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Love Hina tv Review

Keitaro and his childhood sweetheart make a promise: to both be accepted and meet each other at the prestigous Toudai University; however, she moves away and he forgets about her. 10 years later, Keitaro has become an artist and a daydreamer, having ranked 27th from the last in the national practice exam. He comes to Tokyo to live with his grandmother, who owns a hotel that turns out to be an all-girls dormitory named Hinata House.

When his grandmother leaves, Keitaro becomes the residential manager and soon meets up with two Toudai applicants...and one of them just might be his sweetheart. They are joined by other tenants: the young Shinobu, who was in a desperate situation until Keitaro helped her; Motoko the swordsmaster who sees men as evil distractions; Kaolla, the genius child inventor; and the sneaky Mitsune.
This story follows the daily life of the Hinata House as well as Keitaro's attempt to once again enter University.

Description: niomea

Story & Characters

Here is an anime that is almost completely devoid of a storyline, opting instead to engage in countless irrelevant sidequests that are not only dull, but irritating as well. Here is an anime that reuses jokes over and over and over and over, until the jokes are not only tedious, but borderline tortuous as well. Here is an anime that has a lead character so obnoxiously unfunny and dislikable that he is not only annoying, but absolutely loathesome as well. And yet... here is an anime that is not only insanely popular, but has an almost rabid fanbase violently defending its "#1 anime of all time."

Though the story is remarkably stupid, it's ridiculously popular, one of the most overated things out there. This show has one of the stupidest senses of humor of any anime. It's not that funny at all, and they continually use the same jokes over and over.

Right off the bat, the plot of a promise between childhood friends is unoriginal to say the least. It's so generic; even though that's all they go on about it goes absolutely nowhere.

There is an awful lot of unnecessary fan service, seemingly put there for the sake of grabbing your attention while assuming that you're a slobbering teenager who gets off on seeing cartoon flesh. Very tasteless to say the least. Basically if you take away the fanservice and the fanservice related jokes this anime is nothing. It's probably a reason why people love it so much. This anime repeats its "pevert" joke over and over and over and over. I don't find laughing at the same joke over and over funny, it wasn't funny in the first place.

I was not impressed by the cliches and unorginiality and typicalness this anime that's it's giving off; I can see them a million miles away. I know that no anime can be 100% original but this anime literally took like all the cliches, unoriginal stuff and made it like a million times worse! I can't describe it, it actually aggravates me with some of this stuff it attempts to pull off.

Everything about it has been done to death before, but Love Hina manages to make turn most of it into something more awful and annoying. Almost everything about this series has been done before, one way or another, and its attraction seems to lie in the fact that most of those who like it have seen very little of what it is ripping off.

The characters are the epitome of being cliche, 1-dimensional, stereotypical, and unoriginal.

half the characters were useless, maybe they aren't if all you were looking for was some fan service since they didn't add to the plot or the comedy. Man the characters' gags were so lame and unfunny and they repeated it, it was pathetic.

Nearly every single character in this series is annoying. It is almost as if the writers just took the most annoying parts of the characters to use in the series. Practically all of them are so irritating and stupid like Mutsumi who is so smart but never made it to be the exam, Naru who is just a bitch - beating up keitaro for no reason most of the time, etc, etc.

Though it is usually a good thing that each character is "unique" in Love Hina, each girl is too damn TYPICAL. It's almost like insulting viewer's intelligence. Every single character behaves just like I predict. All there is is a simple silly misunderstanding which could have been solved through 30 seconds of talking, yet Love Hina drags it throught 20 min or even 40 min!

Almost half the characters are like ripped off.
Here are the ones that are ripped off Shinobu, Kaolla Su, Motoko, Keitaro.

Shinobu - well she's the only character that wasn't annoying directly but she's annoying cause she's so damn shy but I don't like her because she just seems to be ripped off from battle athletes (Anna) which by the way is funnier than love hina. Anna is really likable shinobu is so shy to the point of annoyance.

Kaolla Su - she is clearly ripped off cowboy bebop (Ed), Tanya (Battle Athletes), who are much better charactesr than are sicne they aren't annoying for one thing. Not to mention the inventions thing with her was just ridiculous and it was executed in the most idiotic way. You can even find pics of them doing the exact same pose. she's so annoying and like I said 1-dimensional since all she does is to be annoying. And ther's like an episode for her which was unbelievably stupid (supernatural) and out-of-place.

Motoko - well there's lots of anime characters there are just dressed like her and act like her. She's the men-hating female stereotype . They made it worse by having keitaro fly when she swings her kendo stick at him, just completely idiotic.

Mutusmi - She is a clone from Excel Saga (Hyatt). You can even find pics of them doing the exact same pose. (Excel saga manga came out before love hina's)

Keitaro- just another loser in a harem.

But the point is, because they are so clearly ripped off it just reminds me of so many anime that I liked better ( it includes WAY more than those I've mentioned). I'm not so strict on an anime being original but love hina was unoriginal in such a way that it irritated me like crazy.

Almost all the all the characters that are useless - Motoko, Kaolla Su, Seta, Kitsune, Sarah McDougal, Shinobu, after all it's just all about that generic promise plot. Sara McDougal is probably one of the most annoying characters out of this anime though all of them are tremendously annoying. To top it off they tried to pull off that lame joke they've been using a million times in this anime with Sarah and no it still wasn't funny.

They are just the perfect exmaple of the worst cast of characters in an anime, especially if you've seen battle athletes victory!

so it comes to the point where I can barely care what happens to any of them (unless they get killed in a violent, gruesome death).

The romance is a 0 because the you can't have romance unless you have good characters. The main characters are so pathetic, loathsome, annoying to start off with and their relationship is so shallow and unconvincing.

The plot was weak to start off with and it didn't go anywhere; they just made up some awful fillers. The comedy was extremely lame, the fanservice was gratuitous and it seemed lame/desperate, it takes stuff that's already done before (unoriginal) to death and just makes it worse, and this anime is unbelievably idiotic pretty much every episode.

I did not enjoy this anime whatsoever I didn't see any romance, I did not laugh, I found the series to be mind-numbingly painful to watch.

Rating: 1


Animation was dull, backgrounds were cheaply drawn. I didn't like it, something about it just bothered me with the colors and it just looked ugly. But overall it would be around average but I just personally am not fond of it.

but gawd why do they have to go draw naru's boobs so much bigger in the certain eps like towards the end, no it doesn't make the anime any less boring or pointless or unoriginal it just looks disgusting and it looks very cheap and desperate, well maybe i'm expecting too much from a harem.

Rating: 7


The Opening and ending songs sound fine to me although the opening gets annoying very quickly.

I absolutely hated all the background music/sound effects (from the BMG at the episode title showing part to BMG when they're talking etc)... I never thought I would complain about BMG but it was so irritating to me. Honestly BMG is not a big deal with me but this anime's BMG pisses me off

the seiyuus did an okay job but I despised the characters anyway. Some of the characters had annoying voices but it actually fits the characters' personality but still that's not very good. I should mention though that Keitaro's seiyuu's voice did not fit the character, it just sounded too old.

Rating: 3


This anime is way more childish probably more and definitely more idiotic as some anime geared toward kids yet so many people are standing by this as one of the best and their favorites.

The stupidity in this beats out the fan-service by a long-shot.

Some people describe this anime as wacky or crazy but I just found it stupidity at its worst.
the story/plot/everything about this anime was stupid, unfunny, predictable, boring, cliche, ripped-off, typical, reminds me of so many animes that are a million times better that need to be fansubbed asap.

So all in all no romance, no comedy, no originiality, no progression, bad characters so there's no point.

I really wish I could say that I had no idea why other people like this anime. Unfortunately, I know exactly what draws fans to Love Hina. This anime appeals to the lowest common denominator, to the losers inside us. Every episode is filled with horrible, blatant fanservice that talks to the average otaku`s low self esteem. Though the story is remarkably stupid, people love this anime for one reason: it provides a perfectly distilled fantasy. This fantasy is designed solely to appease the insecure adolescent in all of us. The anime was made knowing that the best way to sell discs is to fanservice, to give a hentai dream (loser guy getting a hot girl? ) that they think will please the average viewer. I hate, hate, HATE this anime. I hate its condescending tone. I hate the fact that it expects fanservice to replace any shred of a story whatsoever. I hate its ridiculously shallow morals. Though remarkably well made, this can hardly be called art in any sense of the word; Love Hina is a homunculus, an anime that has no soul or wit, but has all the essential ingredients to become popular and profitable.

There aren't many anime series that I actively despise with every fiber of my being. Love Hina is one of those offending shows. If you enjoy pointless harem animes, repetitive sight gags that are grossly overused, and awkward, unconvincing romances, then by all means watch this show.

Series like these are why anime is getting a bad rap in comparison to other forms of visual media. Way way below standard.

Rating: 1

Final Verdict

2.3333 (very poor)

Reviewed by howtwosave, May 28, 2007


  1. ninasun100 May 28, 2007

    ooh, ouch. Harsh. But I totally agree with you. @_@

  2. jaderabbit May 29, 2007

    U fail, i dont agree with you at all. It was probably one of the best school style animes of all time. An there was a great storyline following the story of ketaro and Naru and their struggles an how they overcome them. Of course there is some joking in the anime but it has a rich storyline. The english voices was the only thing that sucked but i watch the subtitles on the dvds so it doesn't effect me.

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator May 29, 2007

    I only watched about 6 episodes before I got bored so I can't say I completely agree with you, but I can say I didn't like what I had watched. But lol, stand strong with this review, 'cause the complaints are gonna come pouring in :p

  4. vatican92 May 29, 2007

    Well I've only seen a glimpse of the anime but I know that no anime deserves less than 3...... even Naruto (sorry..... me no like Naruto)

    I mean there are a lot of cliche materials in many animes but I don't think the story deserves 1

    I believe most of your statements were soley based on your personal opinon without considering the general non-bias point of view

    I do find most romance love animes boring, dull and all that but I don't think this is right at all

  5. waltersullivan May 29, 2007

    ya, agreed with u although it carried your personal opinion

  6. howtwosave May 29, 2007

    there is no storyline! hello. I gave my reasons for why I hated and this is like the only anime that I actually despise, if you don't despise too that's fine but I put all my explanations in on why i i couldn't stand it.

  7. Tsunoh May 29, 2007

    Wow this is the first 2 I've seen on MT, ever.

    You do have some good points. Many ecchi elements are used and overused. Personally I wouldn't rate it that low (after all; harem animes exist as the anime equivalent of soap. You watch it to forget the world), probably have given it a 5.5 (again)... it did serve its purpose in the bubbly sense.

    hey, this is just an opinion. We agree or we don't, but no one is 'right' or 'wrong' here, hm?

  8. howtwosave May 29, 2007

    I give the story a 1 because I didn't enjoy any part of it. "mind-numbingly painful to watch"

  9. ShadowN1NJ4 May 30, 2007

    I'd have to say personally it wasn't so bad and It's a good anime but not one of the greatest. meaning I prob would've said 6 but I've seen plenty that we're way better. Like what shigemitsubaki said you have some good points and I liked reading the review but I disagree.

  10. info-0 May 30, 2007

    Well it would be a good anime if... We just replace this wimpy, ugly, idiotic main character: Keitaro :-/. He is so miserable and he gives a bad opinion about men :-(

    Though I did like some characters: Mei, Kaolla and Shinobi.

    There was a good plot, but it was poorly done. For me I would rate it 6 or 7/10 :)

  11. ArtificialRaindrop Jun 01, 2007

    While I've never seen Love Hina, its painfully obvious how biased you are against the show, which is generally a good sign you shouldn't review it (such as overly obsessed fans probably shouldn't review the show, either). You have a few good points, but most of them are personal opinions and not really helpful for someone that wants an objective view on the show so that they can know whether or not it's worth watching (same with your Azumanga Daioh Review). I strongly dislike Naruto and can find objective ways to point out why I think it isn't good, but bitterness shows in reviews and just lowers your own credibility on the matter in the end. Opinions are always going to come out, but try not to drown the review in them :sweat:

  12. Ky Jun 01, 2007

    Love Hina anime wasn't good.... but not THIS bad.

    Seriously, most of your reviews seem to be nothing but angry rants that really hold little credibility. I probably wouldn't trust your biased reviews.

  13. MrKarl Jun 02, 2007

    Your views of originality are extremely unrealistic and you don't seem to appreciate at all the fact that everyone has different senses of humour. Very biased.

    Love Hina - Two thumbs up.

    Your Review - Two thumbs down, and a steamy turd.

  14. howtwosave Jun 02, 2007

    Quote by MrKarlYour views of originality are extremely unrealistic and you don't seem to appreciate at all the fact that everyone has different senses of humour. Very biased.

    Love Hina - Two thumbs up.

    Your Review - Two thumbs down, and a steamy turd.

    It's not like I said in the review I'm not obesseed with originality but this anime was unbelievably unoriginal and it was unoriginal in a way that irritated me so much. I've pretty much throughly explained that and if you like laughing at the same jokes over and over go ahead and this anime is just very stupid to me. I can't help it if everything about this anime irritates me. you just don't seem to have to back up your statements, it's just fanboy crap

  15. rgnk Jun 03, 2007

    You could keep the "I" count lower, not that it is wrong, it just make the review obviously - biased.
    Keep in mind writing review is not going in full force with "I so hate this I must 'review' it!" nor "This one so roxxor not reviewing is blasphemy!". Nothing could be more satisfying than giving extreme rating right after delivering the finishing blow. Feels good eh? Feels like thousands has been "saved" from this crap series, or in other case by giving near perfect score, the "good news" has been delivered to the poor souls? What shallow mentality, as if everything is black and white, best or worst, brilliant or just mind-numbingly painful. If this is the mentally you carry when writing 'reviews' consider posting them in the forum not in the review section, you'll probably get more attention out of your rant there. We don't need any more 'reviews' littered with personal slurs.

  16. carl123abc Jun 20, 2007

    omg i cant believe this review. this is one of my favourite romance/comedy animes. i can only see that you dont have a sense of humor.

  17. TheHornet Restricted Member Jul 08, 2007

    Man I Hope Your Review Is Just Biased I just Spent 20$ From Ebay to Buy The Whole series Because I liked Negima And Was told this was the same creator Guess I will find out for my self.

  18. howtwosave Jul 27, 2007

    merged: 07-28-2007 ~ 05:14am

    Quote by shigemitsubakiWow this is the first 2 I've seen on MT, ever.

    You do have some good points. Many ecchi elements are used and overused. Personally I wouldn't rate it that low (after all; harem animes exist as the anime equivalent of soap. You watch it to forget the world), probably have given it a 5.5 (again)... it did serve its purpose in the bubbly sense.

    hey, this is just an opinion. We agree or we don't, but no one is 'right' or 'wrong' here, hm?

    yeah I don't get it why are people obssessed fantasy like harems, it's not REAL so.... who cares.

    merged: 07-28-2007 ~ 05:15am

    Quote by MrKarlYour views of originality are extremely unrealistic and you don't seem to appreciate at all the fact that everyone has different senses of humour. Very biased.

    Love Hina - Two thumbs up.

    Your Review - Two thumbs down, and a steamy turd.

    lol sense of humor. I don't like laughing at dumb and hoenstly if you like laughign at the same joke over and over go ahead but I like wathing real comedies. And Iv'e seen lots of other anime besides thsis that are like a million times funnier cause it's actually not the same joke and it actually is original and like not full of fan-service so.

    merged: 07-28-2007 ~ 05:33am

    Quote by ninasun100ooh, ouch. Harsh. But I totally agree with you. @_@

    awesome, finally someone who understands my frustration on how dumb, unromatnic, and unfunny this anime is

    merged: 07-28-2007 ~ 05:34am

    Quote by ninasun100ooh, ouch. Harsh. But I totally agree with you. @_@

    awesome, someone who understands my frustration on how dumb, unromatnic, and unfunny this anime is

  19. TheHornet Restricted Member Jul 28, 2007

    I Agree with Your Review for the most Part I actualy bought it but Thank God I only spent $18 on Ebay for the whole Series. I Got to episode 12 But Stopped for now Becasue All the Sensless Beatings of Kitearo and the lame reussing of the same Joke as you Mentioned. I like the Art work Thou for the most part. The main Reason I got this in the first place is Because of Negima Which Is A great anime with a real story line the art is better in the manga but it's still decent in the anime. Yes Love Hina is a big dissapointment I would probalbly give it a 3.5 or a 4 but defientley would not reccoment buying even at the low price I paid.

  20. ninasun100 Aug 21, 2007

    Along with the "big tits girls" and the horny boy...this could almost be passed for a porn anime series.

  21. chibicuzanimekaze Sep 29, 2007

    well... i like it! i like it bcoz of tha comedy... but wat i dont like about it is Keitaro marrying Naru. bleh

  22. beyondmeasure Dec 06, 2007

    Since when did I last see a reviewer scoring 2 on an anime?

    Oh, yes, right... when I first joined Minitokyo, hah!

    Problem with your critique on Love Hina is, you simply blabbered yourself to death with your own personal opinion.

  23. Sakura-Dust Jan 02, 2008

    It's very boring, Naru just begs to be hated & it left me the impression that the other characters are there just to fill the other dorm rooms.
    The only character I really like & made the story a lil' bit interesting is Motoko. Her fight scenes were awesome.

  24. burnoutboy Feb 09, 2008

    Woah. I didn't like love hina that much, but....man. But, I can at least understand how you feel. After about ep.4 I realized that the same joke was being reused multiple times each episode and, since I was watching Love Hina for the comedy, that completely killed it. But, I still wouldn't go as far as giving it a 2. I would have given it a 5 or a 6. But, like I said, I can see where you're coming from.

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