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Naruto tv,manga Review

Once, a nine-tailed demon fox attacked Konoha, the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Many brave ninjas lost their lives defending their home. Finally, the demon was sealed by the Fourth Hokage into the body of a human boy. Several years later, that boy, Naruto Uzumaki, struggles to gain the acceptance and acknowledgement of the villagers, many of whom still hate him because of the demon inside him. So, Naruto strives to become the Hokage, the strongest ninja in the village, so that the villagers will acknowledge him. Along the way, he gains many new friends, and faces many life-threatening situations.

Synopsis: destati

Story & Playability

The story line is good, considering the vast amount of Ninja anime that are out there. Uzumaki Naruto, a 12-year old boy who has just become a shinobi ninja at the lowest level, a gennin, has to learn to cope with teammates such as Haruno Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke.

Naruto pines after Sakura, vowing to get her to go on a date with him eventually, although she is throughly obsessed with her beloved Sasuke-kun. Sasuke, on the other hand, is obsessed with becoming stronger so he can defeat his brother, Itachi, who murdered their entire family (excluding Sasuke), when Sasuke was seven.

The relationships between the characters change through out the series, such as Naruto's and Sakura's, sence the blonde really tones down on his crush and starts to see Sakura as a friend, and not just a female.

Sakura, although she riddiculed Naruto and mocked him for being weaker at the beggining of the series, eventually starts to see Naruto as a friend.

Sasuke and Naruto have an interesting relationship, since they have both lived alone for the majority of their lives. They can relate with each other, and it is evident that they truely do care for each other in later episodes, such as the Haku!Arc, or the Battle of Valleys End!Arc. They've become 'best friends,' and Naruto will stop at nothing to keep Sasuke where he belongs, in Konoha.

Naruto has his own secrets and dark past, seeing as how the Kyuubi, or Nine Tailed Demon Fox was sealed within him at birth by the Yondaime, or The Fourth Hokage. The Kyuubi has a vast about of chakra, which is an energy source that ninja use to attack with either Ninjutsu, or Genjutsu (the third art, Taijutsu, doesn't require chakra, considering that it's strictly physical), and loans it to Naruto on occasion.

The three, along with their teachers, and fellow ninja must learn to cope with the hardships of going through life as nothing more than a tool, since that's really all ninja are. Although there are some filler episodes (almost every anime has them, and at least it's not as bad as InuYasha), they're usually insightful on the personalities of the other ninja, such as Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, Sabuka no Gaara, and more.

There are no actual 'cannon' pairings, although Naruto has a crush on Sakura in the begging, Sakura crushes on Sasuke, and Sasuke has an unhealthy obession with being stronger than Naruto. Many fans like the OT3 SasuNaruSaku, or NaruSasuSaku, as though the team is a love triangle. NarutoxSakura doesn't seem like it would happen anytime soon, since they have more of a brother/sister relationship, and SasukexSakura seems unlikely, since Sasuke seems to feel that Sakura and Ino's fawning over him is annoying, and would much rather go train or spar with Naruto.

It appeals to all types of fans, wheather shounen, shoujo, shounen ai, or shoujo ai. NarutoxSasuke is almost cannon, when you look at the dialouge between the characters in some episodes, as well as SakuraxIno.

Most het fans will go with the pairings of SasukexSakura, and NarutoxHinata, since Hinata has a crush on Naruto as evident as Sakura's for Sasuke, althouth the blonde remains oblivious to it.

All in all, it has a very captivation plot line where almost everyone can relate to at least one of the many characters in one way. A lot of the plot includes Japanese history, and can inadvertadly be educational, which is a plus since it's still a great plot.

Rating: 8


Although Kishimoto Masashi was an avid DragonBall fan in his youth, not that much of it is evident in his art. Some of the characters are pretty, even for boys (coughSasukecough), and don't have the over-bulging musles that DB seems so famous for.

The characters have mostly unique outfits compared to the other characters, and don't use ever fight as a chance to rip their shirt off and and strike poses and make their hair blonder and spiker.

The fight scenes are entertaining as far as fight scenes go. Some people read manga for the fights, while others want the plot and can't wait until they're over. Most of the scenes are the right length to appease both crowds, although some can be drawn out, and others can be severly short.

Most manga-ka end up creating their characters to look the same, even if they don't mean to, such as Yuu Watase. Kishimoto-sensei, on the other hand, has a wide variety of characters, without making them all look strikingly similar.

Rating: 7


Although the English dubbed version disappointed a lot of fans by casting a female for the voice actor of Naruto, some of the characters aren't that bad, such as Inuzuka Kiba and Sabuka no Gaara. The original in Japanese is my personal preferred way of watching the anime, since English dubs that aren't up to par aren't really my thing.

Rating: 6


Humor is a big part of this series, since their job is to muder people, they need something to keep them sane. Although it's not necessciarly a comedy, it has enough comedy to make you laugh at points, but it doesn't over do it, trying to appear humourous when it's not. There's enough action, drama, and a very fine line of implied romance to really keep everyone happy, although the romance fans are kept wanting more, which makes this a popular fanfiction series.

It's a good series so far, with enough interesting Arcs, Missions, blood, and bonds to keep this otaku interested.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

7.83 (good)

Reviewed by DaitaiOtonashiiOokami, Jul 24, 2006


  1. SYMONE1501 Jul 24, 2006

    Naruto Rocks! yay. I love sasuke but honestly, naruto is so much better.

    merged: 07-25-2006 ~ 06:56am
    And I wish sakura would stop being so helpless. she has the brains of a hokage but the power of konhamaru. if she trained, she could be great, even if she have a blood-inherited ability.

  2. sheepol Jul 25, 2006

    Naruto is the BEST!

  3. Earthguardian Jul 25, 2006

    I totally agree with you SYMONE1501. Sakura needs to get off her arse and actually start doing something. Everytime she just sits around and when it seems like she's about to do something...well...she doesn't!

    I also really like this review by the way. It's finally written by someone who isn't a naruto fanboy/girl and thinks Naruto is God's gift to anime. Very nice.

  4. kira13 Jul 25, 2006

    NARUTO is the BOMB!
    Great job DaitaiOtaonashiiOokami^_- nice Presentation.
    i'll give it a 9.99. i'll give it a 10 if u didn't mension the thing about Inuyasha :( cuz Inuyasha is one of the BEST too:P But anyways......... You did a nice review.

  5. lulu-chan Jul 25, 2006

    wah I am so obsessed with this Anime its soo cool and thx for the review..:)

  6. CrazyDemonNinja Jul 25, 2006

    this anime rocks!
    dont like sakura much but i love this anime!

  7. platt Jul 25, 2006

    Ehum. I would rate the sound at 7-8 since the music is really good and the japanese version got a female voice actress for Naruto aswell.

    Too high scores from my point of view.

  8. freakmonkeyjr Jul 26, 2006

    Although the story was good for a while, they have shown nothing but fillers for over a year now. I really wish they would get back on track with the main story of Naruto saving Sasuke.

  9. OnlyLetItBe Jul 27, 2006

    Sakura is stupid in the first season XD But in the second..

  10. BioX Jul 28, 2006

    nowadays, episode 193.... refill refill an more refill -.-.....

  11. Firemace Jul 28, 2006

    Haiz...It was good on the part in the first few season..just that the fillers totally kills off my avid anticipation for it.

  12. Dflowen Jul 29, 2006

    Naruto is overated already. It's a never ending anime just like pokemon. Naruto is like teenage version of Pokemon. To much hype, especially the dorks who go to school wearing the dumb headband.

  13. Tyzz Jul 29, 2006

    Naruto = Jiraiya
    Sasuke = Orochimaru
    Sakura = Tsunade

  14. kikopogi Jul 29, 2006

    Early part of Naruto is Good but lately it is getting worst. Too much fillers and it is annoying.

  15. royaldarkness Jul 30, 2006

    well, naruto is a good anime, but the fillers are just bleh >.< great review anyway :)

  16. minorie Jul 31, 2006

    Naruto is the best anime around! $_$ *_*
    I love sasuke i think he's so hot , menly,and how he acts around peopel.
    I dont know about sakura but she is annoying and she is to obsessed with sasuke.
    Like i said before is the best anime around ~_~

  17. arriel Aug 01, 2006

    sasuke is cool, but for me naruto is.. power and speed

  18. almina Aug 01, 2006

    Interesting review... Thanks for making so many relevant points. But it's sometimes confusing when you speak about the anime (which differs from the manga, worse artwork and more annoyingly at least for the 15 first eps really too many fillers). I am not really sure that having a female as the english voice for Naruto is that bad, there are many talented japanese female that are the seyuu of young boys.

    Actually their job isn't just about murdering people. When did Naruto kill his first "victim" ?

  19. Jschmidv Aug 02, 2006

    Naruto hasn't killed a single person yet which is odd since there are various references from the older characters that that is what Ninja's do. Also the filler does suck and probably wont end for a long time since the anime somehow managed to catch up to the manga so they needed to create space between the two.

    merged: 08-03-2006 ~ 12:17am
    Naruto hasn't killed a single person yet which is actually odd since the older Ninja have said that killing people is the job of a ninja. As for the horrible horrible filler we can all expect to enjoy that for a long time since the manga is moving forward so slowly if the anime started following the actual story again it would catch up in less than a year.

  20. DaitaiOtonashiiOokami Aug 04, 2006

    {Interesting review... Thanks for making so many relevant points. But it's sometimes confusing when you speak about the anime (which differs from the manga, worse artwork and more annoyingly at least for the 15 first eps really too many fillers). I am not really sure that having a female as the english voice for Naruto is that bad, there are many talented japanese female that are the seyuu of young boys.

    Actually their job isn't just about murdering people. When did Naruto kill his first "victim" ?}

    I think a lot of female voice actors do a good job, of of my favorites is the voice of Wolfram in Kyo Kara Maoh, but the stereotype that Naruto is girly just kind of irked me, since I think Sasuke's a lot girlier. I just think he should have had a more.. manlier voice? The Japanese voice was good, sounding good enough, and being female. And I liked her :D

    They're training to become ANBU and then for Naruto, Hokage, so I was just talking about ninja in general. Though the less skilled have to do grunt work, the main job of a ninja is assassination.

  21. Striker6909 Aug 05, 2006

    Naruto is good because it touches the soul of most people... I mean seriously... who hasn't ever felt like an underdog in a situation you wish you could overcome? It's amazing that Naruto is able to do those things... nonetheless we all know he has the ninetails fox... but don't we all? Everyone feels the heat whenever they're fighting for something they believe in... it's called "amibition." The only difference between us and naruto is that when we get mad, we tend to use more words than actions

  22. auraderecca Aug 10, 2006

    Well, i really loved the front portion of NARUTO before episodes had gone past 100.. However, it has started to become really draggy after that and i agree with BioX. It's all annoying fillers nowadays, though some side stories may be quite appealing. On the overall, this has been a captivating, long runing anime. The soundtracks and efforts by the cast have been admirable with all the OVA's and stuff in tow. I believe the different ninja's and skills have also been a crucial role to attract so many people to this show. Hope that this anime doesn't continue draggin on and would go back into the main storyline ASAP.

  23. riku978 Aug 20, 2006

    Well i like Naruto but of course the japanese version. Many ppl may have their own opinion but i think it sucks cause they they edited the swearing,blood and all the other good things about it. But one of my friends watchs it which me and him have two different opinions about it. For the Japanese i will give it a 10 out of 10 but the english i will give 3 out of 10.

  24. leot486 Aug 30, 2006

    good review for a good anime 10 outa 10

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