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Story & Characters

Take a look at my name on this site. It's that way because I'm a guy whose specialty just happens to be shoujo anime. I am big time fan of anime primarily aimed at girls. But hey, I am a guy so sometimes I gotta watch what guys watch. A show with violence and fights galore. One with beautiful and busty women with panty shots to boot. One that makes me feel like a man damnit! Well Tenjho Tenge has all that and more, but even with this absolute testosterone overload it leads me to wonder, how could all of this create something this terribly boring...

Souichiro Nagi and Bob Makihara are two thugs that go from school to school beating the living hell out of people and taking over schools. These two end up in Todo Acadamy, a school that harbors all the martial arts styles of Japan, and are instantly outclassed by the students. Souichiro's first opponent is a chibi little girl, Maya Natsume, who winds up being not so much of a little girl and hits him right through the window with the greatest of ease. Souichiro decides from that moment on that he is going to train under Maya to become the strongest person in this school just like he always has been.

This school is also run by an Executive Council, or the strongest students on campus so as to maintain order. The Executive Council president, Mitsuomi, has a long past with Maya and her Juken Club and sets out to destroy it. That's half the series...

The other half consists of a flashback that shows the pasts of Maya, her brother Shin and the freshmen version of Mitsuomi. The Natsume clan is known to possess the Dragon Eye. This bestows them the ability to see the past and the future by harnessing the chi of the earth and makes them supreme fighters. Also with this clan is the possessed sword that has the ability to turn them into ruthless murderers. This part of the series consists of Shin's maddening killing spree and Mitsuomi's rise to stop him.

Really the plot is about as boring as one can get. What you think you'll be following from the start of the series is far from what you'll actually watch for the vast majority of it. It's a "now ya see me, now ya don't" situation. Souichiro and friends disappear in exchange for Maya and her brother and a boring past. Then it tries to tie it all together in the end, but decides instead to stop short and end the show.

Rating: 4


I don't think anybody could argue with the fact that the animation of Tenjho Tenge is just absolutely gorgeous. The word that comes to mind most is 'shiny'. Character models are all painstakingly designed and detailed and all hold many unique characteristics. Although if you happen to be a female in this particular show, you are stacked to the ceiling in the breast department. Also any male out there I'm sure will agree that the Natsume sisters are smokin' hot. Although I have to wonder, did their breasts get larger as the show progressed? And why did panties become more important as the show went on?

The animation also shines in lush backgrounds and smooth frame rate. The show consists of a lot of action and it is animated so as to portray that as accurately as possible. Quick, agile movements by characters are drawn exquisitely and the after effects of the violence is given an absolutely brutal feel to it with maimed and mauled characters.

Simply put... the animation sure is purdy!

Rating: 9


The opening and closing songs are both quite good songs on their own but what impressed me more was how well they matched the animation sequences. The opening is Bomb a Head (goofy right) and is a hip-hop popish sort of song that is shown with an accompanying dance sequence and character movement that matches the beats. The ending is the campy teeny pop song Aishtenne Motto by Aiko Kayoh. This song is accompanied by a happy Aya Natsume as the song begs "Love me more!" The BGM with the show is also spot on. The majority of the show consists of action and tense situations and the music brings that out quite well. A few humorous moments were thrown in for good measure and there was usually some kind of quirky music that followed along.

Voice acting was standard but quite good. My only complaint was that too many of the characters seemed entirely too one-dimensional. They were given a certain personality and never worked outside of that box so they just showed no versatility. Souichiro was always angry. Bob was always subdued yet cocky. Bunshichi was always snide and sarcastic. There were a few bright spots here and there, but best performance goes to Aya Hisakawa as Maya Natsume. Her character was able to show the greatest variety in vocal portions as she played a dual role as a child and an adult. She was also one of the few who had a wealth of personality from cocky to sweet and all the way to sad in both child and adult form. Versatility is the word, simply put.

Rating: 7


Babes, breasts and blood couldn't save this heaping pile of detritus. In the first 8 or so episodes it's easy to tell that the show is going to be as shallow as an inflatable pool, but it has hopes of at least being a fun show to watch while grunting like a man. Alas it gets boring in a hurry and never pulls itself out of that hole it digs for itself. It goes into a flashback of Maya's past and how her brother died (seriously that's not a spoiler so get over it) and stays there for 8 more episodes, then returns to the present for about 2, only to go back and continue dragging out a past that could have been summed up in fewer episodes. Worse yet, it isn't as if the past that you are forced to see is all that interesting in the first place. In fact it's quite boring. Add in the fact that the show just ends, and I mean JUST ENDS, for no particular reason and you have that feeling like a screen pops up after the credits with the words "Ha Ha Sucker!"

If all you need is pretty girls and some blood then by all means watch this show and you'll be so happy you'll smash a beer can on your head you ignorant brute you. But if you need... uh substance... plot... something to actually keep you awake, you may want to watch Emeril on Food Network or something. I hear he's gonna say Bam! today; I can't wait!!!

Rating: 3

Final Verdict

5.00 (moderate)

Reviewed by shoujoboy, Jan 21, 2007


  1. yue_hikaru Jan 21, 2007

    I agree with you the anime never hold out the good name of the manga. It's just simple put that the want it on anime just for commercial purpose.

  2. BossMac Jan 21, 2007

    Yeah, the plot sucks but I really liked the "Soichiro-Aya" love story... kinda brings back my school days... but anyways, yeah the plot still sucks.

    If it weren't for the art department this show would've been a complete flop. If I ever get the chance to review this title, I'd probably rate it the same. High visuals, great sounds (Bomb-A-Head's nice), poor presentation, pathetic story.

    I'd recommend this show maybe just for the comedy... okay... and the boobs, too.

  3. sin-shenlong Jan 24, 2007

    you should really read the manga , it has an insane plot and even greater art. The long flashbacks are like different story arcs and contrary to popular belief they actually have meaning to the overall plot. This is possibly the best manga ive ever read. Im just so disappointed by how sucky the anime is. I agree with your score. Bt please give the manga a chance.

  4. Zyndarius Jan 25, 2007

    Not an amazing review, but it tells pretty much to know what the series is about, very well done ^^

  5. Odeena Jan 25, 2007

    I think your review is very well done and it manages to sum up the characteristics of the series quite well. Extra points for the in-depth look at the voice acting and for the rather original introduction ;) Well done!

  6. WingZero27 Feb 03, 2007

    i agree with you on most parts. i was so disappointment with the ending. i was expecting a huge fight between Souichiro and Mitsuomi but that never happened. they at least could give it a proper ending.

  7. shoimi Feb 07, 2007

    i think that the manga was pretty good myself i haven't seen the show but i plan on trying the show hoping it might be a good show i say as long as there is a lot of fighting that it is a really good show.

  8. RabbiTuck Mar 25, 2007

    I'd give it a 9.5 if they ever ended it.

  9. fuuiin Jul 09, 2007

    i'm a girl who usually like shonen animes better than the ones geared toward girls, weird, haha
    well i'm basically an equal opportunity anime watcher i guess

    there are OAVs, i don't know where they are up to now, but i read the manga before i watched the anime so that's the reason why i love this series so much.

    so for people who've never seen it, i would suggest reading the manga, instead of making their opinion on solely the anime.

  10. beyondmeasure Jul 11, 2007

    I have a special problem with potboilers.
    I have a fantastically special problem with Tenjho Tenge.
    For me, having too much body detail is a big roadblock
    to a proper understanding of an anime. Especially this.

    (I could just imagine all those males having wet dreams by watching Tenjho Tenge.)

  11. SukiLovesAnime Dec 16, 2008

    This anime made me laugh somewat but it had many fighting and somewat drama.
    The anime got me hooked and sinked cause of all the action.
    But besides the big breast and everything that guys would want in an anime.
    I think this anime is good to watch.

  12. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

  13. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  14. Baraka-Senpai Jul 05, 2011

    thanks for this!

  15. mikeb23 Aug 07, 2012

    This is a good review and i do agree with you on the very lack luster plot. I do however recommend reading the manga as it is finished and does not end abruptly like its anime counterpart

    P.S. I'm also a shoujo fan and enjoy animes of that sort ^.^

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