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Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Mobile Fighter G Gundam tv Review

Story & Characters

Come UC Vets! Attack me! My hand is burning red and its telling me to defeat you! LOL

Once again, I'm back. Reppin' the http://images.minitokyo.net:8001/groups/minitokyo-review.gif crew.


Jak is back with his favorite thing to review: 90's anime. This time 'round we got Mobile Fighter G Gundam (Kidou Butouden G Gundam). This title is the first one off the UC continuity that wasn't SD/humourous/chibified and established the precedent for later (I repeat, LATER) successful later series' like Wing and SEED. So let's get started...

Actual Story Rating: 3.8943221
RACIST Rating: 5

To give those who haven't watched an idea, the story focuses on Domon Kasshu, representative of Neo-Japan in the Gundam Fight. The Gundam Fight is a tournament held every four years to determine who gets total control of the universe (this thing bothers me as it was not mentioned as to how it can actually be accomplished). Gundams of competing nation's slug it out and attain rights to enter the Gundam Fight finals and determine who's the one who gets control. Domon holds a deeper desire on why he participates in these battles... Along the way, he finds friends and foes alike while he fights his way towards the finals... and discovers more about his brother's disappearance and the Devil Gundam...


Storywise, this isn't something new and isn't something great. The overall development of the story is very predictable and quite repetitive at most and with no actual plot twist that prove significant nor interesting, we are left with what is actually good about this title: the fighting. As childish as it sounds, the only thing good about this title is the amount of fighting it has. And the fight scenes are quite good, which I'll explain later in the Arts section.

Going on to Character... well... they're shallow and transparent. The protagonists a jerk... plain and simple. The supporting casts are dull and uninviting which makes me wonder why there are so much original characters in this title. Noteworthy though is the amount of diversity and the well-balanced presentation of chemistry amongst the cast. I suppose in the Future Century all people will be speaking only Japanese or English... depends on which DVD version they buy. But seriously, the characters go well together.

After squeezing out every bit of love I have for this title, I can oanly still manage to expose the painful truth about it... its GENERIC! It gets a 4 for Story.

Rating: 4


Actual Art Rating: 4.6
RACIST Rating: 1,000

Ahhh... what can I say... Mech's turn guys on. And Gundams are the epitome of mecha.

In general, the focus here shall be on Character Design, Mech Design and Detail. Overall, G Gundam wasn't something that stood out graphically. Of course, Sunrise is involved here so we can expect the norm for them.

So going into much detail we look into Character Design. This part of the title is somewhat misunderstood. Yes, the characters are shallow in terms of development and presentation but they are very well-designed in terms of looks. Since this is a title that involves numerous cultures and races, we expect some sort of diversity in the way the characters look... and boy does G Gundam shows it. I have never seen character design so racist in my life. I kid you not. The vast array of characters in this show is so mixed up and stereotypical its horrifying you should see it to believe it. I get the feeling those Japs (I state that in a friendly manner) are very proud of themselves back when this was airing. But that thing with the tights was a stroke of genius... excellent work. Allenby and Rain were eyecandy worth chewing.

Then we arrive at Mech Design which is another thing that involves stereotypes. The main Gundams are very well made and, to a point, beautifully detailed. To some extent, accurate depictions of the nation concerned are well presented in their Gundam... which also adds RACIST Points. But in all seriousness, the Gundams are well designed. Aesthetically, they are a thing of beauty... technically, they defy physics. I could go on all day on how great the Gundams are because you're lookin' at a figure collector but I bet you wouldn't believe me since I for one don't like the fact on how biased, stereotypical and plain stupid some of the mechs are.

Now we come to what everyone likes in this title, the fights. We got generic animation helpin' here that was like the trend back then and of course this is Gundam... like duh... Don't expect DBZ-like action here, what this show boasts is very good mech battles. No matter how sucky the mech design is, no matter how sucky the moves look... nothing compares to seeing mech's go at it. This is something that every man should know. You can diss all you want but you're lying to yourself if you say you don't like metal-to-metal combat. Its a part of the male genome information... so if you're male and plan on commenting that you don't like mech-fighting, then do not proceed any further... you will be forever branded either as inhuman or gay.

I forgot to mention that this show has excellent OP and ED video sequences. Which gives an additional .4 cool points.

So lookin' at it as a whole, this title's art packaging is well-made but certain quirks in the more technical aspects leave so much to be desired and pulls this title's art down.

Rating: 5


Actual Sound Rating: 5.2
RACIST Rating: 1

Next up, we got the Sound Department.

This review factor of G Gundam wouldn't take that much because only a couple of things will be covered: a) the OP and ED themes and b) those weird sounds the characters make.

First off, we got the OP and ED themes. The soundtrack is actually pretty decent... well the OP themes that is. We're presented with Flying to the Sky and Trust You Forever both by Ushima Hitofumi as OP themes... which are both excellent songs in their own rights. Heck, these are the only songs I know that an actual hermit liked. Which is saying something because if you can pull someone that has chosen solitary confinement just by music alone then that soundtrack has something of value that's certainly a major asset to the one that utilizes it. Anyways, I'm just sayin' their great songs and worth listening to. It actually fits the show's theme excellently. Then we got the ED themes that I don't give a crap because they're not that great. I don't even remember their titles. All I remember was the cool ED video. I'm actually lookin' at their titles right now at Wikipedia, but for some reason... my vision blurs when I look at it. How uninteresting can something get...

To finish this agonizing experience, we proceed to Voice Acting. How do I say this... hmmm... ahh f*ck it, the VA is subpar. I'm forcing myself to overlook the fact that they all speak Japanese (English version is also available) yet they all differ in nationality yet, my conscience eats at me and I won't be able to sleep if I do so... but I can live with that. Back to business, the VA lacks feelings and emotion. There's a considerably narrow gap between sounding cool and sounding stupid and Domon has a habit of bridging that gap with ease... so as the other characters.

Depending on which localization you've seen this title on, you could've enjoyed it or drowned in it. I've personally seen the Japanese, English and Tagalog versions and I'm gonna be bias and say that the Tagalog version is best for me since most of the stupid racial slurs and annoying repetitive lines of Domon are removed. The same goes for the English version, but goin' verbatim with some of the terms used is kinda dumb.

So to close things in this section, I'll just say that Sound is average. Because with all that pent up hunger for mechs, viewers tend to overlook this factor and let's all be real... not all of us listen to the same thing. Especially when we're reading subs while watching.

G Gundam gets an average 5 for Sound.

Rating: 5


Actual Presentation Rating: 7
RACIST Rating: Does not compute... Immersion ruined

Finally we come to this... the Presentation Factor. Where do I start?

Let start off with the main premise of the show. This is as straightforward as you can get. In your face action is what you get from this one and it'll serve it plenty.

You can forget everything I said when you look at the enjoyment value of G Gundam. Certainly, the target audience here are children and mech-lovers and if you're part of those masses then you are certainly gonna get one massive dose of your medicine with this title. If you're like me, that has watched the show once as a kid then loved it then seen it again as an adult and got completely disappointed then be lenient and at least take into consideration some things before you go brand this title as crap.

In the eyes of a child, all those technicalities and detail and sh*t aforementioned are completely worthless but to keep it real, since this review targets people of a certain knowledgeable degree in anime then it is completely insignificant to cut the show slack and review it with a handicap.

As incoherent as I'm startin' to sound right now, I am just giving a reality check to those people that sometimes forget that enjoyment comes in different forms. One of 'em is checkin' out some shows that may not actually conform to their lifestyle or age but still provide them engrossing entertainment no matter how unlikely the said person would view a certain title (e.g. shoujoboy + shikaider).

So back to the task at hand, we then check out Humour which is, in fairness, a strong point of this show. There are plenty of situations that would put a smile on a viewer's face on this title. They are well executed and sometimes come in the most inconspicuous of times which add to that humour value. Especially that Jap and Chink jabs from one of the characters.

Oh, and the ever so important ECCHI factor comes in. Yes, there are some... gotta love those tights on Rain and Allenby.

So for Presentation, I give G Gundam a good 7 for pure enjoyment.

SO there you have it. G Gundam reviewed. This is recommended for those that are lookin' for mech-action.... strictly.

LOL @ Haters

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

5.33 (moderate)

Reviewed by BossMac, Jan 24, 2008


  1. shoujoboy Jan 24, 2008

    On the subject of G Gundam itself... it never interested me. I got into anime during the whole Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing stint on Cartoon Network and after loving Gundam Wing, G Gundam came on. I watched a few episodes and I really didn't like just how different it was... well that and that's about when I fell out of watching dubs. Never got around to watching it and never felt like I was missing anything.

    Now on to the rev-rant... er review. You will always prove to be my antithesis in the review world. Most peoples reviews just tend to state facts... or at least opinions that sound like fact, that justify a score. Your reviews actually evoke an emotion, like the urge to punch a puppy while infused with rage. At times they seem incoherent and completely nonsensical, yet they remain on topic somehow. Don't think I'll incorporate a racist rating in any of my future reviews though, even though some people may already think I am racist. I DO NOT HATE CANADIANS! I REPEAT, I DO NOT HATE PEOPLE FROM AMERICA'S HAT!

  2. ArtificialRaindrop Jan 24, 2008

    America's hat?XD
    Shoujoboy, I don't think the dub was really the problem with this series. It's pretty bad in Japanese, too O_o

    Well, while I didn't think this was a spectacular show by any means, I at least give them a nod of creativity for some of the of-the-wall Gundams they cam up with for this show... Probably not a good thing, but it was amusing in that effect.

    Jakulito, this is probably one of the most amusing reviews I have ever read. You've done an awesome job with making an entertaining review that doesn't scream "I'm biased!" and gives a thorough look at the series (without spoilers!). I hope to see more from you!

  3. chore-boy Jan 25, 2008

    hehe nice review

    ya, this one is a bit cheesy compared to the rest of the Gundam series. I got my boyfriend into Gundam, and he can

  4. Ephemeral-Garden Jan 26, 2008

    G Gundam. LOL.

    I was only introduced to G Gundam while playing err... heck I forgot whats the name of the cd. But anyway, its just a fighting game, just like KOF and Street Fighters, except that you get to choose to use Gundams. And so I came upon Gundams that are not familiar to me. So I kinda checked through some sites and found out that the Gundam Domon was piloting represents Japan.

    "If there's Japan, surely there's one Gundam for my country, too. *grins*"

    And of course, there was one, but man does the Gundam looked crappy. *sighs* But anyway, this IS a Japanese anime, what do you expect? But definitely, a Gundam series not even on my list.

    Great review, once again. I really enjoy reading this. :)

  5. gundamkee Feb 12, 2008

    to me i love it cause got shining gundam

  6. pmgbapm Jun 23, 2009

    I like UC gundam than CE

  7. Fanatik007 Jul 12, 2009

    sound's good for me

  8. lordryo Jul 28, 2009

    Good review.

  9. SchRita Aug 24, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  10. david2331 Sep 20, 2009

    I personally thought G Gundam was great.

  11. SchRita Oct 31, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  12. rukasu04 Mute Member Nov 10, 2009


  13. back07 Oct 03, 2012

    nice review, thanks for sharing

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