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The Law of Ueki

The Law of Ueki tv Review

Secretly, there has been a battling competition to become the next "God". This battle requires its participant to choose a student as a combatant and in order to won the battle, has to be given an ability.

One of the participant is Kobayashi a home room teacher, who choose Kosuke Ueki to become his combatant and pass Ueki his ability.
Given an ability to turn garbage into trees, Ueki has to battle against many other junior high students to become the next "God". As winner, the "God" will receive a "blank ability" which can be anything according to its user.

Credit: niomea

Story & Characters

Ueki no Hosoku, or translated as The Law of Ueki in English, is Fukuchi Tsubasa's best work ever. This anime spins around a student namely Ueki Kosuke, a simple-minded boy but with strong sense of justice who was granted a nouryoku, or a power by his God candidate, who is also his homeroom teacher, Kobayashi (nicknamed Kobasen) to change trash into trees. The Law of Ueki basically is about the Battle of Supernatural Power, a tournament going on the Earth (more specifically Japan) to decide the next God who will be ruling the Heaven.

The Law of Ueki, in my opinion, might be the first ever in it's category (which is supernatural power) to be much more distinctive in style and power presentation. The powers are much more unique, each power user to have their own style and they can be upgraded to level 2 and the using of Jingi, Heavenly Weapons for those who are tenkaijin, Heavenly Beings.

This anime is really one of the best anime I've ever seen so far. Have you ever come across a male character who's so simple-minded, blurry yet silly? Well I definitely don't so The Law of Ueki is indeed a fresh supernatural power-centered anime I've seen so far. It focuses very much on supernatural power battle, solving one's limitations and to finish opponents in a way you've never seen.

Overall, very original.

Rating: 9


Stunning. The first thing that caught my attention is the colour. I've never seen lots of colours wisely used in one anime (particularly strong and bright colours). The Law of Ueki just gives you the fresh look you can never see in other animes, and it's just one of the many factors that keep your eyes glued on the screen. Simply beautiful.

The artwork is simply high quality. The artwork of the characters and their clothings may look very ordinary, but the wise use of colours is the thing that makes it look soooo good. And one thing you might notice (or maybe not) is the sky. It's too realistic when I first saw it and I knew right at that moment that this anime must have superb artwork presentation, and I was right. Everything look so colourful and unique I just don't have anything else to complain. With a little 3D rendering matched with excellent and fresh artwork, I'd rate this is a perfectly presented anime.

Rating: 8


Tada Akifumi has composed a large variety of songs for this anime. Depending on the situation, he has created fitting music for each part. Ranging from upbeat, hip-hop, retro to intrumental and orchestra. Considering that The Law of Ueki is one of the supernatural power category, it's really special that this anime doesn't have the typical rock and heavymetal OST which appears very much often in the animes of the same category. Not only it's very fitting, but unique as well.

OP and ED is also one of its many factor which contributes to The Law of Ueki's high quality presentation. OP and ED itself is also a part of making a successful anime so watching The Law of Ueki will not disappoint you. By first watching at the anime, you're served with a very upbeat song and is ended by proper slow song. What a way of starting and ending an episode.

And not to mention, Paku Romi has yet outdone herself again in voicing Ueki Kosuke. Her deep, a little coarse and cool voice has again, attracted thousands, if not, millions of viewers with her successful voice acting. Kawakami Tomoko has also done a great job by voicing the loud, if not, irritating Mori, which proves that she has done quite an excellent job in this anime. Other characters were also backed up by excellent and talented seiyuus which of course, fit each of their personality. No complains.

Rating: 8


High quality. Supernatural power-concentrated anime with fresh way of power using, with excellent artwork and high quality voice actings and OSTs, OPs and EDs superbly performed to suit the overall mood of the anime, The Law of Ueki is what you get. Seriously, in my opinion, this anime should be at the top 10 on the charts but I really wonder why it's not there. It's very nicely introduced to the audience and it has got me hooked from the beginning till the end. I really have nothing to be complaining about and yes, I'm very satisfied with Studio Deen for completing this anime with such top notch effort noticeable to all Law of Ueki's fans.

But unlike to most anime, romance is very much not available in this series. Well, maybe a little between Rinko and Robert but it's not focused enough. But putting that aside, The Law of Ueki is an overall a very well-presented anime with the label "high-quality" which needs more love and attention.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.67 (very good)

Reviewed by Ephemeral-Garden, Jan 21, 2007


  1. klch Jan 22, 2007

    I wouldn't give such a high rating for this anime.It 's just too repetitive.Bad guys almost gonna win and suddenly the good guys got their superpower strength......The OPs and EDs are really horrible.The first ED was the best so far in this anime....

  2. Akaiken Jan 22, 2007

    Maaa... from your gradings on this anime, I guess you really liked it. I also know someone who knows this anime and he said that it's CooL.

  3. rika23 Jan 22, 2007

    its cool~ you know XD XD

  4. shoujoboy Jan 22, 2007

    I've seen very little talk on this show and it never seems to be this highly regarded. I can't agree or disagree with your sentiment but at least you were quite clear as to why you rated it so highly as opposed to the mindless ranting of a fanboy. Pretty well written review.

  5. BossMac Jan 24, 2007

    I love reading your reviews. Its like reading a love letter from a 5-year old... so cute the way you're excited and all. Your love for the show really.... shows.

    Anyways, like shoujoboy said: better than fanboy ranting.

    Quote by AkaikenMaaa... from your gradings on this anime, I guess you really liked it. I also know someone who knows this anime and he said that it's CooL.

    Ken's the innovator of CooL. Look how he spells it.

  6. burijetto Jan 26, 2007

    I watched a few episodes and thought it was really cool (:
    The opening song "Falcon" is really cool too.
    Your review is really good!

  7. royaldarkness Jan 27, 2007

    Humm I like watching ueki and all, but it's not very original to me ^_^' The art is so so, and I like only a few of the OPs and EDs.
    But anyway, great review, I can see that you really liked the show :D

  8. yulacagalli Jan 28, 2007

    i love thz anime.... really cool!

    jejeje! ueki kicks bad ass....

  9. yue_hikaru Jan 28, 2007

    I Think You've over rated this anime. 1stly it doesn't have any good plot in it. just typical like recca no honnou or Shaman King. The animation isn't 1st class or anything just mediocre. the sound to didn't give very much. well it's true for it has a wide variety of ost but it just didn't give much.

  10. LRaine Jan 30, 2007

    You know what I really love the anime Law of Ueki it's really good. The story is very unique and unpredictable that gives excitement to the viewers. Hope theres a season 2 coming. I would love to watch that.

  11. chii0103 Feb 08, 2007

    well at first sight.. i thought this animE wasn't that good.. well that would be because of the characters looks.. i guess they are not that attractive at all.. but then after seeing its content.. :) i was likE *gasp* that was cool! >.< heHe.. anyways... two thumbs up for this! cool review.. :) simple but well said..

  12. enchantressinthedark Feb 20, 2007

    OMG How late can I be in commenting yet another awesome review from Epphie? XD Before I go on, just wanna wish you HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and GONG XI FA CAI! :D

    Weeeeeeeeeee~ finally a review for The Law of Ueki! It's one of my fave anime on animax ^^ I discontinued watching it because of my tuition time this year >.< I didn't even get to watch the ending! Lucky thing I still get what you're saying for the STORY part XD Epphie is pretty hard to impress, so if she gave such a good rating, THE ANIME MUST ROCK! *shouts out to everyone*

    This anime doesn't get enough credit! I tried introducing it to my friends but I think the art drove them away ^_^' The music is just darn awesome I agree ;) I'm so addicted to Falcon ^^ Paku Romi did a great job singing the last ending theme as well! Gotta love her ^^ I'm pretty impressed with all the powers the creators could think of for their characters, its just something like those Jutsus in Naruto, but better :pacman:

    Great review! :)

  13. beyondmeasure Jul 11, 2007

    Too high, Ephemeral-Garden. Too damn high for comfort.

    merged: 01-25-2008 ~ 03:38pm

    Quote by yue_hikaruI Think You've over rated this anime. 1stly it doesn't have any good plot in it. just typical like recca no honnou or Shaman King. The animation isn't 1st class or anything just mediocre. the sound to didn't give very much. well it's true for it has a wide variety of ost but it just didn't give much.


  14. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

  15. CoDLia Feb 22, 2011

    I had watch this series several times from the beginning til the end. This anime kinda cool. I like it so much.

  16. back07 May 31, 2012

    wow, nice review i love The law of Ueki!

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