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Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei tv Review

Story & Characters

In an unkown town there is the "Old Home". There a number of Haibane live (Haibane have as well wings as an Halo) there their dily lives in this city surrounded by huge walls. One day Rakka is "born" in "old Home as does every Haibane hatches from an enourmos cocoon. She is named after the dream she had in her cocoon before she woke up.There she lives her daily life and finds out how to find her place in this new life and gets used to the new people and how she is finding her place in life. She has to find a place to work and learn the basic rules of the Haibane, for there are special laws to abide. She has to deal with the Haibane Renmei (From the tilte, literally translated Charcoalfeather coorperation). There is no contact to the world outside beside a very few traders only one person can talk to. The other people living in "old Home" show her, how she has to interact in the world, while she can´t remember who or where she had been previously. As time passes she fins out more about the everything around her and gets an idea why is she is in this strange place.

Rating: 9


I like Abe´s Artworks very much so it is only natural for me to like them a lot. The Artwork emphasizes the Athmosphere of the Anime a lot. It is very beatifully drwan, though dark and overall very calm. The movement are never to fast an clear to be seen. The characters are very well done and can be recognized very easily. The style of the characters match the story a great deal. There are various different backgrounds, mostly very beautiful and pretty unique, i think. Clothing is very beautiful and detailled, it contributes a lot to differentiate the characters.

Rating: 8


The Soundtrack is nothing special at all, but it fits the whole Anime pretty well. As well the opening as the ending are (as most of the rest of the music) pretty calm as is the rest of the series. The music never ctaches the attention of the viewer though it is a constant stream in the background that can be ignored or likewise enjoyed, whether or not you like the music.
The voices are very clear and can be fairly easy understood , though i only know the japanese audio track. The voices match the character pretty well, so it contributes a great deal .

Rating: 7


The series is pretty short and because it has a very well told story, very likeable caracters (and basically no action at all) it can be shown to a very broad range of people. The characters can be understood fairly easily. My family usually won´t enjoy Anime, but they did enjoy this one and watched it to the end. Animation as well as Sound match, as i said, the story very well. Also neither of these capture the attention away from the most important parts. It is a series that can be seen more than once in my opinion, for there are many things to see, even if it seen for the second or third time. Every episode makes sense. There is none one would consider to be misplaced or thinks it to be misplaced. The voice actors are very well chosen and do their job very good .
Story and Art were very original, for i had never seen anything like this and it is a very well told story. There is pretty few humour for it IS a rater sad story. But Houmour would be pretty misplaced here, it would very much ruin the show. If you want a serious anime with a great story and wonderful pictures, this is a very enjoyalbe possibility. Don´t watch this if you are already depressed, for it won´t make you feel any better.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.5000 (very good)

Reviewed by Bergkatze, Dec 02, 2004


  1. GaiJiN Dec 23, 2004

    Nice review for a wonderful anime, though I would have given higher rates, Abe's art just rules and the OST is awesome ^^. This serie can't be overrated :) .
    And well, I agree it can be shown to a very broad range of people, but actually not everyone will like or/and understand it...
    Thanks for the review !

  2. nainoi Oct 19, 2009

    oh! great anime.

  3. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Simple review, but not bad.

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