired boy, Rikuo, who takes him to the pharmacy he works at: Green Drug. The owner of Green Drug, Kakei knows that the fates of the two boys are bounded together. He hires them in his shop and gives them tasks to do, which are turning out to be dangerous and supernatural nearly every time. The guys have supernatural powers which make things easier or more dificult sometimes. (Mostly depending on Kazahaya's temper)
Rikuo protects Kazahaya everytime while the two boys are mostly irritated by each-other and living together is not a great help either. They are too different. The only similarities are that both of them has a woman in their pasts who inflicted mental pain upon them and both of them wants to find this woman - Kazahaya seeks his twin sister Kei, Rikuo searches for a maybe-relative called Tsukiko.

In many ways Gohou Drug is similar to an other CLAMP story, XXX Holic in its mysteriousness and dark graphical style. The character of Kakei is like Yuuko's: the myterious outsider who seems to know everything the boys are hiding, and knows their destiny. (The characters of Drug even appear once in the beginning of Holic. In one of the first volumes. Sorry, can't remember which one.)
But the Drug has an obvious shounen-ai streem and is more serious than Holic. Or saying it in a different way: Drug is a more adult story than Holic. The guys have deep scars and so far we can not know too much about them. Their behavior dosn't fit their age, most of the time they act like they were older than seventeen-years-old. (Okay, this is mostly about Rikuo, Kazahaya loves to behave like an upset cat)

I love Drug very much, even though the story is still waiting to be continued. It has only 3 volumes. Those amazing women said they want to finish it. I can only hope it won't take long, especially now, that they have finished Tsubasa, which is their longest manga so far. CLAMP has another stories which are still running (XXX Holic, Kobato) or are not finished (X). We can only wait for them.

Rating: 10


The art is different from the most CLAMP stories. The maindrawer this time is Nekoi Tsubaki and not Mokona.
It's a fact that CLAMP likes to draw its characters with wings, chains and bandages.
The relationship of Kazahaya and Rikuo is often drawn with chains bonding them together. It illustrates that their fates can't be separated and implies other things. (Naughty, shounen-ai-ish things. Lucky me! XD)
Nekoi's style is not so beautiful as Mokona's but it suits the manga much better.

Rating: 9


- They only appeared in the CLAMP in Wonderland anime which I haven't seen yet. This is why I can't say anything about the sound.
My deepest apologies. *bow*

Rating: 1


While Legal Drug is a serious story it has many comedy elements thanks to Kazahaya's short temper and Saiga, who is the lover of Kakei and can do a multiply things including sewing and never takes his sunglasses off. :)
The mystical lines are nearly flawless, you can never predict what will happen. We get only bits of informations about the two women and the past of the characters. CLAMP likes smokescreening and does it perfectly. ^^
It's a very enjoyable story for those who like CLAMP and mysterious stories and don't mind shounen-ai. It's perfectly fun and overly interesting.

Maybe I am a bit biased because CLAMP is one of my biggest favourites. I have read 70% of their works. But I think that Drug is one of the best mangas one could ever read.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

8.33 (good)

Reviewed by SaeArara, Jan 03, 2010


  1. Kan-tastic Jan 04, 2010

    Who doesn't love CLAMP? Besides ME, of course. ::grumbles something about fangirls/fanboys again::

  2. mona12 Jan 04, 2010

    thanks for the review

  3. angelwings083 Jan 05, 2010

    yay~ thanks for the review!~ ^__^
    i also love Legal Drug as well..:D and i also do hope that CLAMP would be able to continue it soon.. (its on hiatus~ >w<)
    CLAMP is the best!~ <3 nyaa..:3

  4. SaeArara Jan 05, 2010

    welcome :D

  5. Zhaoziming Jan 06, 2010

    Nice! CLAMP~~~CLAMP
    I love it

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  7. Chitose-Bloodmoon Jan 07, 2010

    Classic~~From a long time ago always been interested in thier works~~
    Worth watching~~

  8. Kikiyo Jan 10, 2010

    I'm gonna buy this~!

  9. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

  10. rukasu04 Mute Member Jan 20, 2010

    Nice review

  11. SchRita May 01, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

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