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Appleseed tv Review

Story & Characters

Following current trends in science-fiction movies, Appleseed introduces the viewer to a futuristic universe in which mankind has been devastated by a global conflict and isolated wars are still being fought here and there, with no end in sight. On the other hand, from the ashes of former civilization, a new and thriving society has risen in the newly-built city of Utopia. Monitored by a giant AI system known under the name of Gaia, this new metropolis is a safe and peaceful haven for all. In order to develop a greater sence of tolerance and security, a new race of artificial humans, the bioroids, have been created. But underneath all this lurks a greater threat than all the wars and conflicts have brought about, a dark and sinister plot that aims to wipe out the entire human civilization...

So far, this seems like the tipical set for yet another sci-fi movie. However, Appleseed brings a few innovative concepts and at the same time raises a series of profound moral issues. These are reflected particularily in the human / bioroid relationship, since these artificial humans have been created by humans in order to serve to their own purposes and have been kept under strict surveillance and control since the beginning. Another interesting fact is that Briareos, a human cyborg and one of the main characters of the series, is far from being the stereotypical hero that one would expect such a strong fighter to be. On the contrary, Briareos repeatedly questions his nature and his goals, thus being one of the most profoundly-characterized figures in the movie.

Rating: 8


The graphics in the movie are truly breathtaking. From cityscape views, to extremely detailed giant robots and to stunning landscapes, the visual effects are a definite proof that Appleseed fits within the latest standards of the genre and even surpasses them. The settings look throughly realistic, as they are rendered by using the latest 3D technology availabe at the time, and the animations are magnificent.

On the other hand, the characters look slightly out of place, as some are not fully 3D and are animated awkwardly to fit with the surrounding environment. But this inconvenience can be easily overlooked, as Appleseed is certainly one of the best-looking animated movies ever produced.

Rating: 9


Sound effects are clearly one of the strong points of this movie. In order to create a veridical impression of the universe potrayed, Appleseed contains a series of variated effects, ranging from roaring engines to realistic gunshots and explosions. The final scenes of the movie are particularily impressive, as the breaking glass, cracking steel structures and extensive gunfire merge to create a truly unique atmosphere.

The background music fits well with every situation, but does not stand out particularily. Voice acting, on the other hand, is skillfully done by talented actors and has a significant contribution in the characterization of each particular figure.

Rating: 8


Clearly, Appleseed is a movie that leaves a strong impression on the viewer. Apart from the breathtaking graphics and elaborate sound effects, this film raises strong moral issues and ultimately questions the very foundation for the continued existance of mankind. For those of you who seek a thrilling two-hour ride into a futuristic and unpredictable universe, Appleseed will undoubtedly prove to be an unforgettable experience. On the other hand, for those of you who like an to search for a deeper meaning, this film will definitely make you wonder about some things that you took for granted up until now. Either way, Appleseed is a movie that you definitely shouldn't miss. It's worth every minute.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.5000 (very good)

Reviewed by Odeena, Aug 09, 2006


  1. cyd84 Aug 10, 2006

    Pretty good review...nicely written with detailed explanations

  2. squall1412 Aug 13, 2006

    not bad...very good

  3. johann12345 Aug 14, 2006

    appleseed is just SICK and i love shirow

  4. Kash Aug 14, 2006

    Man, you tell em!) Accurate scores although the version I watched had ugly translation even though it was DVD.(

  5. SchRita Feb 05, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

  6. angelxxuan Banned Member May 20, 2012

    there are two versions of appleseed, there's the 80s version and then the new retake that now has a series to go along with the appleseed love. I like this review, movies have got to be one of the harder things to do a review on, I like how you did this one.

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