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Izumo 2 tv Review

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Story & Characters

The entire plot seems to be well done, but it is rather boring. There is no thriller in this story, and no action. It revolves around war, but battle scenes are slightly lame. The ending would make you "THAT'S THE ENDING?!" to be honest speaking, I had expected more from the anime when I bought it. When I finally settled for a good show with popcorn and pillows, it disappointed me. Greatly.

Overall, it starts with Yagi Takeru (the main male character) being transported to another with his friends, Kotono Shiratori, Asuka Shiratori and Oosu Eri. Oh, and Yamato Takeshi, the latter holding a grudge against Takeru even though they are so claimed 'best friends' because Takeru defeated Takeshi in a kendo sparring match.

And of all a sudden, men in cloaks pops up -before that it was men-killing insects- and kidnaps Takeshi and Kotono under the hero's nose and disappears to lala land. The usual. Takeshi mets Himiko, the ruler of the land, who wishes to destroy the world in order to create a better one (something like KIRA in Death Note). In an episode, Takeru seeks out the four- Byakko, Genbu, Suzaku and Seiryu to grant him power or something like that. The four offers him a challenge "the darkness within yourself" where he has to fight himself but ends up seeing Takeshi's form instead but defeats him later. That was also expected.

Succeding in only rescuing Shiratori Kotono later, the co is transferred back to their own world with Sakuya, and once more, returns to the other world when they discover danger. Kotono is killed, and Takeru is informed that he has to transfer the Land of the Dead to bring back Kotono's soul. He rescues her, and chemistry is formed between them. As usual story plots do.

In the end... Takeru confronts Takeshi once more and they battle. (This scenario was lame- one could have asked more from "The Final Battle") and Himiko is assured by the spirit of her lover which she has been trying to resurrect in Takeshi's body... or something like that. I was rather confuse by that particular scene.

If you hate tragic endings... well, you won't expect anything like that in this anime, Izumo. It ends with: Heroes and co got transferred to another world + hero finds out he's a split reincarnation of whatsie hero from the past + hero's fight with his best friend cum rival + hero rescuing his childhood sweetheart a.k.a girlfriend + hero defeats villian = happy ending and that's IT.

Rating: 5


Art is very nicely done, sharp. But the background effects are slightly boring, with nothing more than the usual. The most amusing thing was the school surrounded by numerous veins and the bug-insect like attackers. Takeru is the usal I'll-save-the-world modern hero. If based on the game, his features are much better, but if one focuses upon the TV version, then it is a disappointment. You would expect better art from the game than the show.

Rating: 6


Hm... OP theme, Romantic Chaser, performed by Sae recommended. I can't say so for the ED theme though. Overall, the music in this show is rather impressive, nothing I can comment on, really. Kotono keeps playing the same tune over and over again on her flute- that irritates me slightly.

Rating: 6


It could have been better if the artist focuses on improving the plot and the designs on the character. Though I have to say, the brief appearance of Kagutsuchi and Amaterasu rather interests me, for both names originated from the Japanese Gods. Himiko ending up with Takeshi was really not what I expected. Few scenes hold humour and action, but other than that, nada, zip. I think the characters in Izumo talk more than they act. And the constant switching of places and timeline slightly confuses me. But if you prefer light animes than dark, overbearing ones, Izumo is a good opinion. Don't expect heavy battles scenes though. A bizzare show.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

6.00 (average)

Reviewed by Lariel, Jun 09, 2007


  1. Kori Jun 13, 2007

    I probably wouldn't have given the anime more than you did, maybe 6,50 or something but I fairly enjoyed it... if I remember correctly. It would be nice if you in the Story-review didn't reveal the whole plot and scenes. Much of what's been written, like Kotono being killed (I don't remember this part, though. Most likely I've just forgotten it) and the ending are spoilers and many people who read reviews seek for tips on what to watch. If you include spoilers then that will just take the fun of watching the anime. Either that, or you state that this review contains spoilers. :)

  2. SchRita Dec 22, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

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