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Story & Characters

It was so wonderful! As my entire review says, I loved it all. I think this storyline and plot are wonderfully put together. Some would say that a few things from the storyline could be "over-used" or "cliché" yet, the way it was all put together, and the characters chosen to fill the roles. They all just clicked right away. making the story come alive and drag you in, making you fall straight off the edge of your seat and right into the world of the Mazoku.

Rating: 8


It was beautiful! Over time, of watching way TOO many animes. I have found I have become quite picky about the animes I watch according to the art. I am trying to break that habit, and this was actually one of those I avoided because of the art >.< But after watching it, and getting to know the characters, something just kind of clicked. The coloring for each character fit their personality. The style of their hair matched them as well.

Rating: 7


Now I cant say I focused too much on the sound. Seeing as I watched the whole series in subtitles. Thinking back now, I would say that it was of normal, and good quality. The effects used were well placed. I would have to say that the voices chosen for each character were PERFECT. I think that each character & his/her voice fit them wonderfully. Although, maybe there were a few who I really could not see that voice coming from them. But as for the "main" characters, the chosen voices fit well. Now when it comes down to music... I am quite mixed hearted on my decision there. As for background music, and the small tunes for "setting the mood" I think they were great. There may have been a few time that the music seemed to be way too upbeat for what was going on, yet that too can be just my opinion. As of the OP & ED songs? -__-' I really donâ??t think they fit the story too well. By the end of the series I was use to it all, and of course it seemed to "fit" because I had just watched 78 episodes with the same songs for them all! But I still believe there could have been some better choices out there.

Rating: 7


One of the better animes I have seen in such a long time! To others it may not seem that wonderful, but the relationships between the characters is beautiful. One of the main things I noticed about this anime is its humor.. I can come up with no words to describe it, but the humor is.. special.. lol It made me laugh plenty of times, a complete, real laugh. Even with all of this humor added in it had its moments where I soaked my pillow in tears, when an anime can make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts and yet also make me cry so terribly. Something had to be done right. ^_^ I loved how well the transitions between a serious event with deep details went to a light and comedy episode after too much deepness. The transitions werenâ??t too often, or not enough, they came at the perfect times, and slow made its way back to the deeper issues at hand.
You fall in love with the characters and the world, so that when it ends, you feel as if you wish you could never leave. Its heart wrenching when you realize its all over.
Within the storyline lies possibly four, or even five different stories. Although mainly focused on only one, the plot of them all intertwines all though the main character. In plenty on animes I have seen this. Yet. There are very few that I have watched and make it easy to understand without getting too confused. It gave you enough information to not sit there with the screen paused wondering “What in gods dear name is going on?!?” Even still, I really enjoyed the fact that it did NOT give all the information. It kept something to wonder all the way till the end. It gives your mind a chance to think, to work on your own. I remember desperately trying to work out all the information in my mind, trying to figure out things quicker than the characters would. To me, that is the best. When an anime I am not only enjoying, but it can make me think too. Makes me feel so involved in the story, it drags me in even further, because not only does it have my attention while watching. It has grabbed my attention of the moments before sleep, or small thoughts throughout the day because I will sit and ponder, sit and strain my brain to figure things out, even while not watching the anime.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.00 (good)

Reviewed by hisakata793, Mar 10, 2007


  1. shoujoboy Mar 12, 2007

    Whoa... uh I don't know what to say about this review. After reading your review I know next to nothing about the show itself outside of the plot synopsis on the left side of the page. You completely dodged the subject matter of the show and instead decided just to talk about your love for everything. I just don't see anyone running out to see this show after reading this review, I sure won't.

  2. Slothy7 Mar 13, 2007

    Well it is true that he dodged the story but do u really want him to tell u what the story was then what would be the point of watching it honestly shoujoboy think a bit! U trying to be difficult but i am on episode 27 and i must sayit is very worth watching so i cant what to finish it, and he review is very good! ohto the person who wrote the review if u have not yet watch ergo proxy then watch it, everything u described that u like in a anime is in that anime!
    Oh and i would like to chat to u so my e-mail address is ass-clown-sloth@hotmail,com , dont ask about the name it is my friends

  3. lisse88 Jan 22, 2008

    yupe i like this story. it's funny, especially when wolfram getting jealous over yuuri. ^^ like it.

  4. mishashia Oct 23, 2008

    i love this anime soooo much!

  5. Fanatik007 Jul 12, 2009

    love those series,thank for great review

  6. rukasu04 Mute Member Nov 30, 2009

    Nice review, thanks

  7. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

  8. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

    merged: 02-24-2010 ~ 03:12pm
    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

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