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Noein - Mou Hitori no Kimi e tv Review

Story & Characters

Noein - Mou Hitori No Kimi E is a splendid TV-Series presented in 24 episodes. It is directed by Akane Kazuki (Escaflowne) and animated by the rising star studio Satelight (Aquarion). The music is written by Hikaru Nanase (Chrno Crusade).

There is an infinite number of timespaces in this world which result from people`s choices (every universe is an alternative for another one).
People from the technically advanced timespace called Lacrima (year 2020) travel to the timespace of the protagonist Haruka (year 2005). Haruka is supposed to have the power of changing timespaces and the Lacrima people want her to save their world from another timespace called Shangri-La which lanches assaults on all timespaces. It is trying to destroy all worlds in order to rejoin their inhabitants in one single world. The people of Lacrima do not want to join Shangri-La`s world.

The plot of Noein - Mou Hitori No Kimi E is not to be underestimated. It surely starts off as a teenage drama but fastly evolves into an epic science-fiction adventure. The way the whole timespace system works might not be understood at once by the viewer but gets more clear after some episodes.
The characters are very intense and have complex personalities. Their actions are logical and you can even understand the feelings of the evil ones very well. A lot of drama is included which is mixed up with happy scences and monumental action.
In the second half of the show the plot goes in circles for two or three episodes but the stunning final episodes make up for this. I really liked the way everything came together at the end so that no questions where left.

All in all Noein`s story contains elements for a broad audience but manages to stay innovative.

Rating: 10


The character designs by Takahiro Kishida are very unusual and exceptional among the popular anime designs. The strong point of those designs is that every character is unique and there are no twin designs. Some people may need to get used to the style but I loved it the moment I first saw it in newtype magazine.

The animation combines 3D CGI for Shangri-La`s air ships (that is how they can be described quite well) and traditionally drawn 2D sequences. The 3D CGI is of stunningly high quality and fits very well into the whole imaginary. The 2D character animation is quite fluid and dynamic but unfortunately loses ist quality a bit once the show approaches its end (but this is of no significant importance to the plot quality).
The constant play with shadow and light makes this animation series visually fantastic and exciting.
Some action scences are executed in an alternative animation technique which means that the outlines are sketchy during some fights. This increases the dynamic effect.

All in all the art is of high quality and very original.

Rating: 9


The sound and OST music is simply gorgeous. The OP and ED themes are not that remarkable but the orchestrial background music strongly sets the mood and positively influences the viewer`s reception of the depicted events. I did not come across such a good OST since Evangelion, and Noein`s OST was so brilliant that it gave me goose bumps. The instrumental tracks are really enjoyable.
The voice acting is splendid as well. Haruka`s voice actress Haruka Kudou is still a beginner but her performance is flawless. You may recognize her as Honey and Clover`s Hagumi. The other seiyuu perform very emotionally and in a believable way as well.

Rating: 10


The presentation is the only thing that could have been done a bit better. The action scences and the science-fiction plot leave you breathless and the dramatic scences are very touching but I sometimes felt that some happy episodes in the middle could have been left out because they detract a bit from that work`s splendour. It is not that I don`t like happy episodes but they come at times when you want the science-fiction plot to go on.

All in all Noein is a series for all people who grew tired from those ordinary anime with cute girls. If you want to see a dramatic science-fiction masterpiece (without mechs) then Noein is for you.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

9.17 (very good)

Reviewed by harakiri, Jul 15, 2006


  1. SharinganKnight Jul 15, 2006

    very fair review. Its a very well balanced anime on all aspects. Great music, art, action, story and concepts.

  2. phamthuha Jul 15, 2006

    Very good Hikarigi-san ^_^

  3. annakee Jul 15, 2006

    its true. i need the two last chapters to end of see this amazing anime!
    a solid argument and very nice style of draw.

  4. charaznableamurorei Jul 16, 2006

    I wonder how the storywriters handled the confusion of having multiple versions of Noein characters, since if every choice in every "universe" or "timespace" spawns another "universe" or "timespace", then there should be an almost infinite number of Harukas and Yuus and Shangri-las and such in said multiverse... and how would these versions manage to travel back and forth "timespaces/universes" ... and how the story would manage to mesh the "social-oriented/personal/subjective" views of the characters with that of the "physics-oriented/objective" laws of Noein's multiverse... so, just to end off this barrage of spoiler-inducing queries, I'll just say that I am sooo piqued as to how the story will end!

    I just passed by the wikipedia entry for the anime you reviewed, and 'just giving additional reading up on quantum physics for Noein! Wiki 'em up!
    Basic, I think, because this is like "the Law" (with capital L) or dominant view of how actions in physical reality cause other actions or effects/outcomes.

    This one too, according to this, "the Law" makes the mistake of not putting or taking into other actions or outcomes/events that might influence a certain action.

    Kitty! Well, this one follows up on above. Saying that the person who observes a certain action or event actually or already influences its outcome! Here's where our own perceptions or own takes on events come in!


    an attempt to sythesize or explain how it is possible to view the "subjective" and the "objective" as complimentary...
    ... and yikes, overboard-ness!

    (Does this comment qualify as a spoiler? 'Just read in the Guide to MT Review thread that reviewers can't put them in the reviews.... if there were a technical way in the reviews section to allow us to view spoilers as we choose.... ooooh! But comments on reviews can include spoilers, since the Review thread didn't touch on that, lol, loophole! Nice! *claps*)
    But anyway! *is sad, because me can only acquire crappily-translated, pirated, popular stuff here... 'hopes that this anime gets popular in the Philippines, hopes, hopes, consumers unite! XD* ... thanks for reviewing Noein, harakiri, and piquing my interest, which should be the ultimate outcome (pun pun intended!) of your review anyway!

  5. kawaiisakura2 Jul 17, 2006

    ahhh.... now i understand better after reading this review :D

  6. Yu-huang Jul 23, 2006

    Very good review harakiri.

  7. Xymor Jul 24, 2006

    Great review harakiri. I enjoyed Noein very much. Very recomended.

  8. angeliqueoni Dec 04, 2008

    i'm really facinated about this anime...it got me thinking if there is really another me in another a time space...i think that other time space was created when we are in a situation and having to decide between many things..for example, we pcked this one..the other time space was created when if we picked the other decision. :)

  9. SchRita Mar 20, 2011

    I liked the music of Chrono Crusade, it's good to hear that this anime has the same composer.

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