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Sugar Sugar Rune

Sugar Sugar Rune tv,manga Review

Meet two young witches from a magical world: Chocolat and Vanilla. They are chosen to compete in a contest to become the next Queen of the Magical World. Even though they are rivals, they remain best friends.
In the last competition, Chocolat's mother failed and Vanilla's family became royalty. Chocolat is now determined to win the contest and be that bright star (A Radiant Queen of Light) for her mother. In order to win the contest, the witches must disguise themselves as humans and steal human hearts as jewels.
With the help of Rockin' Robin, their mentor and guardian, and two familiars, the competition begins to see who will become the next Queen.

However, trouble begins to brew in the way of the two queen candidates as Pierre, a cold and mysterious boy, begins to win Chocolat's heart and starts to use both Chocolat and Vanilla to his own use. Now, both trapped within their own new goals, the two witches must fight their way through and retain their friendship so that no magic would defeat them!

Description: Priincess

Story & Playability

Sugar Sugar Rune is the story about two young witches from the Magical World, Chocola and Vanilla.

They are the two candidates to be the next Queen of their World, so they are send to Earth as a last test; they have to steal hearts.
Vanilla is a shy girl, daughter of the current Ruler, Vanilla is the daughter of the last Queen candidate that didn't pass the exam.
Their popularity in the human world is totally different from how things were in the Magic Kindom, where the tomboyish Chocolat was loved and liked by all the boys, and Vanilla, the shy and cute girl, wasn't like very much for her weak character.

They disguise themselves as humans and start living in the Human World, trying to capture hearts while avoiding being discovered.

The story may seems childish and another magical girl manga; but it has some good points that sets it appart from other stories of this kind.
For once, the girls are using the magic for their own profit, and not to help people.
Also, stealing the hearts of people, is usually what the bad guys of magical girl series do. These girls must make humans to have feeling for them, and then, steal them away.

A darker plot is introduced later; with a misterious man, Pierre, who may be a dangerous enemy for the witches; and uses them for his own dark purposes.

The anime is already finished, with 51 episodes. The manga started in 2003 and is still being released, with volume 8 coming out in Japan on July 13th.

Rating: 7


For being a manga from Nakayoshi (a manga magazine where series like Sailormoon or Card Captor Sakura were published) the art is quite different from your average magical girl manga.
Sugar Sugar Rune mangaka is known to have some seinen (young adult male) and josei (young adult female) oriented mangas; and she keeps her style in this story too.

It may seem too serious and stilish for this kind of manga, but it also makes this manga look different from what's being published at the same magazine and the art is way less generic than your average shojo art, where usually 90% of the artist drawings look almost the same.

The art in the anime is quite alike to the original design. The biggest change was the girl's outfit, that while they were black in the manga; in the anime, Vanilla's dress is purple and Chocolat's dress is fucsia.

Sometime in the anime the characters get uglier, depending on the episode overall quality, some of them could be better but they aren't rock bottom ugly, since the quality values seem to be average.

Rating: 7


The opening and the ending are performed by Karia Nomoto and produced by Konishi Yasuharu (part of the famous band Pizzicato Five).
Her style enters into the Shibuya-kei sound, now not very popular, but that it was quite big in the 90.
The opening song "Chocola a la Follie" is an upbeat song with a retro touch, while the ending is calmer and more ballad-like.

The voices fit the characters, although some people could dislike the pets' nasal voices.

Truth to be told, music, is not the strongest point of the anime, but it won't either ruin it for you. The background music fits the scenes, but the pieces are not overly special.

Rating: 6


Both the manga and the anime are very enjoyable; if you like shojo manga.
It's a magical girl story, but while is aimed a girls, adults can enjoy it too since it's not overly cheesy and it doesn't revolve much about how much the main characters like a boy or how much they would like to have a boyfriend.
Even Chocolat's love-hate relationship with the misterious boy is quite well done, and it really doesn't become the only plot development of the story.

On the other hand, one of the things I didn't like about the anime was it's episodic nature. It's usual in magical girl stories, but it would be better if it had a continuity, from episode to episode.

It's a good watch if you like the magical girl genre and you are tired of generic and too simple stories that are out these days.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

6.83 (above average)

Reviewed by Kazahaya, Jun 25, 2007


  1. nagisa7walkure Jun 27, 2007

    I really like Sugar Sugar Rune! The story is nice and the artwork is just fine...I'm currently tuning to it but got off the hook because of my studies (got to work hard). I also like the opening and ending songs of this anime!

  2. SchRita Dec 22, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

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