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Kiddy Grade tv Review

After going through numerous wars, mankind has finally formed an interstellar union. However, there are still many disputes occurring amongst the members of the union itself. In order to resolve this dispute, a secret organization known as G.O.T.T. is formed. This organization trains agents with special powers to fight in order to keep the peace.

Agents Éclair and Lumière are two girls with outstanding abilities training and operating under G.O.T.T., assigned as partners. Together they fight, slowly delving deeper to uncover the dark secrets of the organization they work for.

Sequel: Kiddy GiRL-AND.

Description: niomea.

Story & Characters

Well after just watching this, it is one of the best animes ive seen in ages

Starting off Kiddy Grade seems pretty normal and almost seems episodical as basically the missions that Eclair and Lumiere go on go for long enough to fill an episode. Once you actually get through that which is about 8-9 episodes, after that it starts to get really good, its like driving around the suburbs then instantly hitting the freeway, well maybe not to that effect but in terms of excitment and story, thats what it's like i guess. Eclair and Lumiere seem pretty normal at the beginning of the series, and the introduction of other ES members of which Eclair and Lumiere are. ES members are persons of the GOTT that have special powers, Eclair's being strength and speed while Lumiere has the power to control any computer controlled object. The range of characters is good to see and each has their own personality but also their own character style as well, none of the characters, as far as ES members go anyway, look bland.

Eclair and Lumiere as i said before seem pretty normal so far, early on we discover Eclair doesn't really know much about her past (seems a bit cliche but for this, it works) but it's not a major thing at this point in time

When we get into the thick of things it gets good. After the slow, you could say, episodes, it really starts kicking along.

I don't want to provide any spoilers here so i'll try the best i can. After seeing the going on's inside the GOTT and between the planets, its set us up for a good background on everything. When things go awry, alot gets happening for Eclair and Lumiere and after that you are in for a ride.

At any point in this series, more so later, it could of fallen and gone bad at many points, but it never did, keeping the same pace, and surprises along. It also confuses you pretty well too, but you don't stay confused for long and it's all out in the open.

Seeing Eclair struggle with her past is pretty normal as you see that in pretty much everything, but this didnt bother me at all.

The final episode is one to remember, and brought a tear to my eye, especially the moment Eclair had between a certain character, the same with 2 certain ES members after what had happened during the last episodes as well. It truly is a memorable episode for me, and caps off a great series as well, one which will hold a special place in my heart, and one which i will watch many a time in the future.

Rating: 9


Since this is an anime that is mainly in space, it was interesting in what they came up with for various things.

Character design is well done, and especially with the ES members as they have their own style which makes them really unique. The designs for the other parts of the GOTT are not left out, for the receptionists (which Eclair and lumiere also do when they aren't out on missions) their clothing is pretty cool as well, and the "army" divisions of the GOTT. The mecha/robot things along with their ships have a very space like feel. Overall it fits the setting. Each planet once on there seems pretty normal but have their own theme as well (the ones we see anyway)

Some of the characters do have a bit of flair in their designs as well which i like to see. One thing i noticed is that a fair few of the characters wore gloves, not that it annoyed me really, as gloves tend to set off the characters outfit as well, and compliment it. For Lumiere's sake it was due to her being able to connect with pretty much every electronic device, so i guess it sort of provided a barrier, and to also protect her self from other people as well (thats what i gather anyway)

Each of the ES members ships had their own design as well and Eclair's well i don't know how to describe it exactly but i'll try, Eclair's mecha, which is also apart of their ship as well, Donner (not sure how to spell the full name lol) is very cool, and they all have their own consciousness, well Eclair and Lumiere's ship and mecha. Along with their designs, it gives them their own personality as well as the design throughout the ship looks very inviting and something you could possibly imagine as well

The characters have a unique style to themselves as well, which sets it apart from most anime as one or two characters might have their own flair, and the rest have similar design, even in clothing but for Kiddy Grade even down to the clothing it was all unique. The buildings as well, being in the future, had the futuristic feel but it was also designed i feel so that it was actually conceivable

Rating: 9


Sound....hmm well as far as the music goes it fits the setting and the mood definately, adding to the whole effect. I havent actually listened to the music as it is, only in the anime itself and just going by what i remember.

The voices i listened to in english, and they all did a pretty good job with them, at first Lumiere's voice seem kinda off for me, but it pretty quickly grew on me and suited her perfectly. I was keen on hearing their voices as i had been wanting to see this series for ages and ive seen alot of images of kiddy grade and i was pretty happy with the voice cast. Since this is mainly in space, the music never deterred from that and well i guess you could say it emphasised it, but the music never really needed to do that as the art and imagery itself was more than enough, the music just accentuated that.
All the sound effects as well, including the ships/craft were all something you would expect as well.

as far as sound goes, apart from the voices, i don't have much else to say ont his, but i will definately track down the OST for sure

Rating: 8


Overall Kiddy Grade was put together really well. Great concept and they take this story and deliver it really well.

Start of the series its fairly light-hearted and enjoyable, well as much as it is to start with anyway, and the bantering and such that goes on between the characters, of course this is in later in the series as well but not as much. The thing about this anime is that if you get put off from the first few episodes is that you are going to miss out on the rest of the series in which it really picks up. One of my friends said that it wasnt that great, i asked how many eps they had seen, and they had only seen about 8 episodes. Its not really until after 8-9 episodes that it really starts to get interesting. That might be its only downfall but it doesnt really hurt it that much considering its such a great series.

It does contain some ecchi bits, and the odd well placed panty shot, but its main focus is the seriousness of it all and the lighter moments and scenes in the series does not take it away at all and does offer a break in the intensity

It really builds up a great series right up until the credits in the last episode, even then there is a little bit afterwards.

With the end they dont just leave it after all that serious business that happens. There is the light-hearted ending, just showing the normal progress of their lives at the GOTT

highly enjoyable series and one to remember definately.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.17 (very good)

Reviewed by speedfreek19, Jul 02, 2006


  1. dMp Jul 03, 2006

    you backed up your points very well. looks like i'm just going to have to check it out. it better be as good as you said here or else :)

  2. luckytintinnz Jul 03, 2006

    I've already seen this anime. Good review. As for me, I would give Kiddy Grade 8.5/10. Anyway, good job review the anime lol

  3. jaalin Jul 04, 2006

    Just a little trivia - Lumiere's voice actor is the same one who did Suzumiya Haruhi (Aya Hirano). There's a great clip of her on a Japanese music TV show called HEY!HEY!HEY! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1Vc7bjCojo

  4. shoujoboy Jul 07, 2006

    While I would thourougly disagree with the overall score, I did like your review. I think Kiddy Grade took a turn for the worst in the last half and proved to be it's undoing, but that is merely opinion of course. Quality matters in a review and you provided exactly that.

  5. gabri3la Jul 08, 2006

    wooow a kiddy grade review cool great job

  6. Rhyme097 Sep 14, 2006

    I really like this anime ... good story and characters ... And thanks for your review too ^^

  7. animan09 Sep 20, 2006

    Thanks for the great review. I really like this show too. It kept me interested the whole time.

  8. jikuhart89 Jan 06, 2007

    wow .. it's really great ! I haven't seen this anime but it seems like I have to go to check it out RIGHT NOW ! All the characters sound interesting ( or it's because of your good review ? ^^ ) , but I do care for the art as well . But you did rate it 9 , so I think it will make me fall in love easily !

    thank u very much !

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