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Loveless tv Review

New transfer student, twelve year old Aoyagi Ritsuka, has moved to a new school in hopes of escaping his trecherous past. Himself, never having a good relationship with a single being, has difficulty communicating with his peers until he is met up with a man who claims to be his deceased brothers friend or fighter. His name, Agastuma Soubi. Soubi, claiming to have known Aoyagi Seimei,and of had been his fighting machine,(in which seimei was his sacrifice), has come to tell Ritsuka that now he is his fighter. After being giving the knowledge that his brother did not die of mysterious circumstances, but killed by the organization named "The Seventh Moon", Ritsuka decides to join Soubi's side into investigating the entire truth behind his eldest brothers death.

Credits: toxictea23

Story & Characters

The story of Loveless is one intertwined with a deeper meaning It uses symbolism a lot, and it makes you think. Ritsuka, the feline protagonist, seemed very mature for his age. But, for some strange reason, he maintained a childish an innocent feeling at times when it came to Soubi or Seimei. He pulled of the "angst" thing very well, actually.Soubi was a character as well, manipulating Ritsuka with well- spoken words with odd timing. He took the snowglobe that was Ritsuka's life and shook it some more. That snow globe included the mysterious Seimei's death, his mother's dive into desperation to find the "real Ritsuka" and his own struggle to find the "real Ritsuka". The word battle thing, i suppose, fueled Ritsuka and Soubi's relationship, introduced a flurry of unique fighting pairs, and made Ritsuka question his brother's murder. I wasn't really bothered by the yaoi or yuri that much; all it was was another form of romance that I rarely see today. Anyway, I'd say the plot was original but tended to have gapping holes that made you go "huh?".

Rating: 8


One word:GORGEOUS. It's like comparing Seinfield to 7th Heaven. They both project different moods with the imagery using lighting. Loveless is more like 7th Heaven in the sense it doesn't seem....bright. It projects a mellow mood compared to such anime like Naruto or Sailor Moon or something.(no offense to fans)It's art is a little like still life at times, meant to capture a moment in Ritsuka's life. Uniqueness stood out the most to me; maybe because it wasn't so....bright. I think the character designs fit the character's personalities perfectly. For instance, Ritsuka wasn't drawn to look like a 5 year old, but a mature teen(ok preteen whatever), with his penetrating, violet eyes and lithe form. Soubi fit the tall, dark, and handsome mold almost perfectly, the almost because of his rare comical randomness. Yuiko looked like the hyper girl-next-door, with her bubblegum pink hair. Semei, when you saw him, looked like a mysterious being with a smirk. The anime did a good job on slightly elaborating the art of Yun Kouga's original manga. In conclusion, the art ROCKED.

Rating: 9


I had the the opening song "Tsuki No Curse" on rerun in my head for MONTHS. It has a catchy tune and makes me go "Okay what's going to happen in this episode?".As for the voices....PERFECT. I can't imagine what Ritsuka's voice would've been like with a male voice actor because the current one, Junko Minagawa , conveys his feelings and mood swings with the best enthusiasm. Yuiko's voice, I admit, was annoying at times, but that was because her personality, I think, was irrtating at times. In short, the music matched the story wonderously and the voices were well done.

Rating: 8


*sigh* The presentation of Loveless.....Is in riddles. Maybe it's about Ritsuka finding his "true self" lost 2 years ago after his brother's death . His brother himself is a riddle. Why did he die? Is he really dead? Why did Septimal Moon kill him? Who is Septimal Moon? These questions are asked by Ritsuka himself. Let's not forget Soubi's slick maneuvers to avoid Ritsuka's questions and his own dark past. I just don't know where to start in reviewing this story's depth. it's like you think, "AHA! THAT'S why!" but then you fully consider more than what you originally analyzed and go "Wait....". As said before, this anime is encoded in riddles that only your mind could think of answers to, but new get a straight response. Loveless has done a very experimental thing that should be used in anime more often: It made you THINK about not only the characters and their story, but the plot that they have been entangled in from the geet go. All in all, Loveless was an "interesting" series.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.83 (good)

Reviewed by melony, Jun 25, 2006


  1. shoujoboy Jun 26, 2006

    An "intersting" series deserves an "interesting" review. You defintely have a different way of reviewing, which isn't necessarily bad, but certainly not used to it. It could have likely used a bit of tweaking for grammar and sentence structure, but not that bad.

  2. PinkPanther35753 Jun 26, 2006

    I LOVE LOVELESS! i have the 1st n 2nd mangas [im waiting on the 3rd to come out in the US] and i have seen all the episodes on youtube!

  3. swen Jun 30, 2006

    i love lovelesss! it's such a nice anime...it's been a long time since i got so into an anime. i really love this anime! it's one of the best anime. i hope there'll be a second season out..the opening song is great too. i love it ^^

  4. Lura-Sharal Jul 01, 2006

    well, I havent seen this anime yet. Actually I heard about Loveless for the first time when I joined MT a few weeks ago ^^ so I can't tell if this is a good review or not. But it made me curious about the series. The storyline sounds quite interesting and hearing all those praises around here I think this anime could be worth watching.
    Thanks for the review. ^_^

  5. air-walker Jul 21, 2006

    I would give 10 to Loveless.
    The review fully reveals my opinion. (great review, by the way)
    Bad thing was, I watched it with spanish subs. I could catch the meaning, but some details I missed)

  6. auraderecca Aug 10, 2006

    Well, initially i was having that 'HUH?' feeling too. But as the show went on, it suddenly gave a new meaning, like how love was so deep btw the characters. Great review melony. Nice job on the detailed remarks. Oh yes, i really loved art and effects though there were a few parts where there were many reuses of frames. loveless...

  7. speedypuppy Aug 31, 2006

    i go crazy just watching it. loveless is like a different knd of anime and wow your review on it sure is impressive. Nyah! Soubi is just freakin hot!

  8. Rhyme097 Sep 14, 2006

    Umm I like the art of this anime all characters so cute =[]= Thanks for reviewing

  9. Lionhearted911 Nov 02, 2006

    have not seen anything or read for that matter, but yaoi is my fav i guess...i will have my hands on it soon enough...
    thanks for reviewing, have a nice day and life!

  10. tchariin Dec 01, 2006

    Loveless is a wonderful anime, but it does indeed leave you with the feeling that there is something you have missed. I heard that they were not given funding to continue, so that may be why. As for the yaoi and yuri (and het too) I say YAY.

  11. Sanisa Sep 21, 2009

    Cool Review

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