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Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu

Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu ova Review

Story & Playability

At first when downloading this anime, I was expecting something like a typical romance anime between a particular guy and girl. However, seeing the opening scene of the anime made me take back my thoughts as what was protrayed was a combat-like scene. The opening also featured a mini battle scene which made me expect it to consist of elements of an action anime.

Again was I proven wrong when the "battle" in Iriya was not one involving a overpowering mecha which slaughters its enemies but rather a battle of human will and mental strength needed to overcome one's trauma. Iriya's own battle with herself to be exact. The story revolves about how Asaba Naoyuki (main male character) meets Iriya Kana (male female character) during the last day of his summer vacation and subsequently "opens" her up to having friends and helps her overcome her fears. Asaba gradually understands why Iriya has a cold personalityand and regards her as a valuable companion which Iriya also regards him as eventually. Iriya is not just an ordinary student but one of the pilots of the "Black Manta" modified aircraft. The group of "Black manta" pilots have had their bodies modified to be able to efficently handle the sophisticated aircraft. The result of the war depends greatly on Iriya as she is the only surviving pilot able to pilot the Black Manta. The remainder of the anime focus on the romance of Asaba and Iriya. Which you will have to watch for yourself to enjoy.

Now for character reviews, the characters all had their own unique personalities although some were rather stereotypical characters such as Akiho. I felt that in such a school setting the characters were very "real". the most intriguing character I felt was the chairman of the Newspaper Club, he was kind of an eccentric, noisy person and abit bossy but he was brillant when it came to thinking which I felt was very interesting.

Rating: 7


The art in Iriya is pretty much what you would expect by today's anime standards. Considering its a year old I think it was pretty well done. The characters all had body builds which fitted them and none were excessively unrealistic. The eyes of the characters (especially Iriya's) are very well-drawn. There is also semi-3D Black Manta craft which is fit in a nice aerial background. Hairstyle-wise and body suits the characters personalites very well. It's not excessively impressive but I find it realism a very good factor especially in anime as it does not distract the viewer from learning about the story instead of how impressively unrealistic the body looks.

Rating: 8


The opening and ending themes both had a sad mood which fits this anime very well as you do not expect people to be so cheerful in a war. The opening theme had a mysterious tune to it which I felt was good as it relates to UFO which are mysterious in nature. At scenes when the mood was tense the music would change to fit the mood. The voices of the various characters also suit their personalities very well. Again it's not excessively impressive but fairs rather well in sound.

Rating: 7


I think the overrall presentation of this anime is very impressive as it is really different from what a typical viewer would expect from it. All the scenes in the anime had their purposes which are eventually revealed during the multiple flashbacks occuring throughout the anime. The reasons for the character actions, behaviour and thoughts are eventually revealed in a progressive manner which is enjoyable to watch. Most of the reasons were revealed at the end of the anime though...

The various personalites of this anime also made it very interesting, especially the chairman of the Newspaper Club and Iriys's "brother" Enomoto. The most enjoyable part of this anime is watching the relationship between Iriya and Asaba and how they mature mentally. The way they make this story one of science-fiction and romance and yet are able to retain a certain element of science fiction is excellent.

As a anime viewer who rates anime according to how one feels after watching it. I am proud to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st 4 episodes. The 5th was abit of a letdown as I was kinda shocked at Asaba's change in attitude towards Iriya and him looking at erotic magazines was a shock. I also deemed the rape attempt on Iriya not necessary as ecchi was completely put of my hard when i was so engrossed in the emotion of the anime. Despite the ending not exactly a being happy one. I still think is is a very good anime considering that it only compised of 6 episodes and is yet able to invoke such emotions is truly remarkeable (Through i expected a better ending). The feeling you get when watching the romance between Asaba and Iriya develop and learning about Iriya's past is one that can only be experienced by watching it oneself.

Last words, I guess this is the 2nd anime I really enjoyed this year aside from Fate Stay Night. This is my first review, hope you like it. Comments are highly welcome. Thanks for reading!

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.50 (good)

Reviewed by Lunstar, Dec 15, 2006


  1. thanphong Banned Member Dec 16, 2006

    nice review ,i rwally like it,if "Art" the longer,i think it is interesting

  2. Odin10 Dec 18, 2006

    Yeah, I got somewhat confused at the ending, whether it being a sad one or just that they left it off there for a sequel-sequel :D

  3. rafal22 Dec 25, 2006

    ?wietne anime
    Tylko ?eby koniec by? inny

  4. nedved11 Dec 26, 2006

    Quote by rafal22?wietne anime
    Tylko ?eby koniec by? inny

    Nebun Eshti?

  5. yue_hikaru Jan 21, 2007

    it's proven to be my personal fave. it's a nice review though you've just pictured it well.

  6. Flowright138 Nov 21, 2009

    Just picked up a spelling mistake - you mean Iriya as the main female protagonist?

    Sorry just being pedantic. As a sidenote, I couldn't agree more of what you've said, I share your same view. The rape scene is confusing, and the ending needs a bit of touching. I've thought of a kissing scene before

    Spoiler (show)

    pushing Asaba off the platform would have really emphasise romanticism. What do you think?

  7. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

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