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Bleach tv Review

The series begins in the human world, with the sudden entry of a stranger into Ichigo's bedroom. This stranger is Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper (in the Japanese version, a shinigami, literally God of Death). After an ensuing conversation, Ichigo and Rukia are forced into combat against a hollow (evil spirit). Rukia is disabled, and forced to transfer her power into Ichigo, transforming him into a Soul Reaver. As it turns out, Ichigo is very powerful, and even has a semi-unique zanpukat�? (sword that is his primary weapon, it is much larger than most). Ichigo makes quick work of the hollow, and Rukia leaves.

The next day, she shows up in his classroom, apparently a normal human student. It turns out that Ichigo has completely absorbed her abilities, and she must recover them by using a temporary human form, Gigai. It is later revealed that the Gigai she entered was specially designed by Urahara and given to her. In the mean-time, Ichigo must take over her job, cleansing the hollows in the region.

As Ichigo get involved in a closer friendship level to Rukia, Ichigo got more to know about Shinigami life and its issues.

Credits: niomea

Story & Characters

Just read up on another guy's review, and have to submit this own review of mine. I have been a loyal fan of Bleach, and frankly, i think it is an anime that is going downhill.

Episode 1 to 10+
First, the story begins with shinigamis fighting creatures like hollows. Reasonable enough, it seems to be a good enough reason to have all those bloodshed and swords slashing around. People would think the next development will be stronger hollows and traitors among those good guys, but kubo, apparently, does not thinks that way.

Episode 10+ to 70+(or Soul Society arc)
Rukia got captured, and will be in deep trouble if ichigo and the rest did not save her. Well, good enough plot to set emotions flying high. True enough, i think this part of the story is good and keep people hungry for more episodes.

Episode 70+ to 120+ (or FILLER arc)
And when people starts thinking, what will happen now? When the anime is nearly catching up with the manga. They decide to give us fillers. We do think that the fillers sucks, but to me, it's a reasonable way of slowing the anime down. NEVERTHELESS, fillers are the main downfall of BLEACH.

Episode 120+ to 130+ ( or FILLER arc2)
They decide to end the fillers, throwing away those boring bounto characters and introduce us to the existance of Arrancar. Just when we thought, "Finally the good part of bleach comes again", it decides to give us another kind of fillers again. It is very obvious that this filler arc is unplanned. As the story plot is not well thought out. And this arc has totally nothing to do with the whole series. *Just a bunch of shinigamis fighting a bunch of self-duplicating arrancars* When most of us has decided to give up Bleach, they give us the real thing.

Episode 130+ to now ( Hueco Mundo arc)
Well... no more fillers. o/ But, the story seems to be exact like SS arc. The only difference being they are now in another world, and now they have to rescue Inoue. Can't the mangaka think of something else!? I don't know about the others, but i'm seriously is starting to get bored from all this.

Final comments:

Bleach is an anime that SHOULD have different seasons. INSTEAD of showing it EVERY WEEK, and letting the anime catch up with the manga. Those fillers are making all the fans go away, and we all know that the HM arc is going to be the same as the SS arc.


Bleach do have some good points left. We can see brief clues on future progress. The real truth of ichigo and ishida's fathers has not been disclosed. Things are still going smoothly, ichigo is growing stronger. Rukia don't have the burden of her vice-captain anymore, and will be fighting seriously now. Inoue's real power will be disclose soon, and chad's power is going to be great. With all this excitement still going along, Bleach can still capture some audience.

I shall give a 5.5 for this section. There are good points, but the bad points seem to outweigh them.

Rating: 5


The art of the studios are great. We love to see more bloodshed from them. But due to increasing audience, they have to cut down on it. So, too bad for us.

The first opening of Bleach totally miss the point! Its all about fighting hollows and purifying them. But all i can see from there is shinigami fighting shinigamis. It may be a forecast of what will happen next, but i think the opening should match the storyline, and not forecast future story development.

Rest of the openings are all great, nice action and great hints of future developments. So i have no comments for them.

Rating: 7


The sound for Bleach is simply great. Nice opening and ending songs. Voice acting is also near perfect, along with the sound effects, it is making the audience glued to the TV screen.

I love the ending songs especially. They seem to voice out the actual feelings of the character inside them.
Take Thank you! for example. For me, it seems to be Rukia singing to ichigo that. Thanks for all the support and courage you give me. It just makes Rukia's character more unique and let us have a more deep understanding of Rukia's thinking.

Another perfect example is DAIDAI, the latest ED for Bleach.
Now the character singing it is Inoue. As she has been captured and brought to Huceo Mundo, she have to save goodbye to Ichigo, and plead to ichigo to not let her go. It just makes us know that Inoue is so weak and needs Ichigo to help her.

Frankly, sound for Bleach is great. I enjoyed it and will keep up to date to latest OPs and EDs.

Rating: 9


Humor for Bleach is ok. They managed to bring some laughs out from me at the start. But with more bloodshed, and more captures, Bleach has turned into a more serious anime.

They tried to make us laugh with Kon's specials, and 3 more mascot characters. But i still think that it's not enough and it definitely would not match Bleach's storyline now.

For watching pleasure, I seriously is starting to get annoyed about it. And i have almost dropped watching Bleach now.

Concept for Bleach is well planned. All puzzles fit nicely into place and none of them are out of point. (Not taking those fillers into consideration)
This is the only part of the section that i think is ok. So for this section, it's gonna be 3.8.

Rating: 4

Final Verdict

5.67 (average)

Reviewed by tarmade, Sep 29, 2007


  1. shinshinovi Oct 01, 2007

    You pwned my review. T__T
    This kind of review is what I would have made if I'll go Mr. Critic. :P
    Hats off! ^.^;;V

  2. tarmade Oct 01, 2007

    LOL... thks for the comment... i will try to write up on more reviews if i can... Airigatou!

  3. Getay Oct 04, 2007

    I don't know what to say about it. I do consider more or less correct the observations that were made and I am sad that Bleach isn't anymore as promising as it was in the beginning. Still, considering the fact that I love the characters, I will definitively watch this anime until it's ending. I am hoping for a deeper story and great action and suspense in the future. Bleach remains close to my heart.
    Long live Bleach!

  4. HIDAYAT Banned Member Oct 10, 2007

    mmm... bleach i like it this manga, well this is such a long story.
    but that's ok, cause the fighting is great. even i want to watch it anime. and the movie too, but i don't have much time, so i just can read the manga.

    but i will recommend you guys too have it both the manga and anime. if you have some bleach wallpaper i want. so give it to me guys. hahahaha......
    see ya

  5. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 01, 2007

    very nicely done...this review is like critic material :)

  6. rosewhip Jan 16, 2008

    Good review, and I agree with you on the point that the Hueco Mundo arc is very similiar to the Soul Society arc (though it's good anyway!)

  7. beryl0402 Mar 16, 2009

    BLEACH IS THE BEST THING EVER WRITTEN. it's the first anime that i watched and has hooked me every since :D

  8. ResonantSoul Jul 23, 2009

    NNever finished it -w-

  9. Onlyrockman Aug 01, 2009

    The manga and anime both rock :P

  10. SchRita Aug 24, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  11. nainoi Sep 13, 2009

    cheap point, too. - -"

  12. Sanisa Sep 21, 2009

    Coool review))

  13. mona12 Oct 22, 2009

    well great review you did will i like it ^_^

  14. SchRita Oct 31, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  15. rukasu04 Mute Member Dec 31, 2009

    Nice Review

  16. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

  17. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  18. Warpten29 Mar 19, 2010

    Good enough!

    merged: 03-25-2010 ~ 05:24am
    Well you did your best.
    So i guess its fine

  19. Shadowgirl Apr 26, 2012

    I loved the reviews they seem to catch the inner anime fangirl within. But the anime's ain't the only bad things. The videogames just bring down the series even more then you would expect.
    1. the english cast don't bring the story to life
    2. the english developers just made bleach's swordfights just clashes of steel and didnt use any essence from the anime's or manga's
    3. the only thing that they kept from the series was the names and outfits everything else changed and I didnt see the point in changing it either.

    There are a lot more i could put on but ive rambled on and on and im bored of my ramblings.
    so yh um i liked the review keep on going at it. Peace =D

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