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Shaman King

Shaman King tv Review

Every 500 years Shamans across the world prepare to fight in the Shaman Tournament. Shamans are people who not only can see ghosts, but can merge with them and fight to become the "Shaman King".

One such Shaman, a boy called Yoh, channels his ghost Amidamaru and enters the tournament. Along the way he meets new friends, enemies, and discovers something about his family he did not know.

Will Yoh channel the King of Spirits and become the Shaman King, or will the evil Hao rule the world?

Story & Characters

This anime really sucked me in. Somehow I had no idea that Pokemon-thing shows still can be so enjoyable... But. The worst thing (although it wasn't SK authors idea) was the fact that I watched SK with Polish dub... Jesus Christ they made so many simple mistakes with translation and ruined so many jokes that I just couldn't stand it... Still the main plot was translated correctly (not mentioning the fact that <I dunno why> polish translators totally messed up with names... for ex. Zen/Ren = Len, Evil Hao = Zick (WTF is that?)) and there wasn't much problem with it. However this is not review of polish poor version... Let's get to the main point. Story is veeeery predictable, which makes it easy to keep on for smaller kids. Jokes are in good taste so everyone can understand them. The thing I liked the most about comedy was the relationship between Yoh and MS."Soon Shaman Wife" :P and overall Zen appearance. Somehow this guy reminded me of Vegeta from DB... :) similarities are so huge that blind man should be able to see them... :) "Mister prince of the world with giantic ego and tremendous voice... :) disliking every relationship lonely fighter with the very idea of being The One Unbeatable King of The Shamans" Whatsoever... as it should be in this kind of anime everything ends well. Main bad chara is defeated and everyone happily go home... beautifull isn't it. Yet it has it's bad sides. Plot is to naive, simple and predictalble (like I said before) and not for everyone. Perhaps if some of main characters died... it would be more...hmmm different then stereotypes?? :) As it is now SK has plot for kids... but some youths with imagination can also have fun with it... :]

Rating: 8


Animation in overall is good. Backgrounds are clean and really nice. Characters have their own style, everyone is different. I especially enjoyed Faust since he's kinda veird guy:) Also Ryo creation is interesting... Yet sometimes I had the feeling that charas in SK are to thin, especially their legs are... weird... Fighting animation is based on recaps but they are not very annoying, still computer animation proves to be very helpfull in battle scenes. Hao's ghost looks just great:)

Rating: 9


I cannot say a lot about the music and sounds since if it were up to polish version that it would received 2... As I said voices were choosed incorectly, some of them were really annoying and shouted all the time instead of speaking. Also oryginal opening and ending songs were removed. Instead translators putted poor polish imitation. Yet I heard ops and eds from oryginal japanese version and they were good. Same with the music background. It's all really messed up but at the end is the best thing of polish audio in Shaman King. I get the feeling that some trackes remained untouched, yet they were pulled in the places were they weren;t supposed to be... All this stuff lowers overall audio note to 7. I cannot give 8 since I had no other way but to listen to polish crap. If anyone had the different opinion... you know were to put it.

Rating: 7


I dunno what was so great about Shaman King that make it be so enjoyable. Yet this show proved that even anime for kids may be really good. I'd love to watch oryginal japanese version and read the manga. SK is certainly not for everyone. Mostly it is adressed to kids not older than 10-12 years, though I'm 19 and I still enjoyed it. There is someting in it. Maybe because I enjoyed DB so much? Still I think that it is worth watching anime for anyone who wants to spend good time and not worry about understanding every single conversation. It is a very good filler between more mature and complicated titles. If you've enough of RahXephon, EVA or whatever you're watching at the moment... just turn on Shaman King and have a good time... If you are one funny guy... you won't regret it... OSSU !

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.33 (good)

Reviewed by qrdel, Aug 06, 2006


  1. hajid Aug 07, 2006

    is there any 'paper' of this manga that I can download? b'cause in my country the shaman king manga just reach no 22?

  2. qrdel Aug 07, 2006

    Check out p2p sources, maybe you'll find someting

  3. raker Aug 14, 2006

    I really liked this anime, and I completely agree with everything you said. Interestingly though, I know a lot of people who've been quite meh about it. Some of them just lost interest in the middle and stopped watching. Silly people.

  4. riku978 Aug 20, 2006

    I like Shaman king too. I didn't like the story but it is still a good anime. But I really do like the soundtrack. It as some good songs.

  5. Rhyme097 Sep 14, 2006

    Umm ... I like shaman king but the end of this comic doesn't enchant me ... but it's good anime though

  6. SchRita Feb 05, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

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