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Air Gear

Air Gear tv Review

Nano-technology has allowed small and powerful motors to be attached to roller blade wheels and the result is the Air Trek, high speed skates! Quickly gangs have sprung up claiming territories and power while sporting this new technology. With gang warfare abundant naturally the fighting and disputes are eventually resolved using the same technology that started it, hence the Air Trek battles begun.

This story follows one boy who knows no limits as he struggles to rise to the top.

Story & Characters

Please note this is a review for the first series, although it doesn't seems there are plans for a second season the potential for one to eventually be created remains. For future reference this review exclusively covers the first anime series (this is highly important in terms of storyline).

The main protagonist is your typical arrogant male with untameable dreams for the future; the story centres around him, while those around him try to make sure his high ambitions don't lead to his downfall. The characters are all unique in their own way, with some slightly far-fetched to an extent, however the partially abstract nature of the series allows impossibly huge characters and those with freakishly split personalities to be readily accepted.

The story acts a portrayal of street life in the not to distant future. The storyline itself is jumpy and slightly uncertain of itself. It contains numerous contradictions and holes that damages its overall credibility. The main story could and should be complex however shortens itself by creating its own convenient scenarios. For what it is the story is decent enough to stay interesting but compared to its possibilities, the story took a dive.

The major damaging feature of the storyline is the ending as it essentially should be a lead in to a second series, there are many questions left unanswered. In terms of story arcs the ending is naturally the start of a newer, better arc, one that may never be covered. Although some may call it a tantalising cliff-hanger, the point is there are so many monologues which become pointless and redundant UNLESS there is more of the series to come.

Rating: 5


The foreground art is composed of solid, filled figures while the background generally holds pastel like scenery, often darker colours as much of the anime is set during the night. Next to this there is plenty of 'rushing-blurs' to represent high speeds or shock-horror emotions. The character art changes with the atmosphere and uses techniques such as the simple vector to portray the goofiness of a situation. The series avoids having an excess of extra characters in the foreground, such as a stadium filled with people, so it 'paints' them into the background to get away with very little body movement.

There's nothing especially unique about the animating, in a word call it 'typical'. If the art can really be commended for one thing, it would have to be the detail used to represent each gang; that is having to give each gang an emblem as well as signifying outfit.

Rating: 7


As an anime that reflects a culture, it is easy to understand why the music reflecting it would also play such an important role, and Air Gear delivers. The soundtrack is groovy and upbeat (reminiscent of the music from the 'Jet Set Radio' games), so regardless of what you think of the storyline, this anime is fun to watch.

The music is ultimately what makes this anime so funky, as without it, you would just be watching kids speeding and jumping on skates. The music creates the atmosphere in the numerous scenes where excess time is spent mid-air from jumps and drops, as without it, the scenes would fall flat. All the background music uses English lyrics (when lyrics are present), that again reflects on the nature of a culture that has been partially borrowed from Western society.

The opening theme 'CHAIN' is once again funky with Japanese lyrics including an English overlay. The ending theme 'Sky 2 High' has English lyrics however they act more as musical re-enforcement that actual lyrics. Both these songs require special note, as not only are they the theme songs but both have remixed versions that are used significantly throughout the anime. When music makes the anime, it has to count for something!

Rating: 10


Ever play one of the 'Jet Set Radio' games?... Take away the spray-paint and you'd almost have Air Gear. The formula of Air Gear would fundamentally be a light touch of romance (both straight and slight yaio), a heavy touch of comedy (often twisted and perverted), mixed in with plenty of smooth, pulsing action. The action comes in two main forms, fighting and Air Trekking, whether that be joy riding or one of the many battles. These parts ultimately give an upbeat anime which acts are a near future portrayal of urban street life.

Another important sensation that is hard to define is the reaction you have when witnessing someone else's undying passion for a cause, the characters are passionate about Air Trek and in turn you also feel that urge to support them. Even if the storyline falls short, what is presented is presented well and it's because of the way the elements tie together that shortages are compensated and a decent series emerges.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.17 (above average)

Reviewed by littlejonny100, Apr 27, 2007


  1. sin-shenlong Apr 28, 2007

    its a shame the anime doesnt continue the story, because from reading the manga i can assure you that the story definately delivers. the characters develop so well, and the plot twists are numerous. Unfortunately Oh greats works, dont get much justice when they are animated. Heres hoping theres a second season of this series

  2. ninasun100 May 28, 2007

    All Air reviews are really positive. :P Must be a good anime.

  3. KisaHinata Jun 14, 2007

    I have only seen to epiod. I am hooked to the plot of the anime.

  4. ayahineshi Sep 25, 2007

    I have to agree that the anime was too short and the manga developed the characters more than most would anticipate. And the plot is very good. kazu rocks!

    I wasn't really keen on reading the manga but when I watched the first episode of the anime and then compared it to the first issue of the manga, I continued with the manga but I did finish the anime somewhere between issue 55 and 75.

    Hoping for a second season of the anime. It would be interesting how they are going to integrate it though since there were a few alterations on the anime that was vital to how the manga plot progressed.

  5. agito121 Banned Member Aug 28, 2008

    THIS ANIME IS AWSOME! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! along with agito and akito. (from air gear), they could have come up with a better ending though...-_- i like the manga to. and, also, my opinon is that agito is gay (not including akito). if anyone disagres, then please tell me on my profile / homepage. and tell me why you think that. thank you.

  6. starcraft2 Sep 21, 2008

    I'm impressed with those nice skate tricks and the skates they are using in the series is really cool.

  7. SukiLovesAnime Dec 16, 2008

    Air Gear was awesome as it had some cursing words coming from Akito/Agito,
    but I thought it was an awesome anime and I wanted Air Gear myself, lol XD
    But overall, I recommend this anime to all fans as well

  8. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

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