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Nyan Koi! tv Review

Story & Characters

Combine a high school romance comedy with cats, and you have Nyan Koi!. This series follows Kousaka Junpei's misfortunes as he deals with a neko curse and love interests. I found it to have standard harem comedy elements and characters. The plot is fairly loose, in similar style to Hayate no Gotoku! or Lucky Star. The story does progress in a certain direction, so its not completely random, and the parallel plots of cats and romance are integrated nicely and flows well. The whole things is pretty light-hearted and enjoyable, with no serious flaws.

Main Characters
???? K?saka Junpei: As the main character of the series, Junpei shares many of the characteristics of the standard male protaganist in the harem genre. He is quite an unlucky guy, cursed by the local cat god to perform 100 good deeds for cats, else turning into a cat and dying from his own cat allergies. Throughout the series, several girls fall for him, but he is quite clueless about their feelings.
??? Mizuno Kaede: Kaede is Junpei's love interest. She is the airhead archetype, and also happens to like both cats and dogs.
????? Sumiyoshi Kanako: As Junpei's childhood friend, Kanako often has clashes with Junpei. As the tsundere she is, of course she also has a crush on him ;).
???? Ichinose Nagi: Nagi is a senior of Junpei. She's a bit of a tomboy, and also next in line to lead her Yakuza family. Soon, Junpei inadvertently reveals her girlish side, and she falls in love with him and hopes to get married with him. Unfortunately we know she doesn't have much of a chance in the competition :(.
???? Kirishima Akari: Akari is the younger twin sister of Kotone. As kohai of Junpei, they also know of his curse, and help him out. They provide comic relief. Akari is the other tsundere of the series. Chance of having secret crush on Junpei: 90.00%+
???? Kirishima Kotone: As another contender for Junpei's love, she is also the most direct in expressing her feelings. The twins are my fav characters in the series :). Oh yea, Kotone is a yandere...
???? Mochizuki Chizuru: Chizuru is a college student working as a mail carrier and likes to tease Junpei. I think her role is comparable to Maria ~ Hayate in Hayate no Gotoku!.

Rating: 5


For a comedy series, Nyan Koi's art and animation really stands out. AIC did a superb job with it; the characters are well drawn and the cats are cute. Overall quality is high, and I found plenty of potential wallpaper material, taking up to a dozen screenshots each episode.
The facial expressions are epic, making use of all the anime icons, from chibi to nosebleed. I personally love the art style; the detail ranks among the top in its genre.

Rating: 8


Voice acting is done well. The cats especially have great seiyuu's and add to the comedic effect. I also love the fact the Kirishima twins are voiced by the same person. No complaints here.
I found the music of the series pretty average. Songs fit the series (and have names like "Nyanderful"), but personally I don't particularly like them. OP/ED are done ok, and insert songs aren't distracting.

Rating: 6


I seriously enjoyed this series, looking foward to watching each week. I laughed out loud often, and there was a coherent plot and development that retained my interest consistently. While it doesn't break any significant new ground, what it does have is done well. If you enjoy this genre (romance comedy/harem), Nyan Koi! is a definite must watch. This series doesn't impress critically, but certainly provides some good light-hearted entertainment.

The anime is pretty short, it takes various chapters from the manga and also has some exclusive content. The 12 episodes are fairly self-contained, so I recommend reading the manga as well if you like the series.
A second season has been announced so I look foward to that too =D.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

6.3333 (average)

Reviewed by Prooof, Jan 03, 2010


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