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Kanon tv Review

When his parents are transferred overseas, Yuuichi Aizawa is forced to move in with his cousin, Nayuki, whom he hasn't seen for 7 years. All his memories of the time he had spent there in the past have faded, but with a series of encounters starting on the first day, his memories slowly start returning... along with the reason he lost them in the first place.

Synopsis: shadowfoxza.

Story & Characters

Anyway, this anime series is set in Winter (as Air was set in Summer) and is a constant reminder with the snowflakes falling during the right times and snowbunnies. This anime features a 17 year old boy named Yuichi Aizawa who returns to a wintery town he had visited seven years ago with no recollection of anything about it. Soon he meets girls who were involved with Yuichi seven years before and he slowly, but surely, recovers pieces of his memory as well as the reason he forgot in the first place.

The storyline was really quite interesting but it doesn't show the full potential of the anime as i read about it on the net and thought it sounded good, but not enough for me to want to watch it. But then... when my friend leant me hers to watch, i found i was mistaken. So sometimes, you never know, even researching about it can mislead your impressions of anything, anime or book alike.

What i liked about the characters was the eyes (its always the eyes ^^) and the signature sounds they make, though not all of them have it. The girls are all strange in some way but all are easily likeable by the audience. I also liked the diversity of personalities, for example/s: Ayu, the girl who looks like a kid but is actually Yuichi's age, is cute and has a great love for taiyaki; Makoto, a strange girl who has a grudge against him but doesn't remember why; Nayuki, an extreme animal-lover who, unfortunately, is also allergic to them; Mai (who is my favourite) a mysterious, quiet girl with a tendency for breaking the school windows (that will be explained in her arc); and finally Shiori, who claims she is sick and skipped school since the first day of term but is well enough to roam about outside in the snow. All very strange girls i sayâ?¦ ^^ but they are still very likeable and cute. ^^

Rating: 8


To me, the best part of an anime is always the art. THe scenery is simply amazing and the characters' hair actually has volume! (you don't know what i'm talking about do you? No matter... ^^). The art gives the anime so much life and personality that it's off in a little world of its own.

In my opinion, the artwork of each of the characters in the anime were really well done, quite an improvement from the original Kanon's artwork huh? (i saw some pics of the old Kanon) you could see the changes made to the characters but their essence is still there and their personalities are visible to the audience through the looks in their eyes, their actions, the way they speak and such forth. The artwork (again) emphasises the story so that it is pronounced and stands out to potential audiences.

So if you hate animes with shiny and realistic (at times) artworks, then maybe it's best that you leave Kanon alone because it has a lot of shiny stuff in it, especially the eyes.

Rating: 10


The opening and ending songs are very well matched together and with the mood of the anime. There was a wide range of music, (mostly classical) though most of them were soft and either expressed sadness or joy depending on what is happening in the anime. I also happened to notice that each episode had strange titles until i realised that they were actually titles of classical music i knew! (as my friend had pointed out, i was, again, slow on the uptake to notice the obvious -_-).

The voice acting was very well done, as expected from the producers of Air (well actually Kanon came out before Air but oh well... i watched it in that order). The highlights, as i mentioned before, were the girls' signature phrases which were so cute to hear in the anime (when my friend started imitating the sounds, she started scaring me ^^ lol).

The different voices were very memorable, especially Mai's which is quiet but everyone can hear her as she usually only talks when it is necessary or to give riddles of wisdom that noone but her understands.

Rating: 8


Kanon is one of my favourite anime series and the only thing that i can say is better than Air at, is that it has more time for the developments of each character and for the audience to know them intimately rather than the fast-paced drama in every episode of Air though the episodes in Kanon never got boring.

The story and presentation was also straightforward and easily understood by watchers. I gotta say the funny bits were very well placed indeed. I enjoyed this anime immensely and loved the happy but gentle ending which was very appropriate and unexpected after watching Air (i thought sad endings were the producer's style, guess i was wrong).

I would definitely recommend this series as it combines a drama, romance, humor and just a touch of magic all in one go in a non-overwhelming way and the story itself is heartwarming.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.33 (good)

Reviewed by syeung321, Jun 08, 2007


  1. syeung321 Jun 09, 2007

    Oh damn, i had meant to give Kanon more than just 8... oh well...

    merged: 06-10-2007 ~ 01:21pm
    ah that is better... 8.33

  2. JetKrazy Jun 20, 2007

    I assume this is reviewing the 2006 version?

    I agree with the art review, it is very much an improvement! From what I've heard of the music, it is also amazing. Nice review here! :D

  3. shinsengumi Retired Moderator Jul 22, 2007

    I like that you've been submitting a number of reviews during your time here on Minitokyo, but I do still think you have a habit of overrating your series. As I noted in one of your previous reviews, look at the Review Guidelines for the scoring criteria (http://forum.minitokyo.net/thread/43545/reviewers-guide-minitokyo-reviews/). In each section, you can't just say what you liked or disliked; you have to actively defend and explain why you believe the series deserves the score you give it.

    Again, I see that you've dished out a perfect score in this anime. Use this as a rule of thumb: if you've given one series a 10 for artwork, you can never give a rating of 10 ever again on any of your other reviews for the art category. In your case, I seriously suggest that you go back and rethink your scoring in all of the reviews you've submitted. Honestly, reviews that just blindly give good scores across the board are not particularly useful to anyone, and if you just want to express your love of particular series, this section is not the place to do it.

  4. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

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