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Seirei no Moribito tv Review

Story & Characters

You know when you watch something great that you couldnt wait to finish, but once it finished you were mad at yourself for being so impatient? Well, I'm currently in that state because of this series T_T--i dont want there to be more, i just wish i hadnt finished it so quickly!!

Weaving traditional folklore story-telling, masterful character development and gorgeous animation, Seirei no Moribito has the power to capture all audiences in an epic adventure told like none other. If you loved Miyazaki's whimsical movies (Howl's moving castle, Princess Mononoke) (or even if you dont), you will enjoy every second of this 26 episode masterpiece.

The story recalls the journey tradition often seen in videogames--Balsa, a female spearwielder, takes a journey to save 8 lives. The eighth life happens to be the second prince who has a demon egg trapped inside him and faces assassination at the hands of his father. After they escape from the palace, they embark on a journey to find out more about this demon, but along the way they learn more about themselves. While it does harken back to the convoluted, complex legend type stories, Moribito succeeds with just the right amount of complexity to fully develop the storyline in 26 episodes.

Although the series starts off slow--I watched until episode 6 and then stopped for half a year before starting again--it is really fantastically told. The purpose of the first ten episodes seems to be character development, although it leaves many questions unanswered, mainly about Balsa's past. Fortunately, the end ties up loose knots neatly and I am quite satisfied with the way the show ended--I even cried a little. I hate to say this for my first review, but I can't think of any flaws in the plot execution.

The characters are developed masterfully--there's no other way to describe it. Most series, when they attempt to delve into the past, they do so in a very superficial and unrealistic way, but each and every character in Moribito you will come to love and care for. I think the primary strength of this series is its wonderfully subtle storytelling that illustrates rather than tells the unique personality of each character and how their interpersonal relationships develop with each other. The result is a richly textured, epically entertaining anime that should not be missed!

Rating: 10


The closest thing I can compare the art to is Mushishi--wonderfully rendered backgrounds with very average character designs. So dont expect loads of beautiful characters like Code Geass or the like. While I do understand why the creators decided on such character designs, I would have liked more close attention paid to some of the characters. I keep thinking along the lines of Kurenai... but anyways, onto the fun part.

Aside from the GORGEOUS background renders, Moribito boasts some spectacularly THRILLING fight scenes. While there isn't fighting in every episode, the lack thereof only builds for a stunning performance every time something interesting does happen. Think the fast-paced, heart-pumping choreography of Samurai Champloo refined with mindblowing fluidity, and you get something close to what Moribito is. I cannot say enough about how realistic and AWESOME the action scenes are!

so minus some points for average character design and plus 5890284392 points for general animation :D

Rating: 7


Mah ok the part of reviews I always skip. I dont know anything about music and my music taste sucks so suffice to say I never pay attention/almost never have anything valuable to say about soundtrack. I dont even know how the OP/ED goes :D.

But I will give my two cents about the voice acting. In this type of show where character development and story-telling is so intricately important to its execution, the right voice actors and director is key. While none of the voices specifically stand out to me, the actors really did work together well to deliver the right amount of emotion/lack thereof for the series.

In general, the voice acting seems more "realistic"--there isnt too much inflection in the voice and they speak slowly. I loved how the lack of exaggeration in inflection seemed to contribute to the complex texture of the storyline. But, this type of thing is hard to explain, so just watch it and you'll know :D.

No minus points but i wont give it perfect since the voice acting didnt blow me away or anything :D

Rating: 7


I think I have mentioned enough how much i enjoyed this series! The execution is near flawless, putting emphasis where emphasis was needed. The storyline is complex enough to warrant curiousity and drive the viewer to finish the series, but simplistic enough to give the staff ample room for full development. Although its very fantasy-based, it was definitely designed to appeal to even an older audience that loves fairy tales but yearns for mature characters. Of course, I can't say any more about how much I LOVED the animation of fight scenes *_*.

So if the series does fail on one aspect, it may be that its not as wildly entertaining as some other shows (see Deathnote XD) so it does take a little bit of dedication on the viewer's part to start watching the series and stick around for the beginning, but I think sensationalizing the first few episodes would have hurt the series as a whole.

Ah, last thing, rewatch value. I really think this depends on what kind of person you are. Moribito isnt comedy so if you get bored after knowing what happens in the series, there is very low rewatch value. But personally I think I could watch it again after having a break just because the animation and character development make this show very enjoyable.

I always like to do this when I tell people what to watch. Moribito is most like Sword of a Stranger which also features a warrior who must take care of a child who the emperor wants to kill--complete with AMAZING animation and beautiful bgs. But since most people havent seen that (go. see. it. NOW. if you havent :D--or if you decide you enjoy moribito and want something else) i would say that Moribito is like Princess Mononoke textured with the intricacy of Mushishi, dashed with more action-genre flavor :D (and a cute little boy who I will kidnap!!!--ahem i tried to avoid saying that throughout this review).

In conclusion: if you want to watch something unique, beautiful and subtly uplifting, download Moribito now :D

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.67 (very good)

Reviewed by vitaamin, Apr 07, 2009


  1. Kritty Apr 10, 2009

    I watched this about 3 months ago, and I absolutely munched through it, I think I finished it within 3-4 days.
    Like you say in the first sentance, "I wish I hadn't finished it so quickly" T__T

    I really REALLY loved this anime, everything you've said about it is spot on ^^
    And I totally understand why you go on about the action scenes, they are just epic.

    Its a shame the character art is "meh" because I would love great Seirei no Moribito wall.

  2. chumbariwap123 Apr 23, 2009

    i agree to this review,

  3. arifffahdlanbinamin Apr 24, 2009

    where can i get this?

  4. angelxxuan Banned Member May 18, 2009

    your review is nicely done, starting this summer, so I've heard/read, they will be adding more moribito to adult swim in the states and wherever else it might be appearing ^_^

  5. beryl0402 Jul 04, 2009

    interesting. thanks for the review:D

  6. Fanatik007 Jul 12, 2009


  7. lordryo Jul 21, 2009

    Good review I liked it.

  8. yuyuppi Jul 23, 2009


  9. Bertha0402 Jul 25, 2009

    thanks for the review :D

  10. SchRita Aug 23, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  11. ShadowNeo Aug 24, 2009

    very good review...
    that's why i like 2 watch it...

  12. beryl0402 Aug 29, 2009

    thanks for the review :D

  13. Ninininha Aug 30, 2009

    I love this anime x3

    merged: 08-30-2009 ~ 07:53pm
    I love this anime x3

    merged: 08-30-2009 ~ 07:53pm
    I love this anime x3

  14. sakuyami Aug 31, 2009

    i love its music??

  15. Rodrigo0010 Sep 03, 2009


  16. hewie Sep 05, 2009

    good fine!

  17. Jeddy Sep 12, 2009

    Thanks. This is very useful.

  18. salmaGX Oct 15, 2009


  19. SchRita Oct 28, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  20. animalandia Nov 13, 2009

    aunque falta la imagen se ve bien la rese

  21. ealpha-scorpio Dec 02, 2009

    I have to agree with you vitaamin. The first time that I watched this anime's trailer I knew that I had to watch it. And yeah just like you I regret finishing in a course of 24 hours. (Imagine that! It was 4:30 in the morning when I finished that last episode, and I couldn't say if the burning in my eyes was because of sleepless night or the tearful ending. Sighs*). I would rate the music more though, but that's just my personal opinion, coz I really liked the music. As for other sections I don't make any comments, you pretty much have mentioned everything that needs to be told. The most important thing that I wanted to point out about your review was the what you mentioned at the beginning of your review " If you loved Miyazaki's whimsical movies (Howl's moving castle, Princess Mononoke) (or even if you dont), you will enjoy every second of this 26 episode masterpiece. " That is exactly what I thought when I first started watching this series. The art and style is strikingly similar to Miyazaki's work. I sensed a great deal of attention (sometimes meticulousness) in backgrounds overall scenarios.

    Anyways, great job, and thanks a lot for putting time into writing this review. It's sad that very few have watched Seirei no Moribito. My next step would be to take a look at Kenji Kamiyama (the director's) Filmography list to find more similar animes.

    Keep up the good work.

  22. SchRita Dec 22, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

    merged: 12-22-2009 ~ 06:27pm
    Thanks for the review!

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