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Lelouch of the Rebellion

Lelouch of the Rebellion tv Review

Lelouch was a prince until the day his mother was murdered; his little sister Nunnally became paralyzed and blinded. Now in high school, he's bored with life, playing chess with rich aristocrats to stave off boredom while caring for Nunnally. One day, he meets a mysterious woman named C.C. who offers him power through a contract which he accepts; C.C told him that this power is called "Geass" and it can forcibly make other people obey his command with eye contact. With this new found power, he adorns a mask calling himself Zero. He then begins to gather warriors calling themselves the Black Knights, with the ultimate goal to overthrow Britannia and recreate a perfect utopia where his sister can live a life of peace.

R2 is a direct sequel to the main series. Lelouch is back to his old ways of playing chess with aristocrats, his life and memories of being Zero suppressed and his sister Nunnally somehow replaced with a brother named Rolo. A year later, C.C. finds him and is able to restore his memories and his power. Remembering who he really is, he's determined to get back to doing what he'd started a year ago as well as find out what happen to his sister!

Story & Characters

This time, I will be reviewing both seasons of Code Geass. Code Geass is a very good anime that i enjoy a lot. It is very edgy and isn't afraid to take risks. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a joke. Mecha? the only decent mecha I've ever seen is Evangelion and that was simply because of all the religious allegories (which, I happen to have a passion for). But, the story is what is captivating about Code Geass, not its mecha-fight scenes. And the switch from just politics in the first season, to the Supernatural phenomenon of Geass in the second season I found quite tasteful.

Code Geass heavily relies on character development. Their hopes, their pasts, their dreams, their experiences, their love for each other, their hate for each other, and all that jazz that makes for good character development. To be completely and wholly honest, Code Geass touched a heartstring with me, if not several heart strings. It isn't afraid to kill off your favorite character and doesn't mind being cruel at times. I cared about these characters and I cried during this anime, which normally doesn't happen (if you want to know what i cried about, message me or comment on my profile or however you do it).

Despite my extreme love for this anime, I didn't much like Lelouch. Sigh, yes I was a Suzaku-girl, or more a Suzaku-girl than a Lelouch-girl. Suzaku's intentions seemed more justifiable to me, and dont' hate on me for thinking so. But, this anime makes you switch sides A LOT. You might be on Lelouch's side, then you wanna kill him. You might be on neither guy's side, and then you wonder if that's the right choice. The really shocking thing with this anime, is that my favorite character was Shirley Fenette. I thought she would end up being just a comic relief character with awful humor and big breasts *cough, orihime*, but ended up being so much more. She was humorous and deep with great love and care for her friends and family, unlike the rather cheesy and fake emotions of a character in another anime *cough, orihime*.

However, no story is the pinnacle of human achievement and Code Geass is no exception. The story isn't perfect. At points, it slows down and kinda drags a little. Also, not every character was as enjoyable and tasteful as Shirley. Kallen (I've forgotten how to spell her name, so sorry if it's wrong) was a nuisance and seemed too obsessed with Zero. She's what I like to call, a Zero-fangirl. So, I am forced to give the story a 9.

Rating: 9


You can tell that this is a pretty high-budget anime. The settings are very colorful and bright. The characters are a bit odd looking, but I like the style, even if it looks like the characters' upper lips are eating their noses XD. Sometimes, characters' hair styles are a bit too eccentric ranging from blue, to purple, to pink, to green. What I wanna know is where they get the genes?!

Rating: 8


The sound of Geass is great as well. The backround music I found very memorable, which is very rare for me. The opening songs are great, especially "World End" by FLOW. That song is simply amazing and really captures the feel of the anime. The ending themes...not so much. The voice acting is very good for both the Japanese and English versions. Lelouch's voice in the English dub is kinda irritating, but aside from that, it's very good.

Rating: 9


Code Geass is an anime that I recommend all the way. Anyone can get into it. It's very touching and remarkable. It's not my favorite anime, by far, but it's up there. Please watch.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.8333 (very good)

Reviewed by yuri1313, Apr 10, 2009


  1. Spirit0 Apr 10, 2009

    Code Geass was enjoyable to watch, I'll admit, but only because I wanted to see how messed up it would become with each ensuing episode. I almost stopped watching at one point in the later half of season 1, when (SPOILER) Lelouch just happens to not be able to control his Geass when he says, "if I told you you had to kill all the Japanese people, you'd have to do it" or whatever. That really felt like a cheap technique to me. And, in contrast to you, I found the shift to "look, everyone has a Geass!" well, to contrast your words exactly, tasteless. I mean, it seemed like a logical direction, to explain the Geass, but did almost everyone have to have one? Come on... But overall, Code Geass was still rather enjoyable to watch. And I loved Shirley, too :P.

  2. chumbariwap123 Apr 21, 2009

    Code Geass was one of the best anime series i ever watched..
    it has the genre i wanted, Action + Ecchi :D, i like machines with nice styles and designes... i want to have a geass too...
    Code Geass gains my 1 and a half thumbs up!

  3. choows Apr 22, 2009

    Where can i Download it?
    I hear and see many people say it was a good animation.

  4. arifffahdlanbinamin Apr 24, 2009

    i already watch it...its good

  5. duelme2 Apr 30, 2009

    Code Geass is absolutely amazing. The second season isn't as great as the first, and the ending is sad but it is worth watching

  6. fanzilla07 May 02, 2009

    although i'm still watching it.. hahaha XD (just delayed it several months ago and i'll continue in 2-3 months after -_-").. i know it's a good one ! love c.c XD ! but not my very favorite one now.. (probably it will when i finished it.. hehe XD)

    i watched just directly to the 2nd season and still searching the 1st.. seems i understand the story without watching the 1st season :D..

  7. xellon May 06, 2009

    Loved code geass. Probably one of my favorites 5 STARTS :)
    You can download them at animebreaker. Thats uaually where I dl most animes.

  8. CeZed75 May 07, 2009

    Beautiful character drawed by the CLAMP, and her illustrations in the ending of the R2 too

  9. AngelOfChaos01 May 17, 2009

    They did a really good job with that anime, I really enjoyed it a lot. And I love the artwork as CeZed75 pointed out, one of the more well drawn anime's out there in my opinion. Great review :)

  10. pigmypuff Jun 03, 2009

    i wanna watch it to..

  11. yuyuppi Jun 07, 2009

    clamp so wonderful job

  12. pmgbapm Jun 23, 2009

    I support your idea

  13. beryl0402 Jul 04, 2009

    thanks for the review!

  14. GogetaSSJ Jul 05, 2009

    This anime is awesome! thanks for the rewiew

    merged: 07-05-2009 ~ 02:56pm
    This anime is awesome! thanks for the rewiew

  15. Jeddy Jul 12, 2009

    fave all time show ... great review 5/5

  16. lordryo Jul 21, 2009

    Code Geass is my favorite anime of all time! It had such a great story and character development, I was hooked fromt he very beginning!

  17. Jamie1318 Jul 23, 2009

    Excellent review, one thing you forgot to mention is the over-the-top plot development.

  18. ResonantSoul Jul 23, 2009

    Eh it was ok. |D

  19. yuyuppi Jul 23, 2009


  20. Onlyrockman Aug 01, 2009

    When I watched the episodes that are near the ending, I already predicted that Lelouch would die, but still I felt so sad about it. The anime is great but if it's possible then I'd like more romance parts lolz.

  21. thiago-colorado Aug 01, 2009

    i totally agree with you, excpet by the part where you say you prefer suzaku than lelouch, i hate suzaku, lelouch is my favorite person in this anime, expecially when he is playing a game

  22. Ilona Aug 04, 2009

    I really loved CG but I disagree with you. From the first episode to the last, I was with Lelouch. And I couldn't understand at at all Suzaku, he didn't seem at all an idealist. I like Kallen, even if it's true she is obsesses with Zero, maybe because he was her-dreams-come-true... well concerning the success to get Japan back. I really think it was hard for her to consider Lelouch was Zero and later she realized more than Lelouch was also an human being. I don't really like the ops and eds of CG, really easy to forget but Hitomi's songs are fabulous, especially Stories and Continued Story, they are so moving songs.

  23. Onlyrockman Aug 14, 2009

    There's still a topic about Lelouch going on, and I still believe he's still alive :P

  24. SchRita Aug 23, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

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