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Suzuka manga Review

Suzuka is a high school romance story. Yamato Akitsuki, the male lead, travels to Tokyo for high school, wanting a change in environment. He lives with his aunt, Ayano Fujikawa, who operates a women's dorm. In order to live in the dorms for free, Yamato agrees to help her clean the showers every day.

One afternoon, Yamato came across the high jumper Suzuka Asahina. He was immediately mesmerized by her beauty, poise, and ahtletic ability. It turned out that Asahina actually holds the Japanese high school record for high jumping. As an inspiration for many people, she is under a lot of pressure to meet everyone's expectations. Yamato helps her along the way, and a relationship develops between them that is filled with many hardships.

Credits: hiddensnakehands

Story & Playability

The story of Suzuka flows like many harem mangas. The main character (male), Akitsuki, looking for a new start, moves out to a relative's house (his aunt). There, he lives with and meets many girls. He falls in love with the most difficult one, Asahina Suzuka (for which the Manga and Anime are named), the one who hates him the most out of all the girls. And of course, all the girls that are much easier to get along with grow attached to him along the way. There are many "peeping" and "accidental groping" scenes, all of which result in Akitsuki having to try to explain his way out of them. The secondary plot involves the track and field team which serves as a "tool" for Akitsuki to get closer to Asahina Suzuka and has Akitsuki trying to become one of the top 100 meter dash runners in all of Japan. The characters prove to be very stereotypical of this genre (ecchi / harem / romance), with one 'annoying and tail-chasing' male friend, two females who are overly "flirty", a younger character who looks up to and admires the main character in a semi-romantic way, and the cute and innocent girl that is super shy but learns to become more outgoing by way of meeting the main character. This has all been done before, but I feel by using these typical characters, it makes the manga more interesting when the characters eventually break their mold and show a different side. There are some plot holes and some timing and transition issues, but I give the Manga major credit for not having a whole "filler" when it could have in the middle section. The end seemed rushed but still hits hard and ends in an appropriate place.

Rating: 7


The artwork is beautiful in most scenes. I think one of the most overlooked pieces of this manga would be that the characters have a new set of clothes with each and every day. There are some re-hashed wears, which is realistic, but I think the manga was great to have so many different set of clothes for each character. Not only this, but the clothes helped match the moods of the scenes and the time of year (of course). I also liked how the settings were realistic. The 'apartment' that Akitsuki lives in is not something that would stand out as something out of place if you saw it in real life, but it is definitely recognizable and identifiable. The character designs and styles fit the pace and purpose of the manga very well. I would say the small fault in design would be the use of many small frames and panels when one larger or medium sized panel could have accomplished it better, but that only appears every so often.

Rating: 9


I do not think I can comment on a "sound" of manga but the OST for Suzuka the anime was alright. Mediocre and unimpressive, but still added to the tone and feel of the anime.

Rating: 10


I thoroughly enjoyed this manga. Suzuka has some humor but not as much slap-stick as most harem mangas. I definitely think there was an appropriate amount of humor, romance, ecchi, and side-stories. I was rarely overwhelmed by any one thing, and never thought "why is this even in here?". I felt each side-story was justified and that the ecchi, though not necessary, still added to the manga's more 'mature' tone. I think the idea of having these characters in high school also becomes important later but first frustrated me as to why the characters were acting so 'mature' even at the age of 16, 17, and 18. Overall I would say the pieces fit together nicely at the end, but will leave some people unsatisfied.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by boojitsu, Oct 07, 2008


  1. Aldarionar Oct 27, 2008

    Well i liked the story..i'll definitely watch it..

  2. davidh01 Oct 30, 2008

    I'll offer you a pointer about reviewing the "sound" part of a manga that will add a lot of value to your review. The FAQ and reviews guide suggests you focus on the written dialogue in the manga. If its translated into your local language, was it a good or appropriate translation? If you used scanlations, were they presented well? Also think about how the audio "effects" were presented - such as, well, whatever effects are given (wind, machines, water, etc.). Were they in the original language or translated? If in the original language, were there translations or was the artwork altered and translated effects inserted? If you get a chance to edit this section and adjust your score, it will make your review a lot more useful (and helpful to other readers).

    The rest of your review was good, with some balanced observations, opinions and arguments. No spoilers and no ranting/raving always makes for a pleasant read. Well done.

  3. claire-bennet Dec 13, 2008

    Might as well check it out, thanks!

  4. tsuyoshi7171 Feb 21, 2009

    nice review

  5. beryl0402 Mar 16, 2009

    wow cool.

  6. pigmypuff Jun 05, 2009

    wanna read it

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  8. SchRita Aug 23, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

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    Thanks for the review!

  9. Fanatik007 Nov 03, 2009

    good review tnx

  10. animalandia Nov 14, 2009

    buena rese

  11. SchRita Aug 28, 2010

    Short, but fine review. Good job.

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