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Lelouch of the Rebellion

Lelouch of the Rebellion tv Review

Lelouch was a prince until the day his mother was murdered; his little sister Nunnally became paralyzed and blinded. Now in high school, he's bored with life, playing chess with rich aristocrats to stave off boredom while caring for Nunnally. One day, he meets a mysterious woman named C.C. who offers him power through a contract which he accepts; C.C told him that this power is called "Geass" and it can forcibly make other people obey his command with eye contact. With this new found power, he adorns a mask calling himself Zero. He then begins to gather warriors calling themselves the Black Knights, with the ultimate goal to overthrow Britannia and recreate a perfect utopia where his sister can live a life of peace.

R2 is a direct sequel to the main series. Lelouch is back to his old ways of playing chess with aristocrats, his life and memories of being Zero suppressed and his sister Nunnally somehow replaced with a brother named Rolo. A year later, C.C. finds him and is able to restore his memories and his power. Remembering who he really is, he's determined to get back to doing what he'd started a year ago as well as find out what happen to his sister!

Story & Characters

Okay so the story focus on Lelouch (Lulu) Lamperouge and his focus on overthrowing the Britannia Empire. It shows that Lulu is an abandoned prince of Britannia along with his sister, Nunnally, who Lulu cares deeply for. His mother was murdered and his sister was caught in the attack making her blind and unable to walk. The story continues when Lulu gets in the middle of a rebellion 11 (which are the Japanese) and their Britannia dictator. Almost killed, Lulu is rescued by a girl name C2 (C.C. in translation). She grants him the power of Geass, which makes anyone absolutely obey his command. There are terms to the Geass, which you will later discover in the series.

This story is full of back-stabbing, kick ass robots called Knightmares, and twisted minds. There is of course some comedy that has much to do with hentai thoughts. The only way to see all the action is to watch it all (both seasons) it takes a while to develop the first couple of episodes. BUT You must watch it to the end because I have seen many anime since I was 4 and the end is the best ending I've seen of an anime so far.

Characters that Matter:
Lulu is a very complex character, but you'll get his pattern by the end of the seasons. His love for his sister is what drives him to start the Rebellion. I love his character and how he sacrificed everything for the people he love. Many compare him to Light of Death Note, but Lulu has a heart. He only cold because he wants to keep a distance from everyone.

C2 the witch that grants the power of Geass is a complete mystery. You'll understand her past later on, but even when it's over you'll still have questions about her. She's a very wise person and knows more than Lulu does about his family. She's one of my favorite characters in the series because she shows no matter what you'll change.

Kallen is a solider in the rebellion. I love her. She's a complete tomboy and she knows how to kick ass. You'll root for her in battle because she knows how to over take the boys. The Britannia army is so offended when they learn that the Rebellion's most powerful solider is a girl!

Nunnally is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. But don't let your eyes be deceiving. In season two she shows her strong side.

Suzaku is a solider for the Britannia army. His father was the former prime minister for Japan before it got taken over. Suzaku comes off as the good guy who's just on the wrong side--then he turns into a jerk. His character really makes you flip flop on your feelings. You'll like him, you'll hate him, then you'll like him again.

There are more characters but I'll ruin the story if I tell you my views on them.

Rating: 10


It's made by CLAMP. It think that's enough.

More explanation:
If you know CLAMP's style you understand what I'm talking about. Hot looking guys with feminine bodies and girls with hot bodies. Sunrise has definitely updated their artwork when you compare the artwork to Gundam Seed Destiny. The robots look much more creative. It still has some concept of GSD, but it's been upgraded to stuff that GSD didn't have.
Characters do look similar to GSD, but with the whole Britannia theme, everything looks more elegant.

Rating: 10


Okay, sadly this is where it gets a little disappointing.

Sunrise usually put some great song for the OP and the ED Themes. The only OP that actually went with Code Geass was FLOW's World End. All of the other songs weren't so great. The really don't go with the series at all. I'm sorry, but that was my only problem.

The insert song however live up to the scenes. I love Hitomi's insert songs in the series. Get the soundtrack for the insert songs, not the Themes. I have FLOW and Hitomi's insert songs.

Rating: 8


This anime is AWESOME!!! I love it! The end really stuck with me. It's seriously the best ending I've seen of any anime my whole entire life. Plot twist and backstabbing keep you at the edge of your seat just begging for more. The hentai stuff, I don't mind, it's just for the guys... and a little for girls... Comedy is just filler episode and there's action throughout the whole thing. Love--of course--play a HUGE part in this too.

I've seriously never been caught off by anime before. They're usually predictable these days.

I love the story, I love the characters, I love the music (just the insert and FLOW), and I love the ending. Props to Sunrise and CLAMP!

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.67 (excellent)

Reviewed by weissdarkangel, Oct 15, 2008


  1. miyudreams Oct 15, 2008

    That's exactly what I was thinking! Wow, your review says it all! I love the story's plotline. It's so deep and dramatic. The emotions built up at a nice speed throughout the anime, very good pacing. It keeps you on the edge of the seat. I agree with it being slow in the beginning, even though the first episode caught me off guard. But after like ~10th episode onward, I was hooked. I'm so glad I watched season 1 and 2 within the same time frame. From season 2 episode 13th onward, I had to watch all the episodes at one go. The story wraps up nicely, very satisfying. Not saying any more, because it's best not to expect anything, and then BOOM! it happens, like the first episode.

    I got to agree with your music comments. It's a bit boring and flat. Music to me is very important, I need it to bring out all the emotions, build up the tension, make you cry or smile when needed. But somehow, I didn't feel it or else this anime could be a 10/10. I do enjoy listening to Flow's World End and Sunset Swish's Mosaic Kakera. But the other theme songs weren't addicting enough for me to listen over and over again. Hitomi's Continued Story is really nice, but it was still not emtionally revealing enough to be played as the ending song. I wished they had Yoko Kanno or Yuki Kajiura writing the music.

    I also need to shout out for the dvd, if you didn't get it yet, the first box set special is amazing. The goodies that come with it is pretty cool. It came with small art booklets and a manga. A bit lacking on dvd extras though. But I'm a fan of the art, so anything with extra art in it, is amazing!

  2. elkoe Oct 21, 2008

    I personally hate a tragic ending. But, with the fact that C.C. divert her eyes towards her back when saying her last sentence "Nee.. Lelouch" indicates that the driver of the cart should be Lelouch himself. So he's not dead! XDXDXD

  3. davidh01 Oct 21, 2008

    Not too bad, this review. I'd guess its one of your first ones here? Some nice hints and a couple of teasers - fortunately no spoilers. What would add value to your scoring is a bit more on the video section. You make more references to GSD than to CG:LOTR in that section ^_^'. What is it about CG that makes you want to score it 10 aside for just improvements by Sunrise? You've given some good details about characters and a bit about the plot, but haven't yet been able to convince me on the basis of your opinions to check this one out. A bit more detail and explanation of your opinions would be helpful.

  4. Lohitaksh Oct 24, 2008

    i have just started viewing C G
    i love all the robot called knightmare fights
    and enjoy the strats made by lulu
    Think ill love this series

  5. athrun-yume Oct 25, 2008

    iwould say, that the ending is quite unique, cos most anime won't have that main character dying, hence some people might not like the ending. personally it took me quite some time to get used to it. but yeah. it's unique. overall the anime is really great. i love the twists and the strategies that lelouch come out with.

    i agree that the song WORLD END goes best with the anime. but ii think that O2 and YUUKYOU SEISHUNKA is also good. and YES! Hitomi's songs are GREAT! esp CONTINUED STORY.

    comparing it with Gundam Seed Series, CG has less fighting scenes, which is a good thing. too much focus on mobile suits fighting might be quite boring at times. The characters do have some GSD 'feel and look' to it, though i would say that the guys look too thin, esp lelouch. lol. it's liks he can snap into tqo anytime the wind blows.

  6. miyagami Oct 26, 2008

    i must say i totally agree with you.
    and its very true that the opening and ending songs are... not so good =(
    but just like what you said, hitomi kinda 'saved' the music in the series.
    the only op and ed that i liked was COLORS and yuukyou seishunka.
    and I LOVED THE SUSPENSE ! really send my heart beating fast =P

  7. ybreuben Oct 26, 2008

    0.o i think that the 8 rating for the sound was a bit disappointing.. cuz frankly speaking, u cannot just judge an anime's sound by the opening and ending songs. Instead, the focus should also be pointed towards its OST's which very good. Remember to note the voice casting, and fighting sequences.

    Thus, i do believe that a 9 rating for sound would be better.

    merged: 10-26-2008 ~ 09:23am
    0.o i think that the 8 rating for the sound was a bit disappointing.. cuz frankly speaking, u cannot just judge an anime's sound by the opening and ending songs. Instead, the focus should also be pointed towards its OST's which very good. Remember to note the voice casting, and fighting sequences.

    Thus, i do believe that a 9 rating for sound would be better.

  8. Lariel Oct 27, 2008

    Uh... sorry to say this, but in the sound section you DID mention that it was a little disappointing. I usually don't connect disappointing with an 8. 8 is good. Disappointing is not... good. And you don't just review sound based on the OP and ED only. What about the seiyuus?

    Besides that, it was pretty good for your first review. ^^

  9. Aldarionar Oct 27, 2008

    Code Geass is one of the best i think..

  10. fruitygoh Oct 29, 2008

    Yes, I agree CG is one of the best that I've ever seen, but... the plot can get a bit tangly, there are a lot of small trails that lead off somewhere and are forgotten (e.g. CCs name - not essential, but still...). There are a LOT of plot twists. This makes it really great, yeah, the story is always changing, but it gives it a loss of continuity sometimes. Important points end abruptly, e.g. the killer of lelouch's mother (over in 1 ep). The sound is reasonably good. Though the OP and ED sometimes dont match, they're pretty good songs anyway.

    This is an extremely high rating... but the show is definitely worth watching. I'd say S1 is a must see. And if u like the mecha, go for S2 as well (albion ftw).

  11. vinzard Mute Member Oct 29, 2008

    I loved the ending, Clamp did a great job in this anime.

  12. frenchfly Oct 29, 2008

    Lovely art, plot, characters, everything. Code Geass should be a must-watch, I think. Maybe it's because I'm not a veteran anime watcher yet, but it's pretty unique. For the music... I also feel the opening and ending songs a little disappointing, but i think they mixed in the sound effects pretty well. Hm. The ending made sentimental old me cry- T.T

  13. Rufusek Nov 01, 2008

    Oh I am happy to see that Code Geass got such high score xD i really enojoyed watching it and i must admit that I agree with it's score. I was thinking ending will be like Death Note's but thank God it wasn't like it xp. Story of this anime is outstanding and art as you wrote is just fantastic and makes characters lovely. You should see this anime I can assume you that it won't disapoint you ^^

  14. toong Nov 02, 2008

    I agree with you, I think CODE GEASS shoul be watched especially CLAMP"S FANS

    merged: 11-02-2008 ~ 09:59am
    I agree with you, I think CODE GEASS should be watched especially by CLAMP"S FANS

  15. vitaamin Nov 03, 2008

    lol the hentai is not just for guys.. theres def alot for girls --"

    and as a veteran anime watcher, i have to say that code geass is above average, but certainly not one of the best series out there -no one chase me for this comment!- haha

    and the art isnt by clamp, just the character designs.. to call it a clamp creation i think is going a bit far...

  16. Hiime-chan Nov 04, 2008

    I watched the anime, and I loved your review makes we want to watch the anime!
    Is true,CLAMP does a wonderful job one more time ;}

  17. NFFly Nov 05, 2008

    It has been a long while since i was deeply moved by a anime. Code Geass really stands out from the recent animes out there. I have to agree with your scoring.

    The major point in Code Geass is its unpredictability. Specially in S2 i was really surprised by the major twists in the plot i was never expecting, and did it in interesting ways.

    Although it is a Mecha anime, it doesn't evolve around that at all (although it is very good), unlike the usual mecha animes. Even people who doesn't like the style should love this one.

    Many of it's characters are very complex, i did at some point see a similarity with Death note, but was soon gone, you can't even compare those. Code Geass is miles ahead in my opinion.

  18. shurei-KO7890 Nov 09, 2008

    i love cg..
    but i was shocked when it was under hentai!
    and yes...
    sunrise hired a professional artist.
    have you seen the manga?
    its so horrid!
    and i like sunrise and clamp because of their detailed efforts.
    most of sunrise's projects are good!(the drawing.) unlike the others... when its almost over they look more and more FUGLY.
    But sunrise is amazing! til the very end! the drawing is awesome. (even though its kinda FUGLY..But less noticeable.
    AND NO! it doesnt look like gundam seed! they have different mangakas! only the mechas are kinda simillar!
    but i say....
    HE did a have a mark on his palm.(just like his cruel father.)
    and yes..
    when a friend asks me to give some anime -suggestion..
    i always start with code geass!
    and also...
    i love the songs!
    especially these ones:
    SHIAWASE NEIRO-ORANGE RANGE(the timber of happiness)

    DID YOU KNOW THEY won these awards:
    (7 in total)

    and total winnings for code geass:
    BEST SONG OF THE YEAR(COLORS by flow.)-2007
    best seiyu(jun fukuyama) 2007
    best female character(2007)C.C.
    best anime of the year(2006 and 2007)

    what actually caught me is lelouch voice!
    its so cool.
    JUN FUKUYAMA Really is a TALENTED actor!

    and yes...
    my overall is..

  19. SukiLovesAnime Jan 03, 2009

    I'm not rly sure of how I should feel about this anime
    it was exciting @ first but got boring during the middle but then it got more exciting n surprising as well

  20. SerpentLetha Jan 22, 2009

    I was practically addicted to the anime and was rooting for Lelouch all the way.
    Your review was wonderfully written also.

  21. altrun Jan 23, 2009

    The ending is really sad..... wish the anime was longer... Lelouch ftw lolol he's so cool

  22. CiPi-kun Feb 01, 2009

    I agree with the review the anime was great and
    the ending was perfect for the story theme

  23. crazy-kuro Banned Member Feb 09, 2009

    It is really a epic mecha anime series . Besides the charater design by looks kind of like from clamp studio . Really love the series .

  24. tsuyoshi7171 Feb 21, 2009

    cool very cool

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