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Touka Gettan tv Review

Story & Characters

Note: Do not confuse Touka Gettan with Kao no Nai Tsuki. Touka Gettan may be a spinoff to Moonlight Lady -or Kao no Nai Tsuki, as most of us know- but these are two very different series.

The story potrays the Land of Kamitsumihara, which traces of magic and certain legends could be found. If I am not mistaken, this land of Kamitsumihara has been protected by our main protagonist's family, the Kamiazuma clan, since it has been founded. Touka Kamiazuma is just too lucky to encounter Momoka Kawakabe, a klutz, glutton-ish female. Somehow, our not-so-normal boy meeting with this not-so-normal-girl is setting off a bout of strange events within Kamitsumihara. When I firstly began to watch Touka Gettan, I would have thought that this was the usual shoujo series which would end with the male and female protagonist going off into their "happily ever after" at the end of episode 26, but as the show progressed on, you will find yourself delved in certain mysterious nefarious plots that brings a certain legend regarding the three Goddess to life.

Character development is good, but it doesn't make much of a vast difference than when the show start airing, but they do play their own parts. I am glad to speak differently from the storyline however. As each episode continues on, new possibilities are open to us, and we start to see various structures plotted behind a light and flirtatious appearance. It's not a case of good-guys discovering the baddies and turning them over to a new leaf nor eliminating the bad apples- it's a matter of unraveling the past and discovering the effects it brings towards the present time. Lack of motive, but it appeals.

Rating: 6


Ah, one of the two factors that makes Touka Gettan a worthy view despite its twists and turns. Unlike other animes, Touka Gettan never fails to deliver the best artistic quality deserve of much drooling to us viewers, and THAT, is a sight for sore eyes. Characters are well defined, almost to a point I would call it impressive, but the facial expressions are a bit bland in certain episodes, and often repeated. Touka and Yumiko's presentation was very well done despite so- the latter, to my abrupt shock, was transformed from a sweet, sultry, almost innocent-like mother to a snake of venom. Touka's expression is often shown to be flat and expressionless throughout the series; he's blunt and short spoken, but Studio Deen pays a great deal attention to his seething faces. I can't say the same for the rest of the cast, even for the main female protagonist, Momoka and the rest of the side-kicks. Thrown in a bit of squealing, the same flatness that Touka shows throughout 26 episodes and slight ero. Expect a bit more skin-showing in this show; hey, there's a reason why this was rated 16+!

Background details are done fairly well, but it doesn't exactly pique my interest- to be fair, it's good, but not great. I have been made to think that the simple background is to make the characters stand out, but oh, well.There's nothing fantastic, but one has to drool over how well the colors seems to fit in place, evident by how much attention the producers pays towards the clothing of each characters, specifically the traditional wear. Studio Deen does seems to have a slight fondness for eerie details, proven by a major episode where axes were unsheathed and blood was splattered. It's somewhat Higurashi like, but if you were expecting for gore and blood, then I will have to say that your hopes would be seriously dashed.

Rating: 8


The BGM of Touka Gettan is majestic- not the very best I have ever heard throughout my years of watching anime, but magnificent. The combination of traditional music with pop for certain scenes which is surprisingly good, and there's a certain sultry-tone throughout the 26 episodes. There's also a sentimentality that overrides those suggestive scenes and makes your heart wrenches. Touka Gettan's OP theme, Yume Oboro, is performed by Eri Kitamura along with the hero and heroine's seiyuu, Mariya Ise and Saori Hayami. Yume Oboro has a catchy tune to it- but the ED is completely the opposite. Kono Sekai ga Itsuka wa by Saori Hayami is soft and surprisingly low-pitched, because Momoka is portrayed to be a hyper-female with her voice deafeningly high.

The seiyuus, despite being not that well known, they certainly did their job well, with their avid display of emotions. Touka (Mariya Ise) has that certain boyish-roguish quality to his voice, and Momoka (Saori Hayami) is just a plan bundle of sweetness and fluff. Kikyo (Satomi Yamagata), the notorious student-council president who is more than what she seems, displays an awful level of maturity within her voice that doesn't seem suitable for her almost child-like appearance. But each seiyuu seems appropriate and well suited to their own roles, and that's that.

Rating: 9


Touka Gettan is somewhat between the border of good and average, but it doesn't go beyond that, nor does it belong to the "it's-so-bad-why-did-I-ever-watch-this" category, unless you're more conservative than the average person and you can't stand slight exposure. Touka Gettan is a mixture of harem-ism, humor, romance, but it particularly focuses on the supernatural happenings within the land of Kamitsumihara and it's connection to each characters. It rather digs into depth, but not to a point where you will find yourself immersed in suspense. Touka Gettan has various arcs that surprisingly connects, leading to the end. The fillers episodes also contains fragments and hints that pushes us towards guessing the possible incidents that may happened. However, even when you have reached the final episode (which is ep.1 anyway; Touka Gettan is aired backwards chronologically . Confusing, but suck it up). Touka Gettan doesn't really quite reaches it's point until the final five episodes, but it was too be expected.

As a light watch, one might find this entertaining, but Touka Gettan pales in comparison to other animes if you are looking for hardcore watch. Overall, Touka Gettan has that little attractiveness to it that makes it good, but there are certainly eye-catching scenes that makes you think otherwise.

Rating: 6

Final Verdict

6.83 (above average)

Reviewed by Lariel, May 23, 2008


  1. shoujoboy May 24, 2008

    Outside of seeing the occasional wallpaper or scan submited on this series, I had honestly never heard a thing about it. I knew by the animation that it was similar to Moonlight Lady, which certainly piqued my interest a bit, but never to the point of making me want to see it. Not sure your review makes me want to anymore than I did before.

    As for your review itself, it's pretty good for the most part, but it has some flow and grammar issues. It seems to me that you went a bit comma heavy and a lot of times you seemed to use a word structure that came off disjointed or confusing. I believe this was similar to the trouble you had in your previous review. But at least you tend to review things that are way off my radar, and at least now I have a better idea what to expect if I ever pop this one in to give it a watch.

  2. angelxxuan Banned Member Sep 17, 2008

    yeah it's easy to confuse the two because they are done by the same person I believe and carry some of the same "graphics" but I liked them both ^_^

  3. Fanatik007 Jul 04, 2009

    good review

  4. lordryo Jul 28, 2009

    Good review. I loved this anime!

  5. SchRita Aug 23, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

    merged: 10-31-2009 ~ 09:02pm
    Thanks for the review!

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