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Kiddy Grade ova Review

After going through numerous wars, mankind has finally formed an interstellar union. However, there are still many disputes occurring amongst the members of the union itself. In order to resolve this dispute, a secret organization known as G.O.T.T. is formed. This organization trains agents with special powers to fight in order to keep the peace.

Agents Éclair and Lumière are two girls with outstanding abilities training and operating under G.O.T.T., assigned as partners. Together they fight, slowly delving deeper to uncover the dark secrets of the organization they work for.

Sequel: Kiddy GiRL-AND.

Description: niomea.

Story & Playability

Kiddy Grade is about two agents, Eclair and Lumiere who work for an agency called GOTT. The agency members all seem to work in pairs and have abilities that compliment each other on missions. Occasionally they pair up with other two person teams to tackle an especially vital or dangerous mission. We find out that each team has a ranking and that the higher level teams get to handle the more dangerous, and therefore more prestigious jobs.

As the series unfolds, we discover that the series isn't just about these two just traveling between planets and doing missions. We learn a lot about their past, and that neither of the two is what they appear to be on the surface. This is especially true for Eclair, as we learn a lot about her history and her powers. We also find out that in regards to her ability there's a few things that were kept secret and were unknown to her. We also learn that she has a VERY good reason for her carefree, happy go lucky, almost bimbo-ish attitude.Her carefree ways seem to mildly annoy Lumiere, but we also find out why a child would be so put off yet so accepting of such seemingly irresponsible behaviour.

We also learn about why certain team members are paired together, what their power levels mean, and why some team members seem to be uncomfortably close to each other,(you'll see), and why some other team members seem to hate each other and are willing to go behind the other team member's back to get their way.

Rating: 8


The characters are all amazing and designed by Keiji Gotoh. I think that's nuff said since he is one of the more popular artists on this site. Lumi and Eclair are of course great eye candy. As it turns out so are all of the other teams on the series. While there is lots of fan service, of the mech, bouncy boobs, and upskirt variety, it is not overdone. This is one of the series that my girlfriend willingly watched all the way through and she loved it because she got into the increasingly complex story. There was one episode where there was a wee bit more panty flashes than usual because she commented on how short her skirt was, but other than that you can get your significant other to watch and enjoy this series with you.

The mechs, which accompany each team, are also well designed and much like the tachikomas, from Ghost in the shell, each team's ship seems to have a distinct personality.

Rating: 7


The voice acting on this series is incredible. During the emotional scenes, some anime voice actors tend to lay it on a bit thick. Not so in this series.

This was one of the few anime series that I can watch and enjoy either in either Japanese or English. Top notch talent was hired for both the Japanese and the English voice work and it shows. All the characters ad their dialog are believable. At no point during this series did I roll my eyes and say to myself "I can't believe someone just said that", or "that is just so f****** retarded". To me the english voice actors are usually way over the top because they are trying to make their voice sound cartoony. This is not the case with Kiddy Grade.

Rating: 7


The series starts out as a really light hearted affair that puts a smile on your face or makes you laugh out loud each episode. The series however, does take a dark and unexpected turn closer to the end. The plot also becomes increasingly complicated towards the end. You really have to pay attention and follow the story to understand why some of the characters seem to be flipping out.
Some people have complained that the series doesn't make any sense, but it does. You can't skip episodes or halfway pay attention to the later episodes.

Even after it's dark turn it's still a really enjoyable show that I love.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.67 (good)

Reviewed by vveexx, Mar 04, 2007


  1. BossMac Mar 04, 2007

    Solid review, you got here. Very informative. Finally, I got a hold of what's going on in the show 'cause I'm one of those people that's still tryna' figure out what's the show about.

  2. shadowfoxza Mar 07, 2007

    Good review ... I haven't watched Kiddy Grade in enlish yet, so can't comment on the voices there ... but the japanese performances were topnotch ... :)

  3. shoujoboy Mar 12, 2007

    Not a bad review overall but I can't just leave it at that. Your first section is very detailed and paints a good picture as to what the show is all about, but you don't really emphasize why you gave it an 8. Giving us a plot summary is nice but what made it an 8 in your eyes might have helped. Just my opinion.

  4. shirobane Nov 28, 2009

    Why do you call it an "OVA review"?

  5. rukasu04 Mute Member Nov 30, 2009

    Nice review, thanks

  6. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

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