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Chrno Crusade

Chrno Crusade tv Review

8 volume manga (1998-2004), Daisuke Moriyama
24 TV episodes, Gonzo (2004)

Brooklyn, 1924. The prosperity of the decade has summoned the darker forces of nature to rise from their sleep and back to the surface of the world. The Order of Magdala, a religious military organization, has developed special weaponry and trained forces of nuns and priests to battle this evil. Follow Rosette Christopher, a young rambunctious exorcist, and her partner Chrno, a hornless demon, as they wade through hordes of monsters and demons, fighting evil and risking life and limb. Not to mention excessive damage to real estate.

Story & Characters

It's the 1920's and America is plagued. It's up to Rosette Christopher, a Sister-in-training from the Magdala Order, and her partner, a repentant devil named Chrno to banish them back from whence they came, while also looking for Rosette's long-lost brother Joshua. Their partnership comes with a heavy price, though. To enlist Chrno's help, Rosette willingly formed a contract with Chrono, giving him what power he lost with the very minutes of her life. Together, they fight the forces of darkness that encroach upon the land, unraveling the mysteries of the Apostles, the Astral Line, and the mysterious devil named Aion.

If you've read the manga, then you'll see how the anime pales in comparison. The manga, which spawns 8 volumes, takes its time to develop the plot, giving emphasis not only on character development, but also giving time to unravel the mysteries between the past of Chrno, Rosette's past, and battle of Pandemonium. The story itself is very beautiful and ends fitfully as well.

The anime, however, lacks the development we crave for. The pace of the story seems all too fast, as if they were cramming the events into 24 episodes, therefore missing out on important events and also, seemingly as an excuse for those missing events, makes up new scenarios that doesn't live up to the manga's story. Also, the "new story" seems to be dreadfully religious, trying to use so many references from actual Christian terms, that not only does it looks creepy, but sometimes will make you go, "What the hell's going on?" It doesn't hold together. At least, the ending's one of the best I've seen in some anime, but the good part doesn't even comprise the entire ending.

If you haven't read the manga, you MIGHT enjoy this, but if you read the manga, you'll want to crucify this title.

Rating: 4


If I'm not mistaken, the artist for Chrono Crusade was the same one who did Vandread, and that's saying a lot. The characters here are simply gorgeous, and very well-drawn. The girls here directly appeal to the male audience (Rosette and Satella are drop-dead sexy, while Azmaria appeals to the rorikons. XD) while the male characters themselves look dashing themselves. In my personal opinion, the art for the anime's much better than the manga's style.

Backgrounds are also very well depicted, depending on the setting. It can be lush with vibrant shades of green, as in the mountains of the Seventh Bell, or dreary and dark, as in the slums of New York where Rosette and Chrno often do their missions.

As with usual Gonzo productions, there's some use of CG here. While it doesn't take up a lot of an episode, it does bring it up to par with stunning animations. Sequences such as Chrno' watch unsealing, or even the introduction and outro, are breathtaking, and can give you that feeling that you'll definitely want to see more of that.

Rating: 9


The intro song, "Tsubasa Wo Pleasure Line" is definitely one of most favorite songs in all the anime I've watched. It's got an upbeat tone to it, giving off an appropriate encouragement to the audience to keep on watching. As usual, Kuribayashi Minami's voice is beautfiul, and delivers the piece well.

For an upbeat intro song, it's quite surprising and somehow approrpiate to have "Sayonara Solitaire" as the ending song. It's very somber, and soothing to the ears, and pairs well with the introduction song. If "Tsubasa Wo Pleasure Line" depicts the comedy, the action and the liveliness of the Chrno Crusade story, then "Sayona Solitaire' depicts the serious undertones of the story.

The BGM fits the scenes well, with fully orchestrated music to accompany each passing moment. Gonzo seems to spare nothing with bringing the best they can with Chrno Crusade, and the music's a testament to that.

Rating: 8


It's a great anime to pass the time with, not something you'd want to put your entire brain into. Like I said, before, the story isn't all what it's cracked up to be, what with rushed development, etc., but it still redeems itself with sheer eyecandy. The action is great, and the animation never fails to amaze, just what you'd expect from a GONZO anime.

For the first few episodes, you'll be treated with slapstick humor that pays off, but as the episodes turn, Chrno Crusade would gradually convert into a much more serious anime with heavy religious themes to it, which, i think, is really not for everybody. Still, like I said before, you'll want to watch it for the eyecandy, just like Bakuretsu Tenshi. If you do get to finish the entire anime series, I don't think you'll be watching it again, even for the eyecandy. While Chrno Crusade's certainly one of the better GONZO animes around, there ARE better Anime's elsewhere. Give this one a go, then it's up to you decide whether it's an okay piece of anime or a piece of crud.

Chrno Crusade isn't the most revolutionary anime around, but it's sure to keep you busy until it DOES arrive. I'd recommend a rental, but it's not worth it to own. If you're going to buy a Chrno Crusade story, better wait for the manga to be translated. :)

Rating: 6

Final Verdict

6.17 (average)

Reviewed by Narumaki, Nov 24, 2004


  1. Narumaki Nov 24, 2004

    ACK! I made a little typo, failed to notice it. In the first sentence, it shoudl've been "...America is plagued with devils!" argh! XD

  2. Urashima Nov 24, 2004

    A great show although maybe a bit dull at times, the last several episodes are really good.

  3. DragoonzDead Feb 15, 2005

    hey, did you like spoiler?

  4. nainoi Oct 06, 2009

    nice review.

  5. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  6. Drakill Jul 26, 2012

    Nice review! I would've given it a 9 though

  7. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Good review, I rather like how you went into proper details about things, and I would have probably given it about the same rating over all as well.

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