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Story & Characters

Essentially the plot revolves around Ash Ketchum/Satoshi, a boy who is on a journey to become a Pokemon Master, which is esentially a very powerful trainer. In short trainers are people who develop partnerships with pokemon and help them grow strong by battling them against other pokemon in non-fatal tests of skill and power. He is joined by various companions along the way with their own goals. He is eternally pursued by a trio of bumbling misfits from an otherwise fairly menacing criminal organization Team Rocket.

Aside from a general theme that Ash is a very special individual with a special destiny, there is no overall plot to the series. Once one region is traveled, another is visited, usually coinciding with the most recently released game. Episodes that don't revolve around battles will typically revolve around assisting random characters in need and/or showcasing a type of pokemon that hasn't been focused on before. On occasion a mini story arc will occur that spans several episodes and involves some larger, more earthshaking events.

Plot holes are abundant (though some fans exaggerate them and many are due to poor dubbing rather than actual plot errors) but many features of continuity occur as well. Still, the majority of episodes work as stand-alones to some degree.

Incidentally some of the most interesting characters are the pokemon, which quite often are as deep, if not deeper, than the human characters.

As far as suitability goes you can find hardly a better anime that is suitable for all ages. Violence does at times get fairly intense, especially in the movies, but death is rare and never graphic. Only the youngest are likely to be bothered or frightened by any of the more dramatic scenes in the series and movies. Overall it is a sweet, highly moralistic show.

Rating: 6


The art and animation vary greatly depending on the animation team doing the episode. Some are good, others are awful. In general it is bright, colorful and non-detailed but full of energy and great for the often fast paced battles. The movies usually have quite gorgeous animation, though the mix of computer animation with normal animation at times does not go well. Review number is for the best the movies have to offer.

Character design is quite distinctive and angular, with much expression. The cute creatures are very cute while the cool creatures are quite cool, and others can balance the two to surprising degrees. Most of the pokemon designs are quite well done and inventive. The humans have their own special appeal as well, provided you are not looking for exceptional detail or realism.

Rating: 10


The dub tends to have average to poor music, but the original music is often quite beautiful. Voice acting quality varies greatly from awful to excellent, especially when new voice actors arrive for old characters and have to adjust to their roles. It idoes hold the distinction of being probably the best dub 4kids ever made, though that's still not saying much and they no longer are in charge of it. Rating takes into account the voice acting and music of the Japanese version.

Rating: 8


The plot is repetitive to various degrees and some portions of the series (namely mid Johto region) can be very slow and boring. However gems of episodes crop up with fair frequency and new twists on old plots are also attempted at times. Hoenn region onward has some of the best the series has to offer. It is good for what it is, an anime made to advertise a game franchise.

In closing it can be a fun, funny, at times witty, albeit repetitive series. The movies, especially movies 3 and 6 can have surprisingly deep and emotional stories.

Rating: 6

Final Verdict

7.00 (above average)

Reviewed by Ryodraco, Nov 08, 2006


  1. Angi Retired Moderator Nov 08, 2006

    I agree with you
    Its an anime that everybody can see
    and if you like cute things, those creatures are a good choice
    I agree with the repetitive episodes, they are boring sometimes
    the movie that I liked the most was the second one
    overall your rating its ok Ill give it the same

  2. Adra21 Dec 01, 2006

    Is an interesting anime, some fun and have good messages... nice

  3. kanapox Dec 10, 2006

    I disagree with the evaluation. The overall rating should not be above 6.0. The reviewer gave a 10.0 for the art, but this number is unfair when comparing to other series with better art.

  4. Chiro-kun Feb 14, 2007

    Good review! However much people might bash this show, the fact remains that it's still enjoyable and can be watched by everyone. The manga however, is a class apart ;)

  5. tainted3 Jun 04, 2007


    i quite agree.the series was rather juvenile and monotonous with no specific plot and innumerable subplots.it's something you grow out of.

    subtlety is not it's strong suite either.

  6. ninasun100 Aug 21, 2007

    I can't imagine how the series is going to end...

    What, when Ash beats every singly trainer in the world and collects all the pokemon which are raised to their utmost highest ability...THEN I'll be impressed.

  7. Kukuru Jan 01, 2008

    I think you rated art WAY too high (and no, I'm not being biased because I like detail) - I think I 6, or maybe a 7 if we're pushing it would have been far more appropriate because even though there are unique pokemon designs, and they are visually appealing I don't think it's anything of epic proptions. Plus the animation is rather plain in comparison to some of the other series that are out there.

    Otherwise, I think you rated the story and presentation categories appropriately.

  8. pappo1 Jun 09, 2009

    very good review, I like specially the rocket team

  9. rukasu04 Mute Member Oct 18, 2009

    Nice review :D

  10. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

  11. Dc0 Jan 17, 2010

    can you do a review of the manga "Pokemon Special"?

  12. hitsu-chan Jul 20, 2011

    thx for ur review! I really liked this anime when I watched it

  13. fly24 Restricted Member Mar 15, 2013

    Pokemon is a belonging Game Freak and Nintendo license

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