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Cantarella manga Review

Cantarella is about Cesare Borgia, the son of Roderigo Borgia, a man with ambitions to become the pope. In order to satisfy his ambitions, Roderigo offers up Cesare's infant soul to the devil. As Cesare grows older, he's parted from the only two people who care for him, and begins to think that power is the only thing in the world that can satisfy him. And then, one day, the devil comes to seal the pact Roderigo made so long ago...

Story & Playability

I Love this Series. There are only 3 (soon to be 4) books in english so far, there are at least 10 in Japan. I'm glad I stumbled upon this series because it is GREAT, GORGEOUS, and SUSPENCFUL! From the get-go the story begins with a horror and tragic introduction that just sucks you in! There are many small twists that keep you on your toes and you just can't help but fall in love with the characters. The story is almost like a different look at the apocolypse. Cesare is just like a beautifuly tragic fallen angel who is trying to stay afloat, but we'll just wait and see what happens! ^_~

Cesare Borgia- main character
The hero of our story (or is he a villan? *shifts eyes)
A very charastmatic person. He is very handsome/beautiful, but don't let that fool you because he is also very intelligent, sharp-witted, cunning, fierce, and mysterious. However, most of the time he acts as innocent and carefree as a child. Unfortuantely, he has not had the best life, mostly because of his father and 'brother' Juan. It seems as though everyone is out to get him and he can't find trust in anyoune but 5 people in his life. His inner being is at war with the side of good and evil inside him.

Chiaro 'Michelotto' (Last name?)-second main character
Cesare's best friend and most trusted partner. (possibly lover?)
He is the assassin "Michelotto" (or angel I believe), but he doesn't kill for fun. He was forced to work to free his father, the origional assassin, from prison. He is very abgelic, in both looks and personality. He is what keeps Cesare from losing himself to evil. A little bit more serious than our hero, they make a perfect match! He has made a VOW to KILL Cesare should he ever take the side of evil. (the question is can he follow through?)

Lady Vanozza-Cesare's foster-mother
The kind, gentle, and beautiful woman who took cesare in as a baby after his real mother died. She has two children of her own, but is a widow to her late husband. Quite literally she is portrayed as Madonna from the artist Fillipo Lippi. She is Cesare's origional savior from evil (beside Chiaro). She always knows what's going on and is always there to protect Cesare. Obviously she is very precious to Cesare.

Lucrezia-Cesare's step-sister
Cesare's beloved sister (maybe more than a sister?) As siblings they have half blood relation.
She is a very beautiful girl, who is very rebellious although somewhat of a crybaby. She is the perfect portrayle of a damsel in distress and is always praying for Cesare's company. Ever since childhood she has harbored deep feelings for Cesare, but can they come true?

Della Volpe-Cesare's retainer/follower
He has looked after and been loyal to Cesare since childhood. He helps cesare carry out his wishes and wants nothing more than for him to be happy. He knows about Chiaro's assassin identity and they work together to help Cesare.

Traveling Moth Sorceror
His name was not given. He is obviously a sorceror who now and again helps Cesare in times of need. he is the one who foretells Cesare's dark future of blood and death. It might just be me, but he also looks like the sorceror from Records of Lodoss War.
Rodrigo Borgias-Cardinal/Pope, Cesare's father
One of the prime antagonists of the story. He is Cesare's illigitamate father (afterall he is a cardinal). He is a corrupt, cowardly man, who takes many lovers. He is the one who sold Cesare to the devil in exchange for the position of pope. At first he is the one who neglects and bullies cesare, but once Cesare grows he is the one bowing down to Cesare's rule.

Juan-Cesare's step-brother
Cesare's rival. He likes Lucrezia and anything else that Cesare wants. Very annoying and obnoxious. He is favored by Rodrigo.

Rating: 10


The art is exceptionally beautiful in this manga. I like the fact that it is drawn with clean, neat lines, rather than messy and sketchy ones. It makes the pages and story much easier to follow. There are some moments when it changes ever-so-slightly, but hardly noticable. I think the cover images (except for vol. 2) could be done a little better. I think dark color schemes fit very well with the book. Overall its beautiful and hard to dislike.

Rating: 9


No sound because there is no anime (yet) .....maybe we'll get lucky and a producer will make the series^^)

Rating: 1


Love the manga. I like the way it starts from the very beginning of Cesare's life, but doesn't take too much time for him to mature. There isn't really any humor in the book, except for a few witty and sacrcastic comments. It is more for people who love drama,romance, horror, and tragedy in their books. It's a great plot and it keeps your attention. I can't wait for the next book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

8.33 (good)

Reviewed by lilykbork, Aug 17, 2006


  1. X-kai Aug 17, 2006

    Cantarella is a beautiful series! :D
    I'm a huge fan and the characters are just gorgeous!...Speaking of gorgeous, I love her other series as well, Gorgeous Carat and Gorgeous Carat Galaxy. I hope that there are enough fan demands to make an anime. That would be awsome! :) Iy would be neat to see them come to life and move around. ^_^' I haven't been able to find any nice gallery pictures for this series..I hope to. Maybe when I go back to Japan I might find something. Well I'm glad to hear your a fan as well LILYKBORK! :) and I hope to hear from you, Take Care! :D

  2. animeluver4eva Aug 17, 2006

    omg canterella is such a good manga i looooooooooooooove the story and the art is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
    my friends were so pissed dat it wasnt a yaoi manga but i dont care cuz either way its good ^-^

  3. nekoassasin May 21, 2007

    definitly a fav for me! cant wait for the rest of the series T_T

  4. blacksilver09 Sep 06, 2009

    I'm going around asking people to read it with me. It's that awesome.
    I love the art.
    I love the plot with the historical background twist.
    Most definitely, the characters were well done. Not a single one was wasted.

  5. SchRita Jan 15, 2010


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