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Bleach tv Review

The series begins in the human world, with the sudden entry of a stranger into Ichigo's bedroom. This stranger is Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper (in the Japanese version, a shinigami, literally God of Death). After an ensuing conversation, Ichigo and Rukia are forced into combat against a hollow (evil spirit). Rukia is disabled, and forced to transfer her power into Ichigo, transforming him into a Soul Reaver. As it turns out, Ichigo is very powerful, and even has a semi-unique zanpukat�? (sword that is his primary weapon, it is much larger than most). Ichigo makes quick work of the hollow, and Rukia leaves.

The next day, she shows up in his classroom, apparently a normal human student. It turns out that Ichigo has completely absorbed her abilities, and she must recover them by using a temporary human form, Gigai. It is later revealed that the Gigai she entered was specially designed by Urahara and given to her. In the mean-time, Ichigo must take over her job, cleansing the hollows in the region.

As Ichigo get involved in a closer friendship level to Rukia, Ichigo got more to know about Shinigami life and its issues.

Credits: niomea

Story & Characters

To those who have not yet watched, read, or seen Bleach, don't read. Contains spoilers, since this is a review.

Basic story line: This is a story of a boy named Kurosaki Ichigo. He has bright orange hair. He's tall. He looks scary. He is noted for getting into fights more often. And he can see ghosts. And monsters.

"What, a lame rip-off of Yu Yu Hakusho?" I asked myself. So, I ignored "Blitch" (my friend still keeps on calling it that way, heh) and continued watching Shuffle!.

Until GMA-7, a broadcasting network here in the Philippines decided to air Bleach in Filipino. So, since I'm bored as hell (I was nursing my right arm during that point of time, so I was unable to do my favorite past time: Drawing), I decided to watch anyway.

Death God (Shinigami in Japanese for those who are not aware, although I think everyone knows now). Female Death God wielding a sword that is forced to give powers on a human. The first few episodes surely made it look like Yu Yu Hakusho, except with that uber-big katana called Zanpaktou, or Soul Slayer in english that Ichigo uses to cut Hollows. "Hey", I told myself, "IT IS a RIP-OFF!"

15 Episodes later, I got pwned.

Basically, the first few episodes indeed sounds like a 'tougher' version of Yu Yu Hakusho, since it also focuses on afterlife issues, but laced with tons of idiotic jokes (I love `em), which made me laugh inside my favorite shop. Not to mention it also enables me to attract the attention of all other cafe patrons, but to hell with `em. I kinda liked the laughs until the day 13 Protection Squads 6th Captain Byakuya Kuchiki and Vice-Captain Renji Abarai came into scene. I then realised that the story is quite different.

The rest is history. Issues about Soul Society, it's rules, and the shinigami's resolve to uphold the law VS a person's point of view regarding it. But Ichigo reminded me of how heroes are made: Individuals who are not afraid to fight anything, even if it's the law, to uphold the morals of the common good. As we do know that some laws have been passed by some certain politicians in reality for their own purposes, so does the main antagonist of the story itself, manipulating things in order to attain something for their own, vested interests. Ichigo, on the other hand, acted on what he believes is right, but with a different point of view, like "She saved my life, so why should not I?", making him an unlikely protagonist. The fact that Urahara Keisuke, the man who trained Ichigo, is mainly responsible for the problem that he himself created, DID 'used' Ichigo and his group to invade the realm of souls, did not stop Ichigo from doing his part in the never-ending battle of Good vs. Evil. Even though quite typical, the way it was scripted blew me away, maybe because of some things that happened to me sometime in my past, or maybe because they (the guys behind Bleach) did good shocker scenes, but forget that. All in all, it's called 'human emotion', and a story should make good use of that element in order to create a real good story, and Bleach did a fine job.

Even with the so-called 'boring' filler, the Bount Arc, elements of reasoning, explanations, and resolve still manage to entertain most individuals who viewed it, I included. But if I'll use my critic's point of view, I could say a lot of holes has been created, but of course, it's a filler, a way to extend the franchise, and I'll be honest: It's better that the Naruto Fillers. (Except the Arrancar fillers. Crunchyroll currently shows Episode 136, and it's a filler. But 136 seems to be a very decent filler, since it also displays the reasons of the Arrancar side. Unless they wreck it up with 137, since I heard that starting from 138, the story shall advance, I might not be able to see how an Arrancar move, thinks, and lives, or what reasons do they have for their resolve, or otherwise, that I have to wait.)

If it's entertaining, and you are entertained, then it's good. If you go gaga though, you turn into a fanboy/girl who will defend it even if someone has good points. I believe that I made mine neutral. It's good, with a few flaws, but no one can be perfect.

Rating: 8


Many says it's unique. Please go to any provincial prefecture in Japan and you'll see people wearing them. Kenshin Himura also sports such. Hell, even those monks fron Zenki sports it too.

I'm talking about the costume design.

I forgot what it's initially called, since it's seldom mentioned, but I think I know how it became unique: Because they are wearing a certain uniform that even lowlifes in the story wears. I think this is refreshing, because aside from the Captain cloaks and certain accesories like Ayasegawa Yumichika's, they all have the common clothing. This makes it easier to draw and at the same time, also enables the viewer to easily identify the character, if it's a shinigami, an arrancar, or a vaizard.

But when it comes to character designs, go tell Tetsuya Nomura to go home and play Lego. /joke
Kubo Taito impressed me with his style. He knows how to design the character according to it's behavior, responses, and resolve. Ichigo really looks like a punk with a heart. Rukia looks like a gentle girl acting tough. Ishida looks like Sasuke. (joke!) Orihime acts as how her looks define her: a girl. Sado is goddamn interesting. Renji does looks and acts like a stupid pineapple. Byakuya always gives the 'higher-than-thou' impression, although he does know how to interact, and if he does interact, anyone would surely realize that he's quite the same as Ichigo (Proof? Watch Shinigami Golden! :D), except he hides it quite well. Yamamoto-Genryuusai looks like wise, as he would be. Etc. Etc. The character designs enables the viewer to easily percieve the person, only to be shocked afterwards. Byakuya knows how to joke, yay!

And Taito (or is it Tite? Sorry, but that word in Filipino is obscene x__x;;) knows how to balance. To be protected, it should look cute. Bad guy, well, I guess Tetsuya Nomura comes in this part. Aizen is hot. Gin is Hot. Tousen is blind (lol). Sounds like Kadaj, Yoz, and Yazoo (from FFVII: Advent Children), ne? Forgive me for doing comparison reviews, but that's my style.

But, maybe for a change, maybe an artist would be brave enough to create a not-so-kawaii girl as leading gal?
Nah. I still love Hiro Suzuhira. :P

But what's really commendable here is the effects. I seldom see an anime where blood dances.
Sword design is the thing that makes it unique. A uber-big sword that suddenly turns into compact, which is unexpected. It even had unique blade guard designs, like Hyorinmaru, it sports a star-like hilt, Ichigo's Zangetsu looks like a momma's knife, and Renji's blade guard design seems to sport a... pineapple. Although I'm not yet sure, I could have sworn it's a pineapple.

And yeah, I'm hungry. Have'nt ate for hours.
Although the animation requires to be in check these days. Looks like it's degrading...

Rating: 7


Shiru Sagisu is good. But Masuda Toshiro (from Naruto) is better IMO. But I like "Storm Center" theme, it rocks.
Although I still preger Nobuo Uematsu. :)

Heck, who am I to criticize such great musicians, when I don't even know how to play any musical instrument?
Opening Themes is 3x better than Naruto. But I can safely say that some battle themes in Naruto really rocks.

Regarding matching, I can say Bleach fares better than Naruto. Sounds used for situations like battles, confusion, funny quips, etc. is much more given thought. This is where Shiro-san excels, I think. Or maybe it's just me? o__O
You can't go wrong with the voice-overs, notably Ichigo, Ikkaku, and Renji. Not to mention Kuukaku. Hell, add Shinji and Hirako and the rest of the Vaizards, and you get comedy. Just look at Hinamori and you get drama. You hear Byakuya speak, and you'll think, "High and Mighty crap". Very effective. Beats me though, it seems that Toushiro Hitsugaya is a much more mature version of Naruto, or is it just me? That's what I observed, so I write it down. :)

Rating: 9


Pace is very good. Even though there are some times that it looks like the hero (I.e. Ichigo, Byakuya) can't seem to realise the enemy's (I.e. Kariya) weak point, battle scenes really rock. Quite more realistic, like blood dancing (you just can't stop from pitying Ichigo while being trashed by Grimmjaw, I even see blood blots on the screen), environmental sync, and collateral damage. Not too lame, not too overpowered, unlike that anime that I loved at first until my sis says 'it's goddamn masochistic!'

Introductions of characters are just right. Common for an officer to introduce themselves formally, ne? But twists is something that Bleach never forgets. Zaraki Kenpachi seems to think that's it better to introduce power first before name.

Funny quips? Bleach has tons of them. Even though a lot of it is idiotic (remember when Ichigo saves Renji from being killed by Aizen?), it still gives laughs. I can only say that it is indeed entertaining, if you'll not mind the holes, that is. :)

Concept is somehow basic. So, no comment on that.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.00 (good)

Reviewed by shinshinovi, Aug 17, 2007


  1. angelxxuan Banned Member Sep 29, 2007

    nice review and I got to admit I too was drawn into the anime like maybe 20 episodes now I can't seem to get enough of it, I just wish that it didn't have those other episodes where it doesn't have Ichigo...I'm weird in stating that I suppose hehe :)

  2. shinshinovi Sep 30, 2007

    To be honest, in my mind, the way I presented it should have sounded like an 7.5.
    A lot of Shonen anime commonly gets thrashed by critics like me but Bleach really impressed me. Naruto impressed me at first, but later on, event situations became a bit, nutty. Maybe I should blame it on the fillers.

    But Naruto fares better than the Dragon Ball saga. ANYONE will surely agree to me, I think.

  3. dizzy-me Oct 01, 2007

    I've got to admit that your review do sounds true as me got myself entangled with this anime when Ichigo lost his Shinigami power taken by Byakuya himself. This is really a great anime and i totally agree about the art is unique as it may looks simple but at the same time, nicely presented :)

  4. brokenlonely Dec 20, 2007

    dang bleach is awesome

  5. BLUEDOG62678567 Nov 27, 2008


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  6. hyuugahime Mute Member Feb 17, 2009

    Bleach is the best of animes for me, simply the best.
    Bleach Roxy > Naruto Suxy

  7. beryl0402 Mar 16, 2009

    i agree bleach beats naruto hands down

  8. ryanwho Mar 29, 2009

    Pretty good show.

  9. ResonantSoul Jul 23, 2009


  10. SchRita Aug 24, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  11. nainoi Sep 13, 2009

    great art

  12. Sanisa Sep 21, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  13. SchRita Oct 31, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  14. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  15. Warpten29 Mar 19, 2010

    Good enough!

    merged: 03-25-2010 ~ 05:24am
    Well you did your best.
    So i guess its fine

  16. rukasu44 Oct 13, 2010

    Good review, I wonder if would you do another one these days...

  17. Drakill Jun 14, 2012

    Nice review. I would've given bleach a 8.5 (maybe) but 8 is better than nothing :D

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