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Cardcaptor Sakura tv Review

10-year-old Sakura Kinomoto returns home from a typical day at school, after having a mysterious dream about a book that morning, and hears strange noises coming from her basement, where her father's library is. Upon investigating, Sakura stumbles upon the magical book of The Clow, and breaks its magical seal. Inside of the book, she finds a stack of cards, known as Clow Cards. She accidentally scatters the cards after she says the word "Windy", the name of the first card she picks up.

When the wind dies down, a small yellow creature named Cerberus rises from the book. He introduces himself as the guardian of the Clow Cards, and Sakura, upon scattering them, has woken him up. He tells Sakura that she must now gather all of the Clow Cards to prevent a certain catastrophe from happening. The story begins here, and with the help of Kero-chan (Cerberus's nickname), and Sakura's best friend Tomoyo Daidouji (who videotapes all of Sakura's adventures and makes all of her costumes), Sakura sets out on her journey to collect all the Clow Cards. Along her way she meets new friends, new enemies, and many challenges.

Story & Characters

In compliance with Mod littlejohnny100's request, I shall edit this review. However, I decided to make a stand, so I'll retain some of what I have written, but of course, in a different way.
Special Thanks to david(sorry dude, forgot the numbers).
Sakura Kinomoto. 10 years of age. Girl. 4th grade. Above-average on P.E, below-average at math. Friendly, cheerful, and bright. Common, average, yet cute. That's her.

However, as how fantasy stories are made, her life changed.
Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the most loved manga/anime ever created, and CLAMP has undeniably found a gem on this creation. Generally aimed for the younger audience, CCS' story mainly focuses on this young girl who accidentally found a book filled with magical cards, cards that has changed her life. And since it's an accident, all hell broke loose when she opened the said book, thus, releasing some sort of seal on it, forcing it's contents to fly out the window, only leaving her a single card (a friend told me it's a starter set, quite common on card games). A stuff toy, in the form of a cuddly tiger with wings, was also awakened during the process, which happens to be the guardian of the said book/card deck, and thus, orders Sakura to retrieve the cards before the said cards make hell out there. The toy, named Cerberus (I forgot the 'other' name, damn memory), then gave her a magical key that turns into a magical staff used to re-capture the cards, thus, making her a Card-Captor.

The way CLAMP weaved the story, albeit aimed for the youth, also enticed the general audience to appreciate the said manga, which later on turned into an anime. The story itself is interesting, for although the storyline is almost similar to other animated shows, CLAMP focused a huge percent of the story towards the young heroine itself, her struggle to 'fix' a magical (and unbelievable) accident, her ways and means to live a double-life (again, another similarity here), so on, so forth. However, in my own opinion, the supporting characters are the ones that gained the viewers' interest.

For example, Tomoyo Daidouji. (corrected by my bro. thanks dude) Her friendship with Sakura is quite, well, beyond the way other normal friendships are, Tomoyo undeniably made an impression for the audience. Always shooting her portable cam on Sakura, Tomoyo, as it seems, has a deeper sense of affection towards her childhood friend. Curious viewers even branded her as a Yuri, although I never heard CLAMP confirmed anything about Tomoyo, creating a widespread fanbase on this not-so-normal character. To think that her age is the same as the herione, even I can't believe that such thoughts would be generated, to the point that malice can be detected. I never saw this kind of impression when I was younger (until I got exposed to the net, yay), but then again, perhaps, propably, this is what CLAMP wanted, to make the viewers curious.

More on relationships, as soon as more characters are introduced, my mind got the attention of two male supporting characters, namely Shaoran Li and Yukito. Shaoran Li, who lives in Hong Kong, went to Japan just to do what Sakura never imagined to do: to capture the loose cards. Of course, the poor heroine is clueless about the transferee, because she does not even know him at all! You can say this is quite a different rivalry, and CLAMP was sure smart to do something like that. BUT, the said rivalry became more interesting (and again, enticing some viewer's curiosity) when Shaoran, due to unknown reasons, got attracted with Yukito, a good friend of Sakura's brother, Tori. Catch is, Sakura likes Yukito, too! Generally, the Shaoran-Yukito tandem has attracted the attention of many, until the reason why Shaoran was attracted was revealed later on in the series. However, the cycle of love in this CLAMP masterpiece is woven, in a way, magically. Lots of fans rooted for it, they got it finally in the end: Shaoran falling for Sakura.

But the Yaoi matter does not stop there. Long before Shaoran appeared (I think, for about 20 episodes?), Tori and Yukito has already made an impression with curious viewers. The story of these two guys ain't been resolved, making some fans want for more.

The main attraction of the story itself is Sakura, albeit a lot of viewers went extreme as to make blogs about the supporting characters, Sakura herself got the biggest share of fans. Why not? In this world, where reality will slap you on both cheeks, stories with characters as bubbly as Sakura will surely catch hearts. The way CLAMP told things about her, like her strenghts, weaknesses, girly-thoughts, and her ways and means made her an ideal girl or something. How she juggles her relationships with her friend, Tomoyo, her brother, Tori, her crush, Yukito, and her rival-turned-BF (so young, dude) Shaoran, not to mention her encounters with Shaoran's companion/fiancee, Meiling Li. The story itself has many heartwarming moments, making a very good package.

What's more, the supposed accident, as explained in the later episodes, is not an accident. We all know that twists makes a good story, especially if the twists are woven really good. Even I never thought that someone would appear later on the series that truly opened the story: Eriol Hiiragizawa, who happens to be Clow Reed's reincarnation, the master of the cards himself.

Some hints have been given about Sakura's connection to Reed, but I'll not ponder on that trivia. Instead, I pondered on the fact that another rivalry has ensued, this time between him and Shaoran. But at the same time, while the story progresses, I started to understand the situations the characters had on the story.

However, CLAMP, may have or may haven't, did incoporated something that made CCS attractive and interesting: The curious situations I stated above.

This is the point where I asked myself (and propably many fans) before:
Is Tomoyo Yuri? Is Shaoran or Yukito or Tori gay? Although explanations are given, some curious (or should I say, malicious?) viewers still persist on these thoughts. Pondering on these things, they even twisted some parts of the story. Even if I can safely say that CLAMP intended the story to be that way, I strongly oppose those individuals.

But then again, it has a appealing story, one that made CLAMP very popular.

Rating: 9


Art. Do I really need to say more? CLAMP is CLAMP. Although I am not a fan, I grabbed 30% of their style and applied it to my own works (although I still suck, lol). However, I noticed that some works ain't following some proportions. Perhaps because they are being rushed?

-Edit- Agreeing with one of the posts before this review was edited, I did skipped a crucial part on the animation: The time gap between CCS' time and current time's animation.

Well, of course, technology is still a big issue regarding graphics, but CCS did fared well during those times. Of course, if I'll imagine other anime` on CCS's time, it would propably go down 3 notches on their current quality. What's refreshing on the animation is that they used a different style on the line art, while retaining the character designs themselves.

For example, Sakura. The manga version would show a ginger-brown tint on her hair, while the anime version sports a bright brown shine. This is refreshing, since CLAMP's style on the manga may not be applicable on an anime, unless they will do 3D like they way Square-Enix did. 2, they also softened some characters, propably to reduce negative thoughts on some viewers, since it's aimed generally for the youth. Let's say, body structure. The manga version shows the girls with a good shape for a youngster, while the animated version has a more child-like aura on them, plus, they made `em cuter.

What's truly notable here is the costume design. I think no one, NO ONE, can beat Tomoyo (okaaay, I mean CLAMP) when it comes to making costumes for girls. And the ribbons. I love `em, and I even copied that style on some of my drawings (although it's really hard, since my main inking machine is a ball-point pen).

Another notable thing is the familiarity with the design. I once drew a girl using CLAMP's style, and people who saw me asked, Ano yan, Sakura? (What's that, Sakura?)

If only they did the animated version today, perhaps, it will be better. But of course, if I were younger, I would give it a higher notch.

Rating: 7


One word: childish.
Effective for a cute story. -Edit- Although there are some things that has been bothering me about the music, some of it a quite catchy (although I'm not familiar with the lyrics, I liked that "Candy" thing, just forgot it's real title.) However, even though most of the scenes has music aimed for kids, some scenes truly used what's applicable on the situation.

The problem for me is the voice-overs. Yeah, cute. However, there are some moments that seems that their voices go awry (this is also visible in other anime, so don't get me wrong), it still matches the aimed target, which is children. Most of the music does not match my taste, but my female friends would dance on it. Oh my.

Well, yeah, it's good for many. Just normal for me.

Rating: 6


-Edit- I am not sure if CLAMP presented Card Captor Sakura on the way I am thinking, but I believe that they made a story that would surely make one curious. In fact, their latest project, Kobato (and others as well) also has some curious moments like Kobato not allowed to take off her hat. But on CCS, it's somehow, to the point, extreme, that is, for people whose curiosity has been transformed into malice.

I don't want to argue about that observation because it did got flak (c'mon, THAT's what I observed!), but on a general view, CCS got really good attention, not just on the common patron, but on almost all types of viewers. In general, the story is fantasy, with good whiffs of romance, fun, and moral sidelights. But at the same time, some situations are NOT morally good. But good or not good, CLAMP DID a good job on that part. Concept is clearly put, but after many episodes, I concluded this is not just an average for-kids-fantasy anime, but more on a realistic platform. Humor is there, although I can't understand some parts (like Kero getting drunk at chocolate. effect of flavonoids?! o__O) where some kids laugh at the situation while I am staring at the T.V, dumbfounded. What's the funny part?, I would ask myself, but not to be taunted by my younger companions, I would laugh, albeit fake.

The story is quite enjoyable, but there are some issues regarding the way CLAMP presented the story. But this presentation sure got the book. Impressive, to the point that a lot of anime/manga readers would surely say they know CCS (to the point that some would even assert things like, "Is Yukito Gay?", while I would reply, "Ask him." Really annoying.)

I can safely say that CCS is one hell of a gem for CLAMP.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by shinshinovi, Jan 22, 2008


  1. BossMac Jan 22, 2008

    At magpa-hanggang ngayon sandamukal pa rin ang kinakamal na atensyon ng palabas na toh... :)

    Tsk tsk tsk... Very badly made review... very bad. First off, your words express more of the negative side of the title yet I see it gets some decent scores... come on... You're not commenting on a sub, you're doin' a review to tell other people, in a clear and concise manner, how the show stacks up... Then, you leave out an entire section which makes me scratch my head as to why. Xenxa na bro... trabaho lang na punahin eh... :)

    Sabi nga nila... kahit si Lolit Solis, kung manira... may dating. :)

  2. shinshinovi Jan 22, 2008

    You don't get the point.

    CLAMP did a major success on using one system: Curiosity.
    Even after explanations are given later on in the series, some 'unbelievers' still don't get it, or perhaps, don't understand it. Use of mind-boggling twists, relationships, friendships, etc, enabled CLAMP to make their readers (and eventually viewers-anime version) get hooked on it. (Honestly, they are doing it again on Kobato, but keep thy fingers crossed!) Using they superb artistic style as the main 'mask' of the story (eye-candy, anyone?), CCS became a very good frontrunner against other CLAMP's works. The way they weaved the story itself created a promising view for their patrons, wanting for more. They question each other, not realising that CCS has just captured their hearts.

    This in contrast to what I see in Google. Think of it, as a counter.

  3. shoujoboy Jan 22, 2008

    What is this? Is this a review... I can't tell. It seems like all you do is go off on a tangent completely unrelated to the show you are reviewing. And where is the balance? You have this massive beginning section (most of which doesn't even do any kind of reviewing) and then your next 3 sections are miniscule in comparison. Lastly before I fly off the handle, comparing anime's is always a bad idea when reviewing something. To say "this is/isn't as good as this show" doesn't judge the show based on it's own merits. Instead you are using another show and your like/dislike for it as a basis for the score you are giving this property. Besides, it stands to reason that CCS doesn't have as good as animation as Bleach or Naruto, it is 4 years older than the first episode of Naruto. Probably didn't take that into account did you? Do us all a favor and never review vintage anime... actually stick to not reviewing at all.

  4. davidh01 Jan 23, 2008

    Could I suggest you refer to the FAQ about submitting a review : http://support.minitokyo.net/faq/5/ for the basics. With respect, a good review is one that is able to inform other readers about the show. The discussion here wanders all over the show and gets off-topic very quickly. This is not your first review, and others have also been light-on in the discussion. If you are wanting to be taken seriously, READ THE FAQ, understand the FAQ, and write your reviews accordingly.

  5. shinshinovi Jan 23, 2008

    I never said I disliked CCS. I'll agree that I have not taken account regarding the animation, but what I am saying about this review is that CLAMP primarily (or propably) used a storyline that enticed their viewer's curiosity. And oneproduct of curiosity is malice. I have seen some sites which stated such questions I stated above. This is in fact, annoys me. Even if explanations are already given later on in the series (i.e. Shaoran Li's attraction towards Yukito/Yue), some individuals STILL instill malice over their curiosity. Plus, you might have noticed that I inserted some slogans from other anime (Pokemon, etc.). Understanding this review would be difficult if you took in in the most literal reasoning.

    You should have read my other reviews. Usage of other shows, at times, are unavoidable. When I stated lines like 'gotta catch `em all' to add vital comparisons with CSS' storyline, this is not mine. I used the line, yes, but I merely borrowed those lines to instill one message: Stop comparing things here.

    Finally, I remember this line from Naruto Manga, from Uchiha Itachi. Before I am misunderstood anew, I'll merely quote his line:

    People tend not to accept things they don't want to hear.
    I believe this is true with this review.

    Thank you.

  6. littlejonny100 Retired Moderator Jan 23, 2008

    As others have said, this hardly deserves to be called a review. Avoid over-summarising, don't rant on about yourself and put some decent unbiased content in every field. Also when writing the review remember not everyone has seen the anime or even know what your talking about half the time.

    Either rewrite this to a decent standard or it will be removed after 24 hours.

  7. BossMac Jan 23, 2008

    Pare, ang gusto naming sabihin sayo eh may rules tayong sinusunod sa pag-gawa ng reviews. And clearly, you went out of convention.

    Kaya badtrip yang mga yan eh kasi di up to spec ang review format mo.

  8. shinshinovi Jan 23, 2008

    Ahhh. Dapat sinabi mo agad kesa yung kung ano-ano sinabi mo tungkol ke Lolit Solis. Di ko kaano-ano yun. :P

    Ty tsong :D

  9. BossMac Jan 23, 2008

    Okay lang, brad.

    Hehehe... nice job on the quick response.

  10. shoujoboy Jan 23, 2008

    You made slight improvements but still have a long way to go. Your grammar and sentence structure is severly lacking. I noticed way too many run on sentences that seemed to nothing but drone on far longer than they should have. Then I still think you don't focus on the subject matter at hand well enough. You want to discuss far more than the show itself and go off on to the side talking about characters sexuality and going on a short diatribe about that which completely diverts attention from the review.

    Remember, people come here and give you opinions in hopes that you will learn and make your reviews better. It's natural that you will get better as you write and as you learn to correct yourself. When you do a good job you'll get a pat on the back... just don't expect a pat on the back. Sometimes you need a boot in the ass to get things right.

  11. beyondmeasure Jan 24, 2008

    Eh? A review?

    More like a brochure!

  12. shinshinovi Jan 24, 2008

    No problem for me. However, IMO, reviews are partly commentaries. Or maybe I am just reading too much. ^^

  13. Rosegirl18 Jan 25, 2008

    Beyond grammatical errors and other such problems that shoujoboy has mentioned, I would like to point out that the purpose of a review is to simply outline your thoughts on a particular series in a professional and helpful manner.

    Many of your sentences contain swear words, and although speech patterns such as those may be necessary in some situations, this is not. Card Captor Sakura is a shoujo-style anime directed towards the younger viewers - a review for this should not contain much of the profanities that you have written.

    Another point I would like to make is that this is no space to be writing a wiki on. Whether you feel strongly about deeper controversies within the anime or not, it has nothing to do with the "very brief description of plot" that Minitokyo's reviewing template requests.

    I have not read your previous work but I stand convinced that this review requires much more revision.

  14. shinshinovi Jan 28, 2008

    I respect your opinion. However, further revising this piece would result with my viewpoint being overtaken by such requests. Do let me share my explanation.

    First, I do agree with the previous posts (except jakulito's, kasi di ko kaano-ano si Lolit Solis XD), that's why I complied with littlejohnny100's request (and of course, to follow the format. Admittedly, I did not want to mention this so that I'll not be called having many excuses, but my net's crappy), so I edited it accordingly. But at the same time, I want to be true to my words and opinions, so I retained most of my previous text, but wrote it in the best way possible. The main argument that the previous comments is that unlike my first 2 reviews, albeit seemingly out of the blue, had at least followed a certain format. That's why I edited it to suit MT's rule format regarding reviews. (Admittedly, I merely based my review format on what the review section -not the FAQ, thank you again, davidh01, for the link, much appreciated :)-, so I accept my mistake regarding that part -this also taints my stint as a mod on my local board, to err is to human, indeed :P). I have no intention to make a Wiki or something, I'll say this: I'm not capable to do that XD.

    Regarding grammars, everyone is not perfect. Of course, improvements will come, but on nutcases like me, maybe it'll take me hundreds of years. /joke

    Kidding aside, I do believe that I managed to comply with Mod Johnny's (sorry, sir, I'm a bit lazy typing, my hands hurt XD) request, as well as the opinions of the posters. I cannot comply with another revision.

    Why? Simple. For me, if a mistake has been made, it is not wise to try and cover it. It is better if I would accept it. That's why I let it be. Besides, reviews, just like previews and viewpoints, are thoughts, opinions, and yeah, views, on a certain matter, topic, and the like.

    This does not mean that I'll just do whatever I like. What I mean is at least, I want to be true to my words.

    Well, at least, we got a healthy dose of discussions here. My previous reviews only got nods, and I, for one, does not want excessive things like that. Once in a while, I want to write, not to please people (besides, you, me, and everyone, cannot please everybody. I would not ask you to accept my words, but I would like to humbly request that at least, respect my opinions too.), but to speak out my mind.

    Thanks! :)

  15. BossMac Jan 30, 2008

    So now you're familiar with how we work. Sabi ko sa kanila easy lang sa'yo kasi baka di ka familiar sa reviewing. Okay lang daw.

    Pero next time pare, keep in mind that the MT-Review Mobztaz patrol this turf and if the ShouFather isn't pleased then we've no choice but to whack you.

    Joke lang brad. I'm lookin' forward sa next review mo. :) :) :D

  16. shinshinovi Jan 31, 2008

    I am more on commentaries (especially an UNLOOKED area of a certain show). On other words, pang-dyaryo ako. XP

  17. shurei-KO7890 Aug 22, 2008

    its so true thaT clamp is the best character design and studio.....
    well... i am glad you dud a review of this anime! go!

  18. angel26278 Nov 17, 2008

    This is my favorite CLAMP manga and anime.....
    Is so great the story....

  19. rukasu04 Mute Member Apr 28, 2009

    Sakura is very cool, but Tsubasa is the best lol

  20. pigmypuff Jun 03, 2009

    tomoyo so cute with the camera

  21. yuyuppi Jun 17, 2009

    sakura n syaoran don't be shy

  22. pmgbapm Jun 23, 2009

    the review is cool and great

  23. ResonantSoul Jul 23, 2009


  24. lordryo Jul 28, 2009

    Good review.

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