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Gantz tv Review

High school student Kei Kurono meets up with childhood friend Kato Masaru one day by chance encounter. As the two are in the subway chatting, Kato notices a homeless man on the subway train tracks. Kato goes down on to the tracks to move the man off the tracks and persuades Kei to help. But soon after helping the man, they are hit by a subway train and killed...

Or maybe not.

Immediately after being hit by the train, the two suddenly find themselves in an apartment from which they can't leave, along with some other people who were also in some near death experience. In this apartment there is also a black sphere called Gantz.

Kei and the others have to obey Gantz's rules if they want to live. They have to participate in missions in which the objective is to eliminate aliens. But who or what are these aliens? are Kei, Kato and the others alive or dead?

Written by boojitsu.

Story & Characters

Gantz is a story about a group of people, in particular one high school boy named kei, who die and end up in a room. The room has a black ball that dictates who those people have to hunt. In order to be free, they must get a certain amount of points. Gantz has a great story idea. The story has a lot more to offer, in terms of ideas and plot twists, than typical action anime. Beyond it's unique ideas and concepts, the story is a love hate relationship. You are made to hate people for their flaws but love them for their strengths. The story can seem slow at points or overly ambiguous, but overall I would say the story itself is wonderful.

Rating: 9


The art of the TV series is well done. Only one episode comes to mind with bad animation. It had a lot of freeze frames with paint filters like in photoshop. It worked alright once or twice, but they seemed to use it a lot in that episode. Besides that, the character designs, background designs, colors, animation, and camera angles, are all superb. They give the viewer a better glance into the character's intentions, thoughts, moods, actions, and motives. The style of the art is a lot darker than the typical popular anime. It does not go full-blown goth, however, and has some light colors and contrasts. It is well balanced, in terms of lighting, shades, and the like, but it leans towards a darker style. The style of the characters, backgrounds, and designs are all great matches to the anime's genre and development. The only negative I could think of was that the aliens they had to hunt were often too cartoon-ish looking when compared to the overall color-usage and detail involved in the rest of the anime.

Rating: 9


The style of the voices all fit great with the characters (Japanese version review only, not the English). The voices matched their personalities and the emotions. Some of the aliens were kind of cheesy (one in particular was the green onion boss), but other than that they seemed great. The music was very repetitive (same music for similar scenes) but I think that's why there is NO soundtrack for Gantz (or at least not yet). The OP and ED are wonderful. The OP is great at first, then you get bored of it, but by the time you are done with the series.... it's a great reminder of the good times Gantz provided. The ED is very nostalgic and makes you want to like.... remember everything that went on and think... wow.... its over.... I loved the music and sound quality. The sound effects also were pretty good, but I honestly can't remember the sound effects. They weren't standing out more than any other show. To me, that's a good thing, meaning I didn't notice any bad loops, any annoying sounds, or anything like that. The majority of the anime relies on, as said before, only a few musical numbers. For action, uses one song, for drama, uses another, for mellow, it doesn't really use anything. The great thing about it, though, was that I didn't feel it was lacking anything even if there was no sound. Whether it was someone talking, music, action, gun shots, whatever, there was always something to entertain your eyes as well as your eyes. I didn't feel like there were a lot of parts that just NEEDED something to fill the audio. It all filled in nicely. I also never felt it was too noisy. The sound levels were great and the balance worked as well. What would have been nice was some more dual-sound. A more Left vs Right headphone / speaker kind of experience. If that were added, it would have added a whole new depth to the whole experience. All in all, good sound.

Rating: 9


The story was great. The characters were well developed for the most part. The ideas were wonderful but the execution overall was somewhat poor. They had some good humor and some very memorable scenes, but the feel of it gets lost sometimes because of the pace, the timing, or the mood at which the scenes come at you. The anime is typically received with either love or disdain. There are not a lot of middle-grounders (though it could be because the middle-grounders aren't voicing as animatedly as the extremes are). So if you haven't seen the series or read the manga, I suggest trying the first disc or first volume. It is a very good indicator of how the whole series, as a whole is. Some nudity, gore, lots of language, and an overall depressing / dark theme. The presentation of it all is done pretty well given the manga. It was very true to the source.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

8.33 (good)

Reviewed by boojitsu, Feb 26, 2007


  1. shoujoboy Feb 26, 2007

    Well my first comment is that I thought Gantz was terrible. My second thought is that maybe you should proofread or have someone else proofread your reviews before you submit. Your story and characters section had absolutely no description of what the show was about. Granted we dont want exhaustive plot summaries, but at least some idea would make it clearer why you gave it the score you did. Also your review lacked any kind of flow. It seemed almost as if someone came to you and said "write a review for Gantz in 5 minutes or less... GO!" Take your time and work on being more descriptive and provide some clarity. Just work at it and you'll do fine in the future.

  2. BossMac Feb 26, 2007

    This review sounded more like a checklist of good and bad things about the title rather than the informative summary that it should be. Your paragraphs are filled with incoherent sentences which make it very confusing to read.

    Just like "sho" pointed out, it was like you were in a hurry while writing this one. Take a load off, relax and let the creativity flow.

  3. boojitsu Feb 26, 2007

    Yeah I was really tired when I wrote it... sorry if it wasn't a great format for a review. I was trying to lean away from an exhaustive list of this is the story... this is this character... this is where they are... this is what they are doing.... cause that's what a synopsis or summary is for. I also noticed that any time I put an apostrophe, that a backslash was substituted... not sure why that was. anyway, sorry you guys didn't like my review. I guess I'll try to do better next time.


  4. BossMac Feb 27, 2007

    Well if you still have some time, you could try rewriting the entire thing.

    Note some of the things you've pointed out and then present them in a much more formal method of writing.

  5. boojitsu Feb 27, 2007

    Oh didn't see the edit button. I found it ! I'll update it when i have the time!

    -Boojitsu21 :pacman:

  6. Fanatik007 Jul 12, 2009

    yeah! its ok

  7. rukasu04 Mute Member Nov 30, 2009

    Nice review, thanks

  8. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

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