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Honey and Clover tv Review

Story & Characters

This is a review of Honey & Clover II and may contain spoilers for both this and the first season.

The second season of Honey & Clover takes place shortly after the first, starting with a summery of the first. If you want to know what the first season is about, I recommend that you read one of the reviews found here at Minitokyo.

The story has no real goal found in many anime, like finishing of the bad guy or rescuing someone. Just like the first season, Honey & Clover II follow the lives of the main characters Takemoto, Yamada, Morita, Hagumi, Mayama as well as Rika and Shuuji. The problems and thoughts from the first season are still there, which is why watching the first season is warmly recommended. If not, you won't be able to fully appreciate the anime.

Like the first season, the anime goes deep into the human emotions of those who are around the ages of the character, i.e. 18+. To fully appreciate it, an understanding and relation need to be established. Being 20 myself, and in University, I can relate myself to not only one character, but in each and every one of them. Each character has their own problems; Yamada is still in love with Mayama, but the only person who has a key to his heart is Rika. Instead of embracing him, she pushes him away, afraid of hurting him, as well as herself, if she gets to close to him. Takemoto thinks of the future, and wants to work with the people he met during his trip around Japan, yet he can't find himself leaving Hagumi. He wants to be close to her, but he wants to fulfil his dream as well. This is just a few examples of the problems faced by the main characters in Honey & Clover. Is there an answer to every question? Is there such a thing as "the right thing to do"?

Honey & Clover II doesn't contain as much comedy as the first season. A lot of background story to Morita, who stood for much of the comedy relief in the first season, is being shown this second season and we get to see that he's not always that cheerful. Even he has his moments of depression. Nevertheless, you will still see come comedy and they usually come at the right time and places. Now that the story has become a lot more serious, they are definitely needed and appreciated.

Rating: 10


The art and animation are kept and we get to once again experience the soft colours and texture found in Honey & Clover.

Compared to other anime, the art in Honey & Clover may seem pale but it's really in a category of its own. It's not top notch with CG or anything, instead the producers and animators have chosen a different path, keeping it true to the manga, making it feel sketchy but at the same time not.
In comedy scenes, the characters facial expression changes, fitting the comedy, enhancing it.

The background is, like the characters themselves, very soft in colours. It has a lot of textures and shadings, but at the same time not too much so that it will draw your attention from everything else.

Rating: 9


One special thing about Honey & Clover is that it contains a lot of insert songs, many of them sung by Suga Shikao. His serene voice blends in and enhances the emotions in the scenes in question. Most of the times, they are sad feelings, or feelings of hopelessness. Suga Shikao is not alone in contributing with songs, though, Spitz also has a big part and to be honest, I don't know who was singing while I was watching, but that doesn't matter because Spitz does an equally good job.

As for the seiyuu, they do an excellent job. I can't imagine any other voices for the characters. Rika (Sayaka Ohara) has her calm, collected, quiet and kind of hurtful and sad voice which matches her character and background perfectly. Hagumi (Haruka Kudou) sounds young, on the boarder of childish, but that's what makes it so good because even though she's a young woman, she is still a child in both mind and body. One particular seiyuu that deserves extra credit is Yuji Ueda who gives his voice to Morita Shinobu. Ueda is able to perfectly match the energy and craziness that is Morita, but at the same time, whenever needed, he's able to pull out the seriousness.

Rating: 10


Honey & Clover II is a must for those who have seen the first season as it doesn't cover it all, especially when it comes to Morita's character. Much that is left unexplained in the first season is explain in the second. And also, this season gives a final closure to the anime and it ends just wonderfully, in my opinion. It left me breathless, and even though I wouldn't mind seeing more, I feel satisfied with what it has given me.

Honey & Clover is a realistic anime, covering and discussing many topics that will cross a lot of people's paths. Deep and emotional, it speaks of friendship, joy, sadness, love, determination, decisions and much much more. If you're looking for something different for a change, something different from the average world-saving-anime, then Honey & Clover is for you, that is, if you're 18+. Children will most likely find this anime boring, but for those who can relate to the characters, I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

9.50 (excellent)

Reviewed by Kori, Oct 08, 2006


  1. Ephemeral-Garden Oct 10, 2006

    Yes, I must say Honey and Clover II tend to be a little serious than before. But nevertheless, it's such a good anime which will touch your heart after watching every episode, well that's my case. I've yet to be 18, but I still enjoy watching this.

    Great review. (along with the screenshots ^^)

  2. norine07 Oct 13, 2006

    Not bad..! ^^ i liked the review..! and yea i watch the first season, though Takemoto still hasn't really found himself..! Though i really liked the comedy part where Morita always sorts of bullys Agumi, that was the cutest times..! Well and i also have to say that it is a must watch this show is so exciting and you never know what can be expected, i looking forward to watching season 2, though i really hope that Rika and Mayama, will finally be together, but i feel sad for Ayumi, she tries her best to be do anything for Mayama and she gets nothing in return, i think she would lead a better life with Nomiya, for now and the love triangle of Takemoto, Morita and Agumi, will like sort of be sorted out, looking forward to it so i hope this time there is a better ending..! ^^ Dun you think so too..! ^^ loved the review..!


  3. Hanazaki Oct 19, 2006

    I already finished watching the first season. Now I would like to see the 2nd season. I hope that Ayu will be with Nomiya. Also want to see more of Morita and his life.
    Nicely done review. I will definitely going to watch this anime.

  4. Alexander89 Oct 21, 2006

    Well,what i liked about this anime was the "reality" shown in this anime.it shows what teenager worrying about when they reach the time to decide their future,also i like their life which is loaded with sorrow,determination,love,and passion!

  5. SakuraYudaji Oct 22, 2006

    hahax yup i agree..!

  6. gerad Oct 29, 2006

    I love this anime series very much.
    In this story. I like Morita.
    This anime is reality of student =w=
    my university's life is similar with HC story.

  7. beryl0402 Mar 15, 2009

    interesting story. thanks for the review

  8. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

  9. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

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