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Ichigo 100 Percent

Ichigo 100 Percent tv,manga Review

Junpei Manaka encounters a beautiful girl on the roof of his school. Against the backdrop of the setting sun, with the wind blowing through her hair, Junpei manages to catch a glimpse of her strawberry-patterned panties. Embarrassed, the girl runs away before he even gets the chance to talk to her. His only clue is the math notebook she dropped, with the name 'Aya Toujou' written on the cover.

The next day, he finds that the 'Aya Toujou' who owns the notebook is the exact opposite of the girl he saw on the rooftop. There's no way it can be her... Can it? Junpei then has to juggle school life, tests, his girlfriend, and all the other girls he finds attractive. Just who will he end up with... Who is the girl for him?

Synopsis: norine07

Story & Playability

Ichigo 100% is a story about a guy name Manaka Junpei, he was walking up to his school's rooftop to see the view from the highest place in his school. Manaka's dream is to become a movie director and make movie's when he open up the door to the rooftop, he saw a foot in front of him and he figured that someone was falling off from a higher ground, and thought that it was a girl from the sky. When she fell, her skirt flipped over and Manaka saw her strawberry panties, this is when the story starts and Manaka was desperate to find the girl with the strawberry panties, he had a clue with him that the girls name was Toujo Aya, because when she fell she dropped her notebook and felt without taking it with her. When Manaka found her, she was different than what he imagined her to be, but he did not know that it was really her because she change her hair style and wore her spectacles.
His friend told him that maybe he was looking for the wrong person, they told him maybe the girl he was looking for was Nishino Tsukasa, because she was really cute and many people like her alot. On the next day when he saw Nishino Tsukasa, a guy was confessing, saying that he liked her but she rejected him and told him off, saying that he confessed at the wrong place, and it must be somewhere secure. His friend Rikiya Komiyama also confessed but she also told him off saying that he was like a dinosaur. She also told Manaka that she was wearing strawberry panties, and not to think about that kind of pervertic stuff again.
At night when he took a look at Toujo's notebook he discovered that it was not an ordinary maths notebook, but it was novel written by her. He found it very amazing and she was really talented. He told her that he wanted her to continue the story and find out what was the ending. He than asked her what high she wanted to go to and she said that she wanted to go to oumi high school, while he wanted to go to Izumisaka high school, because there is a film club in that school which he is really excited to join as he wants to make his own videos. They talked for a while and and he asked her how to confess to a girl. she told him to confess while doing some sports.
Manaka runs of to find Nishino and to tell her to meet him outside the school where not many people visits. He comes out running to the pull up bar and confess to Nishino that he liked her and he wanted to go out with her. At first she started laughing than, she said that its with him, she wouldn�t mind going out with him. Then suddenly he saw the girl with the strawberry panties, but Nishino asked him what is wrong and he just told her that it was nothing. They went home together, but Manaka was still thinking about the strawberry panties girl that he saw earlier on.
They chatted for awhile and then decide to go home because it was getting late. At night Manaka was only thinking about Nishino and how she looked so cute.
The next day when he went to school mostly everyone knows that they are together and some of the were even jealous, because they think that Manaka was just a normal average guy and he could win Nishino�s heart.
When Manaka was on is way to the library he met Toujo and he wanted to avoid him, because actually she also liked him. When he was having problems with his studies she just stepped in and helped him and she decided to help him with his studies, Toujo was a really smart girl.
After school, Nishino went to his class to find him and also asked him to go home with her. Suddenly on their way home Nishino had a sms from someone and rushed home, when suddenly Manaka saw Nishino with a guy and thought that it was her boy friend, but actually it was her mother which said to come back home fast because she had made Nishino her favourite Cherry Pie. Manaka thought that she was two timing and was so unhappy and upset that he could not sleep, but when he wanted to start studying me saw the notes that Toujo made for him and thought that she was a really nice and gentle girl, and thought that he liked her more than Nishino.
The next day,when Manaka when to school people played pranks on him like outing thumb tacks inside his shoe and his friends Oosaka and Komiyama had to warn him that some people are jealous because he had Nishino as his girlfriend, they even wrote a note saying, "give our Tsukasa back".When Manaka went back to put on his shoes, me remembered that the night before Nishino met a boy and it might be her older boyfriend.
When he was walking at the corridor, Nishino saw him and passed him a note, with her mobile number on it, and told him not to tell anyone else because no one else was suppose to know of her number. At night Manaka tried to call Nishino, but he did not have the courage to do it.
At night when he slept he drooled on the note with Nishino's number on it. The number was all messed up because of his drool. When he was studying in the morning with Toujo, the only thing he could think of was that he had lost Nishino's number and he kept trying to make up the numbers but still could not get the number. He than asked Toujo, what if he asked for her number. She took out her phone and started typing the numbers and Manaka just grabbed her hand and she screamed and said that he was hurting her hand.
After school,Nishino was angry with him because he did not call her, but se did not know that he had lost her number. When Oosaka saw them,he decided to help and trick Nishino into believing that her teacher was looking for her,but was actually not true. He was only helping Manaka get her number, as her phone was in her bag. Oosaka took her phone from her bag and gave it to Manaka, saying that he was so dumb. After taking the phone Oosaka left before he was being found out of lying. Manaka took the phone and when he was checking out her phone,she came back saying that the teacher was not looking for her and that, Manaka should have told her that his phone was not working, so she would not get mad with him. He could not put her phone back into her bag, as she would be mad at him for taking her phone without her knowledge. He tried many times to put her phone back into her bag but could not as they separated and went home their separate ways.

Suddenly her phone rang and he past the guy that he saw Nishino when the day before, and thought that the one that was calling was her boyfriend. When he came back to school the next day, Oosaka asked him whether he returned her phone and he told him that he wanted to but couldn�t, so Oosaka decided to go look for Nishino and told her that he had taken her phone. Nishino was rather happy to see him in her class as it was the first time that he had cime to his class to find her. He asked her what if someone had looked into her personal information.She said that she would not forgive anyone who had looked into her phone, suddenly she remember that she had lost her phone and if anyone had looked inside her phone, she would be pissed with that person.
He takes off and went to the rooftop, at the rooftop, he saw Toujo there writing her stories. She decided to talk to him, because he was a little upset. He told her about what happened and she decided to return the phone to Nishino and help Manaka, so he will concentrate more on his studies. She gave Nishino the phone and said bye, but Manaka thought that she was going to slap Toujo. When he saw them and wanted to stop Nishino, he jumped off the second floor without knowing. He landed in the principal�s pool, he told Nishino what exactly happened and they both of them started to laugh. Nishino took Manaka to the nurse, while Toujo went to tell the teachers that they were going to be late for class.
When they started chatting Nishino told him that she wanted Toujo to tutor her maths, as she was the top of the grade. She told him to met at the donut shop and to study there. The next morning, all of them met up at the library. Oosaka and Nishino studied together and Manaka,Toujo and Komiyama. They studied together until Toujo leaned on Komiyama, as her eraser fell over and she had to lean on him to get it, when Komiyama saw her breast his nose started to bleed.
He was than sent to the nurse to rest there, as his nose kept on
bleeding. When Manaka when back to class with Oosaka, he suddenly told him that when anyone see Manaka and Toujo together, can tell that Toujo liked Manaka. That left Manaka confused and the story goes on and they met new people who plays a part in Manaka life. Nishino was separated from the rest of them as she went to Oumi high, while the rest of the went to Izumisaka high. Manaka story goes on of dreaming of becoming a flimmaker. When he discovers that Izumisaka High's film club had become a club which deals with computer instead of the film club, he decides to make a club of his own and make his own videos. At last Toujo went to University to live her dream of becoming a author, Nishino went to paris to learn more about her dream of hoping to become a very good baker and Manaka worked part time in order to have enough money to travel around the world and find a place to make a movie of hat Toujo had written in her novel, and he di not go to university because of what his childhood friend had said to him. They had lots of fun together making their own movies, and at last when it all ends, Manaka finally decides to go with Nishino.[Watch it now and you know what happens in the middle of the story and the other friend he will be sharing his dreams with.]

character reviews:
Manaka Junpei is always dreaming and hoping to achieve his dream of becoming a flimmaker. He is in the middle of a love triangle and alot of girls are after him. Due to some reasons but people still don't know why.

Toujo Aya is a smart, gentle and kind girl that will do anything for someone if she needed to she would even give away her happiness, rather than making someone upset. At her age she is already a talented girl and has already published a book of her own. Even though she likes Manaka she does not want to tell him as she feels that it is not worth telling him that she liked him as he has Nishino already, she would just give him up and not fight for him even of she can.

Rating: 5


The art work was great, the drawing were real nice unlike certain mangas.it showed their feelings and how they felt or what they are feeling at that moment. i would say when they draw the manga characters, that the looks of the characters can tell how their personallities are beacuse its like if they are to attract girls thay should be good looking and stuff, they really made it as if it was meant to be real.The manga was a complete sucess and many people enjoyed it.! ^^ so i hope you all will like it too..! ^^

Rating: 7


the characters voice was great, it brings out their characters' well. It suits them too...! ^^OST were sang by the characters and how they feel about a certain something.When it was a sad scene the music and all really brings out the feelings well, when its a certain scene the music will make you feel the way, they want you to be feeling, like when its sad you will feel sad too, when they are appy and enjoying themselves the music also shows that.So i hope you will like it as much as i do..! ^^

Rating: 6


the overall presentation was great and it really bring up the scene of normal school life unlike other animes which are more to the fictional side.They show how fun school life can be and how to live it well, and to always follow your dreams no matter what, be it you wna to be with person but in the end regret what you did because its not for yourself but for that person you like.This anime/manga show how to live you dreams and never give it up, you will have failures but don't let yourselves down pick yourself up and learn from what you done wrong.You must watch it it is the nicest and most romantic story i have even watched, even though there are some other shows which are more sad and stuff like full moon wo sagasite and stuff..! ^^ but i hope you will enjoy it as much as i did..! ^^

Rating: 5

Final Verdict

5.50 (average)

Reviewed by norine07, Jul 01, 2006


  1. TheFreak77 Jul 01, 2006

    Agree with u.. the anime is good... but I do think writing something in the style [Spoiler warning] wouldn't hurt, as your story critique is kinda long and revealing...

  2. Rosegirl18 Jul 02, 2006

    Unfortunately, I will have to disagree with you on all your ratings. The art cannot be called excellent in my view. Not even the greatest anime should be given 10 as a rating in their Art, and Ichigo 100% is most definitely not the greatest anime in the world. While you might have enjoyed the anime, you should focus more on what the anime might seem to the general audience, as well as give a fair rating that compares it to other anime series. How can you give 9 for a series that bases a story on a pair of strawberry-patterened panties?
    You mention that Ichigo 100% brings up the scene of normal school life, but have you ever even experienced Japanese school life before? I haven't, but I know for sure that girls with pretty underwear don't go after normal looking guys all at the same time.
    Also, when you are writing a review, please make sure to have at least decent grammar and capitalize your sentences.
    I'm sorry if I'm being a bit harsh, but a review like this will give the reader a completely different view of the series.

  3. drkandres Jul 02, 2006

    Ichigo 100% anime is kinda of bad because the plot is left unfinish, the art is kind of crapy; the only thing that makes up for it to some extent is the music. so....... at the end the rating would be much lower however if you really enjoyed this anime then maybe try to read the manga which would defently satisfy anyone.

  4. Kidder Jul 02, 2006

    Ichigo 100% is an extremely generic harem show... and extremely unrealistic (unfortunately for all us "normal-looking" guys ^_^' ). Of course being a harem show, it's not supposed to be realistic in any fashion or form since it's essentially a fantasy.

    Let's look at this objectively. The show only had 12 episodes and was left completely unfinished, there wasn't even an "open-ending". I usually don't mind open-endings but this series just stopped, it seemed like the studio just decided to stop making it (which is probably what happened). In the end we still have no idea who the male character wants to be with. I don't want state the obvious and say the characters were extremely cliche... but OMG they were the most cliche characters I've ever seen! What's worse is that it wasn't meant as a joke (like in Ouran High School Host Club).

    Personally I'd tell people avoid this, harem shows are good fun to watch every now and again but I found Ichigo 100% to be pretty stale in most aspects.

  5. white-zero Jul 02, 2006

    This show fails on all levels. No plot whatsoever other than pure fanservice for the fans of the manga. I have to wonder though; if you give this anime a rating this high, how much will you give to Shuffle! which is by far the best harem show to date.

  6. xenosagafreak Jul 03, 2006

    The story is crappy, with tons of filler in the middle, and a crappy ending.

  7. afdsdfs Jul 04, 2006

    i'll agree with the 2nd through 6th comment.
    not much more to add except this deserve about a 6 or 7.
    also manga was awesome at first, but then it gets repeative and you just wish it would end.

  8. shoujoboy Jul 07, 2006

    Well I have a few things that I think need to be brought up. First, the review template says "Briefly describe the plot". You wrote up an entire mindnumbing essay on the story, which I can be not many people took the time to read. Secondly a thesaurus should've been used. Did you notice that your first sentence in each category described it as 'great'. The art was great. The characters voice was great. Using varying words gives the review much more impact so much more than overuse of one. Also, for something that you gave as a 9.5, it didn't have the impact nor feeling behind it that would warrant such a high score.

    Keep working on it and remember, most of us are here to help improve your writing skills, it's just constructive. If someone blatantly attacks you, don't bother with them.

  9. norine07 Jul 09, 2006

    Quote by shoujoboyWell I have a few things that I think need to be brought up. First, the review template says "Briefly describe the plot". You wrote up an entire mindnumbing essay on the story, which I can be not many people took the time to read. Secondly a thesaurus should've been used. Did you notice that your first sentence in each category described it as 'great'. The art was great. The characters voice was great. Using varying words gives the review much more impact so much more than overuse of one. Also, for something that you gave as a 9.5, it didn't have the impact nor feeling behind it that would warrant such a high score.

    Keep working on it and remember, most of us are here to help improve your writing skills, it's just constructive. If someone blatantly attacks you, don't bother with them.

    haha thanks..! ^^ i will improve my writing skills haha..! ^^ thanks alot for commenting..! ^^
    ja-ne..! ^^


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