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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children ova Review

Two years after the defeat of Sephiroth by Cloud and his gang, a new danger reappears. This danger is Kadaj. He and his two brothers are out to get the cells of Jenova in order to bring back Sephiroth. Cloud, in order to stop it, must pick up the sword once again and join in the fight. With the help of the Turks and the former President of ShinRa, and his fellow friends, Cloud must prevent this danger and save Midgar and the world once again.

Description: Aoshi101

Story & Playability

Interesting story. It brings back all the characters (or at least most of them that can be brought back) for a pretty good story. The actual introduction of a few of the characters (the newer ones) was a mixed bag for me. They looked great, had interesting personalities, and all the good stuff that comes with having good characters. The actual characters, in terms of the story, however, made the plot seemingly thought up rather than natural. It's hard to describe, but basically it seemed, while watching it, to be a good watch but a story someone tried too hard to make. This doesn't mean it was a bad story, but it does mean that I feel they tried to hard to bring everyone back together for a "reunion". It was a slight let down for me because I expected the story to be more involving, more intricate, and more appealing to those even outside of the FF fangroup. I am definitely a member of the FF fangroup, but it's hard when I feel like all you get for watching the movie is to see some upgraded models and fights of your favorite FFVII characters. The story, obviously in my opinion, was more than sufficient for a reason to have the characters interact, fight, and come together. But aside from that, I feel the rest of the story was lost on me.

Rating: 8


Beautiful. That's pretty much all there is to it. The camera angles used and the textures and lighting effects were wonderful. The only complaint would be the changing a few of the characters wardrobe. They updated them and made them look great, but for one time or a few scenes, I would have liked to have seen a few more of the characters revert to original FFVIII video game clothes for old-time's sake. Other than that trivial little bit of fanboy desire, I felt like a lot of the colors used were bland. even when there were lighter scenes, I feel the range was limited. Given the world and the circumstances of the story, though, I can see why they would use the colors they did. It just makes the movie, as a whole, seem blurred together, though, which sometimes detracts from the overall experience. The character design, details, and graphics will amaze even those who are not fans of final fantasy. They are, as usual, another big step in the direction of having graphics that surpass even some film qualities (which happens already in some cases). I would like to see, though, an FF movie that is more than just eye candy, as this movie can sometimes feel like it is.

Rating: 9


SEPIROTH. Any fan of FVII original video game soundtrack is going to love many of the modern-day renditions of the classic theme songs. The ending theme is pretty good, but honestly, since I'm not a fan of the genre and style, it was lost on me. The tone and theme of the song was great, but because I just am not into the style, it's hard to say it had a great ending. The sound effects and voices, though, were phenomenal. I don't think the voices could have matched the characters much better than the casting job they did. All in all, great sound

Rating: 10


The actual movie itself was a great thing for fans of the game. The movie, though, spawned an almost undeniable franchise frenzy of FFVII gear, spinoffs, and teasers. The movie was great, but I don't want to see Sqaure-Enix start to lose it's edge by trying to mimic ffvii for the rest of it's career life. But things unrelated to the movie aside, I think the use of humor, in a few circumstances, did brighten the mood and made the watcher, for those who are familiar with the FF series and FFVII game, feel almost like you were visiting a familiar land. The fights, music, voices, and details were great. I only wish it was bigger and the story was a little more complex and iintricate.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.83 (very good)

Reviewed by boojitsu, Aug 10, 2006


  1. auraderecca Aug 10, 2006

    Well, i agree that the whole movie was a little on the blurry side. The story wasn't that clear at first. With the 'last order' followed by 'advent children' then 'dirge of ceberus'. But square enix had put in alot of effort to create characters that were so real like. I loved the soundtrack on the overall especially all the piano theme songs i.e Tifa's Theme. On the overall i agree to the fact that this show should be given a high rate for all the great details and cool graphic and effects. Nice job boojitsu, for the review. =)

  2. chore-boy Aug 10, 2006

    yep nice review...the story is a little bit easier to understand if you read "On A Way to a Smile" and "Case of Tifa". "On a Way to a Smile" is Denzel's story and it kind fills up what happens and how he comes into Cloud and Tifa's care...and the Tifa story tells how she re-opens 7th Heaven. Those really helped me understand the movie ^_^

    And yeah I agree about the presentation...Square-Enix shouldn't be milking the FFVII storyline...it just makes me think that they are running out of ideas lol

  3. moonstruckstephanie Aug 11, 2006

    Nice review. The movie WAS hard to understand the first time I watched it. But since then, I've watched it a billion times more and got the menu song stuck in my head. It would've been better if another one of their nice songs snuck into my head, though.
    Yeah, the movie was absolutely beautiful and had great camera angles. It was easy on the eyes.
    Anyways, I didn't play the game; couldn't get my hands on it...So I don't really know what happened in the game and how it was better than the movie.

  4. miraku-spike Aug 11, 2006

    It was confusing at first. But after I watched it about 2 times. I understand the whole story. The animation is beautiful. I give them 10000% on effort into it. And all their work paid off. I just only wish that I could understand it the first time. ^_^'

  5. lingxoxo Aug 13, 2006

    Its a great synopsis. The storyline and plot itself were a bit confusing if you have never played the game before, but the art is amazing. The graphics were detailed and clearly planned out. The graphics was beyond expectations =]

  6. Clarryn Aug 14, 2006

    I had to watch twice to understand the story as I didnt play the game. Honestly, i was facinated by this movie and it's soo cool when it comes to the battling scene, especially when they fought at the city's center! Awesome!

  7. SpikeyApples Aug 15, 2006

    woooo! i love that film so much i watch it nearly every week..lol..well not exactly true but yh...lol at first i didnt really get wats was going on because the storyline was quite confusing at first and especially with them speaking in japanese and stuff...its hard to read the subs and watch the film and admire the cinematography at the same time but i manage and i think the effort put into that film was great and excellent! my favourite part of the film is the final battle with cloud and sephiroth...lol! woo :D

  8. screenlooker Aug 15, 2006

    i personally felt that the story was lacking
    it didnt have all of the depth, and phsychological aspects that all of the final fantasy games ive seen.
    it lacked explanation, and it was just subpar
    the movie was very much too action based...

  9. SebastianvonKane Aug 15, 2006

    I also felt a little empty story here, much more filled with extreme action and explanation with flashbacks sequences than actually a real plot. It was simple. For all of the FFVII fans, that's sgould have been astonishing (looking at the graphic upgrade from the paper-like PS1 to the well redered CG animation), but still not enough for a psychological story. It turned into an action thriller.
    The soud, well, if you refer to the sound mix, it was very good, but in the music, even since the very first time I played FFVII, I feel terribly disappointed about the music, just as well as in this movie, but I shall accept, the Sephiroth theme was EXCELLENT!
    OK, I'd rank this movie with 7~7.5. Sorry if I cause some riot for not worshipping FFVII, but well, that's what I think.

  10. AWOL Aug 16, 2006

    I see that you like the action more; I agree, the fights are captivating and fluid; thanks to SE's top notch designing, amazing graphics and sequence directing.
    But I thought that the story brings bout more depth if you played the game before; which I did. Othewise you'll probably have to infer a lot to make any real sense.

    P.S. You missed out an H in SEPHIROTH. ^^ I don't blame you; many misspells his name.

  11. Mseses Aug 16, 2006

    I love this film, and Final Fantasy VII. It was my first videogame rpg, and characters are excellents. Advent Children is the most film, the battles, action, graphics... all
    It is true, the history don't clear in the videogame, Cloud, Zax an Sephiroth past, and its relations, but Dirge of Cerberus is centered in Vincent and Yuffie.
    The soundtrack is excellent, I love this music

  12. reening Aug 17, 2006

    This is the best FF film ever! The prefectly create cut scenes! Like the one wehre Cloud and Sephiroth fought, beautiful! The soundtrack is pretty amazing as well, but I can seem to understand why I like Sephiroths's theme. Haha, but this is a damn nice film.

    The only problem with it is that those people who didn't play the first ff7 game will have trouble trying to figure out what the heck is Jenova and all. Believe me, you wouldn't like people pestering you while watching asking questions like "Who is that guy with the long and silver hair? Is he good?"

  13. faith01 Aug 18, 2006

    This movie is super cool, the graphics are just awesome. The action/fighting is way too cool also. I like this movie a lot.

  14. Leonne Aug 18, 2006

    this movie is great XD
    esp. when cloud and sephiroth cross swords again XD

  15. burijetto Aug 19, 2006

    I don't really understand the show. i gave up watching halfway.

  16. matrixforcedagger21 Aug 19, 2006


  17. animekai3 Aug 21, 2006

    I loved it the first time i saw it. I loved all the action it had i understood the story even though it was my first time watching it.^_^

  18. AmethystSnow Aug 25, 2006

    Great movie....but those who dun noe wat happened in the game probably won't understand it like wat happened to burijetto...

  19. peaches23 Aug 27, 2006

    I thought it was awesome


  20. RapturedDemon Aug 28, 2006

    Personally I loved it the first time I watched it, but of course this was a biased opinion since i flippin loved FFVII. After I watched it the second and third time i actually analyzed it a bit more. For anyone who hasnt played FFVII, the story would make very little sense. The whole story of FFVII crammed into Marlenes lil summary wouldnt give too much explanation for the things to come. and u kno they just put the other ff characters for fanfare. well neway, the movie was still able to meet my expectations. the last fight was so flippin awesome i rewinded it over and over again tryin to name all the limit breaks and stuff. well i liked it. :)

  21. KageYuki Aug 28, 2006

    I thought that the graphics and the music were awesome. The story was a bit confusing but overall, it was indeed a great movie.

  22. billybong Aug 31, 2006

    I thought it was a great movie, but the story was confusing. You have to play the game to understand whats goin on

  23. fercorta Sep 05, 2006

    it is the movie that all ff fan was wait and is awesome

  24. Rhyme097 Sep 14, 2006

    FFVIIAC is my favorite one .... at first i fall in love with FFVII... all part of them is very fantastic ...

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