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Jigoku Shoujo tv Review

Rumor has it that somewhere on the Internet there is a website accessible only at midnight -- the Hotline to Hell -- where people can ask the Hell Girl to take revenge on people who have wronged them. However, when one person is cursed, two graves are dug, for if the Hell Girl fulfils your request, you too will be consigned to the pit of Hell when you die. Would you untie the red ribbon and sell your soul to the Hell Girl for vengeance?

Description: shinsengumi

Story & Characters

the commercial seemed promising- a little girl sending people to hell? hmmmm.

different from the usual take-over-the-world villains. seeing real people in a different perspective- seeing them through red eyes, knowing their fate in eternity is in your hands. episode one was okay enough to proceed to the second. and after the second, well.... read on.

Rating: 6


Art is very smooth and sharp. Making Ai's hair all black is good to look at and eats up less of the budget, heh heh heh. Character designs are impressive- in fact my best friend is stuck on Ichimoku Ren. fangirl moment. I am immune to this syndrome though.

Ai's kimono is.... ngh, could be better... the flowers just look like blobs. Real kimonos are very detailed. On the plus side, details on the lycoris flowers are very beautiful. But overused. Apart from the fact that they grow near Ai's house, they have little to do with the story. Or did I miss something? I got kinda bored and sort of.... drifted.

the style of drawing suits the genre quite well. And Ai is... cute. That was probably what the design team had in mind while working on her design. Hone-onna is obviously a mature woman (I mean, mature in age) and Ren is younger than her, Wanyudo is the eldest... it was a good idea to incorporate a red scarf into the hell doll thing.

Rating: 8


yay the sound!!.... is pretty good. OP and ED were good enough to stay on my playlist for two months. Catchy, but not unique. In fact, it's the kind of music that fades out of your life after a few plays. As for the BGM, it's faintly distinct, at least it catches your attention, but then it sounds like standard BGM fare. nothing special.

Ake Ni Somaru, the haunting song when the girl was being whipped, was vaguely impressive. the best of the BGMs that my brain registered.

Voicing was pretty good. Ai's voice seemed to lack emotion though when she went psycho (pardon the term). All the seiyuu are suited to their characters. Well, all the characters we've seen. The Grandmother never showed her face, did she? Oh yeah, the spider. the only voice that didn't match. kinda funny to hear a big booming voice from a little bug.

the OST as a whole is well suited to the genre, though not creepy since it's got a pop feel to it. Lots of room for improvement. I'm not looking for a Dracula organ tune- it's just that the music is so peaceful and everyday-life-ish.

Rating: 7


unfortunately, by the second episode it was already getting on my nerves. The same process over and over again, like a 'monster of the week' thing, except it was 'victim of the week'. bah.

also, it is clear who is the 'good guy, bad guy'. this anime is tagged as 'Psychological', but it isn't. It tells you what to think, it tells you who to side with. To be rated PSC, an anime must require DEEP thought. want a sample, try death note. you will be toyed with like a piece of string- now THAT is psychological. psychology is also used in Gundam Seed, where it is not clear what is right or wrong. meaning you can't go brain-dead and float off in the middle of the episode. be forced to think for yourself.

what annoyed me the most was how they handled character development. They crammed everything of use at the very end, the south pole of the story, and that is just a bad idea. putting something so important at the end is something only someone who plowed through the 'monster of the week' stuff will see, and by the time I got there I hardly cared what happened, and only watched it because there was nothing else to watch. and that's just Ai, Shibata and Tsugumi. The rest don't even develop at all, no, just sit around waiting for the Miss to fly off in the chariot.

on top of all that, this series had so much potential. a little girl, hell, straw dolls, a weird website.... it could have turned out so cool. argh. if I had a doll, I'd probably go chase the scriptwriter and send him to hell, he ruined this series >_<*

I realize this sounds VERY harsh. however, seeing things cycle over every episode is maddening. and as for the ending? watch it and flinch. rip-off.

OVERALL: ok (sorta), but not a keeper.

btw the screenshots' quality is low. not really a priority for me.

Rating: 3

Final Verdict

5.50 (average)

Reviewed by Tsunoh, Apr 16, 2007


  1. vatican92 Apr 17, 2007

    Well your description of the story and characters was a bit vague.... and Ai does not decide their fate.... the people decide

    Hahaha~ Yepp... Black ink is the cheapest XD

    Ichimoku..... creepy and looks like..... bleh

    Yeah.... maybe a little more detail with the kimono may have been nice...

    I think the flowers come into play in Futakomori (second season).... or I might be wrong

    I prefered the BGM rather than the OP and ED.... and the voices match pretty good.... except for the spider like you mentioned XD

    Yeah the story kinda keeps repeating and Ai keeps saying the same lines so it's kinda annoying... must agree with that.... but the last 2 or 3 episodes were really good

    Overall..... very.... interesting comments but I think this anime deserves a bit more than 5.5

  2. royaldarkness Apr 17, 2007

    Hmmm well I agree that Jigoku Shoujo is indeed extremely repetitive, but I think it deserves more than 5.5 ^_^' I'd personally rate it 7. As for the BGM, I actually love it! Quite obsessed with Ake ni Somaru. And I love the seiyuu for Ai. Very suitable, I think.

  3. Faikenshin Apr 20, 2007

    i agree with ur ratin completely i mean the ideas great but the same out come drove me insane i only watched it to the 4th episoide

  4. tareren Apr 22, 2007

    Hmmmm, I have nothing to say about the rating and else, since it's your own personal opinion... but IMO you could improve more on your review... Please put more into the story, detailed enough to get people to be intrigued but not so much that you spoil everything... and though I quite like it when people put their personal 'tone' into their review, it should not be so much that it sounds really ... informal, for lack of better words... and try to put in correct capitalization of letters and punctuations ^^

    I like your Presentation part though ;P

  5. Rue-chan Apr 26, 2007

    well you are right about the part of repeating episodes....

    The flowers Are detailed and yeah.. season 1 still has a lot of unanswered questions.

    as for Ren... yep! he's cute! lOl

  6. Tsunoh May 02, 2007

    well, maybe I was a bit too harsh. I guess it shows that I detest repetitive storylines.

  7. Akaiken May 06, 2007

    Crap... I thought it resembles Hell Boy? X-P

    A good review... though I really dun know this anime. Maybe I'll try to see it before I can give an opinion about your review.

    And yeah, I agree with Panda Queen's (tareren) comment on your review. Correct capitalization of words and and correct use of punctuation marks is a must and add some more on the story section of your review to add some more details about the anime/manga or game that you review (what the heck, I don't have any reviews so why am I saying this? XD).

  8. Lariel Jun 28, 2007

    *folds hands and nod* Agree, agree. The episodes events keeps on repeating, and repeating, and repeating. Lest you count of the last few ones about Ai's past. Personally, I thought Jigoku SHoujo should be given at least a 6.45. XD

  9. Rivanne Jul 26, 2007

    Yup, agree with you, the repetitive part is the main downside of this anime. I wonder if they can make it without using repetitive. But I guess it deserves to get little higher score than 5.5

  10. beyondmeasure Jan 24, 2008


    is what pretty kills this story, if it could be called one.

    It's such an irony that this anime's from Wellthink.

    They didn't think.

    merged: 01-24-2008 ~ 01:39pm
    Could have been rated lower, around 4.5.

  11. aikur Feb 02, 2009

    you pretty much got it good but not great
    some good animation and music

  12. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

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