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Seto no Hanayome

Seto no Hanayome tv Review

Nagasumi Michishio is your average 14-year old schoolboy who was dragged along by his parents on a summer vacation to the remote inland mountain beach of Seto. When he and his parents reach the beach, bad luck strikes and he gets washed away to sea. On the brink of death, Nagasumi is saved by a girl.

However, bad luck seems to be Nagasumi's brother-in-fate; he discovers that the girl who saved him, Sun Seto, is actually a mermaid. To top it off, she is also the only daughter of Gouzaburou Seto, boss of the Seto Group, a Yakuza-like organization that has a grimly rule: any human who discovers the merfolk's existence must be killed, or the said merperson would be killed instead.

But there's another solution: the only way for Nagasumi and San to escape this rule is to get married!

Based on the synopsis by: shinshinovi

Story & Characters

Seto no Hanayome. The first time I saw this in Crunchyroll (if you guys spot a certain C.Roller named arcaneguardian, ignore him, it's not me! j00 hear me?! EETS NAT MEE! *snicker*), I clicked it out of boredom, while waiting for the next Bleach episode.

Looks like I made a right choice.

I don't know Gonzo, but I heard his name on this particular manga named Afro Samurai, which has been getting applause from my associates, but if I'll base Seto no Hanayome's plot to Afro Samurai's, I can safely say Gonzo is a very good author. The fact that on the first episode alone got me hooked on this anime, it also started a craze in Crunchyroll, C.Rollers laughing like nutcases who escaped out of a nut hospital, me included. And yeah, Afro's tone is very different from Hanayome, making Gonzo a universal author.

The story began somehow, in a serious tone, with the main character, Michisio Nagasumi drowning out there in the secluded mountain seas of Seto (BTW, is this place real?). A mermaid saves him. So I quickly assumed that Seto no Hanayome is a harem anime, and I am getting bored of harem anime. Blame it on Shuffle! Don't blame it on Suzuhira Hiro-oneesama, or I'll kill you. /joke

I am pwned. Again. Damn.

The rest of the story is well... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NGIYAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHA WAHAHAHAHA WAHEHEHEHEHEHE WAHIHIHIHI AHAHAHAHA *snort snort* uh, excuse me, hehe, everytime I remember the anime, I always laugh, haha! Seto no Hanayome is guaranteed 100% fun, fun, fun. The producers themselves must have a hard time concentrating on it's production, because the whole series (which just ended recently) is wild, REAAAALLYY wild. You might not imagine yourself as Nagasumi-kun, with tons of Yakuza-con-Mermaid guys staring, plotting, waiting, reeling, and hating him because their young mistress saved & married him, notably their big boss, Seto Gozabura. The main reason is: Any mermaid who exposes themselves to humans must be killed, or the human suffers the consequences. If not for San-chan's mom, Nagasumi could have been shark food.

More and more adversaries arrive later on for the right to claim San-chan as their wife, and so, the usual comes anew: staring, plotting, waiting, reeling, and hating Nagasumi. The ways Nagasumi escapes 'dark' fate will surely amuse you (although most of the time, Nagasumi fails to save himself, but others do, notably, San-chan). Of course, San also had a similiar situation, as other females starts to fall for Nagasumi's charm (or, rather, stupidity XD)

What got me really hooked is the idiotic presentation of the story itself, with most of the characters mimicing several popular characters like Suzumiya Haruhi or, OH NOSE, teh TERMINATOR! This anime is totally out of this world, so if you plan to watch this one, be warned: Mental Health Authorities might suspect you. You'll realise what I meant after you start watching it.

BTW, I mentioned idiotic jokes, right? If you're a person who has a moral code or somethin`, forget it. You require 100% mind humor for you to enjoy Seto no Hanayome.

Rating: 9


Not so good. The kawaii level is high, but so is the idiot meter. But that ain't matter anyway. But it matters if you prefer anime that focuses itself on detail. Not so much detail is given to the characters, but I can safely say they pass the standards for cute-lovin` (and possibly ecchi-lovers :P) otakus and watchers alike. I won't get hooked if it does not.

Basically, the artworks are so basic, you ignore `em, and you focus on the character's features. San is cute. Nagasumi is normal. Not. You got a hot-lookin` Yakuza guy turned P.E. instructor who only intends to eat. Anything that's edible and made of meat, `cause Shark Fujishiro is a Shark. YAY, run! You got a n afro (Gonzo-san, are you AFRO? o.o) hottie who easily converts Nagasumi from straight to gay, and yeah, the mimics. They're really good. You got a policegirl wannabee who looks like Haruhi. You got a perverted monkey, este, buddy who transforms into a hermit. You got a Spiky-guy who imitates Richie Rich. You got a shy Class President who, until the end of the story, is yet unknown (the name, that is). Blah blah blah, what am I talkin` about?

Aside from San-chan's hawtness, the rest is basically mimic. For fun. :)
But if they only incorporated good anime designers... I might really fall for Incho (Class President).

Rating: 6


Japan is well-known for good music. Seto no Hanayome is no exception. The music stimulates thy mind for you to absorb the word "laugh". Voicing is quite nutty, since I can't imagine some kids who had older voices not suitable for their age. But hey, that's possible anyway.

I don't know the musical director, but thumbs up to him/her. But only one thumb.
Why? Still basic. :(

Rating: 7


One word: Humor.
You might also trip on some good values. Throw the bad values. and you get a good (but not total) package.
Seto no Hanayome is purely entertainment, and I can safely say I am entertained enough. However, critics might not agree, although I am more than sure they'll agree that Seto no Hanayome is clean fun. ^__^

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

8.50 (very good)

Reviewed by shinshinovi, Oct 21, 2007


  1. tarmade Oct 22, 2007

    Seto isn't that good to be 8.5... There are some facts in your review, but lots of factors in seto no hanayome pulled my rating of it down. I will probably give it a 6+ or 7.

    <May write a review of mine about Seto no hanayome and Nagaserate Airantou. These 2 animes are about the same>

  2. MystikalLam Oct 22, 2007

    WOO! SnH is awesome! Nice review! I agree with you on the "Presentation" part, it is extremely funny most of the times, except for the last few episodes!

  3. shinshinovi Oct 22, 2007

    Propably because I gave "Presentation" a 10. To be honest, I didn't expected SnH to entertain me. And I gave the art a 6.

    I haven't seen Nagaserate Airantou. But I'll look for it. :)

    merged: 10-27-2007 ~ 08:32pm
    I would like to make a 'correction' on an 'erratum':

    It appears that Gonzo is not an artist, but a studio. If this is the case, my deepest apologies. :)

  4. bvc100 Oct 27, 2007

    I'd say that Seto no Hanayome is one of the best comedy anime around, but far from perfect. i agree with MystikalLam about the few last episodes, the ending seemed to be rushed somehow. but still i'd recommend it to anyone wanting another comedy anime to watch

  5. Corodyl Oct 31, 2007

    definitly one of the funniest anime ive seen this year. Gets a little wobbly in the middle but picks right back up at ep. 20. (That's the episode when the fathers of san and lunar go 'moe' to get to know their daughters - painfully funny.) Really great characters well fleshed out and for once the voices actually suit the characters.

  6. Esty Dec 18, 2007

    Well..... its ok... at least it has mermen in it unlike mermaid melody, but its not exactly original is it :/ human male x mermaid.. ugh..... that type of thing needs to be chucked by now and we need to see more merman x mermaid and merman x human girl stuff.

    THANK THE LORD for Monnchild >>;;

    merged: 12-19-2007 ~ 06:35am

  7. Kotoha Dec 26, 2007

    I Almost Laugh My Head Off When Watching This Anime,It's Very Very Funny Indeed.

  8. Kunami Jul 02, 2009

    Honestly, I personally didn't find this series very funny. There were some chuckle moments here and there, but all in all, I didn't find it that entertaining. D:
    Most of it was just random yelling now that I think of it...

  9. SchRita Aug 24, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  10. nainoi Sep 12, 2009

    hahaha. i like this anime.

  11. SchRita Oct 31, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

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