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Shaman King

Shaman King tv Review

Every 500 years Shamans across the world prepare to fight in the Shaman Tournament. Shamans are people who not only can see ghosts, but can merge with them and fight to become the "Shaman King".

One such Shaman, a boy called Yoh, channels his ghost Amidamaru and enters the tournament. Along the way he meets new friends, enemies, and discovers something about his family he did not know.

Will Yoh channel the King of Spirits and become the Shaman King, or will the evil Hao rule the world?

Story & Characters

Story: The anime "shaman king" is the story of the trials of a young man named "yoh" who wishes to be the "shaman king" (an all powerful king) so that he can live life without worries. The Story starts out when a kid named manta is walking home and sees yoh in a graveyard relaxing with some spirits. waitaminute. spirits? In terror, he runs home and tries to figure out what he has seen. The next day in class, he tries to make his explains to his friends what has happened, but they think that he is just making up a ghost story. As he sits down for the starting of class, the instructor introduces a new student --- Yoh. This is a really good anime. if you have the time, make sure to get a hold of it, the humor, suspense, and mystery will grab hold of you and keep you waiting for more.....so if you do get a hold of this anime, make sure you have the ENTIRE series before you start, lol. (64 eps) .

Rating: 8


Art: The art in this anime was very well done. There weren't any items/characters that you didn't have an idea who or what it was. The characters were original, and smooth looking, with a good deal of time spent of accurately representing facial expressions, locations, and the like .

Rating: 9


Sound: to tell ya the truth, I don’t really remember much of the music, except for the occasional “pump-the-audience-up� song near the end of the series when a lot of action was going on. I really thought that song was cool, but If I can’t remember anything else, there either wasn’t anything else, or it didn’t merit mentioning .

Rating: 7


Overall, the presentation of “Shaman King� was a very good one. It caught my eye, (1 point) it kept my attention (2 points) and it even made me want to make a wall of it (100000000000000 points) So if you are looking for a good anime to keep your attention, and something, to just watch In the meantime while waiting for manga from Naruto or something, check this series out, it’ll definitely take some time to finish it (around 25-30 hours of anime for the whole season) and on top of that, it is enjoyable. GO GET IT NOW! .

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.33 (good)

Reviewed by tecnophreak, Nov 22, 2004


  1. eliana04 Nov 24, 2004


  2. phaerax Nov 24, 2004

    heh, ok i ll do just that. havent seen it but maybe i should.

  3. k9999 Nov 24, 2004

    :) :D :angry: XD XO :o :nya: :hmpf: :\ -_- :sweat: ^_^'

  4. tecnophreak Dec 16, 2004

    wow. k9999 has WAY too much time on his hands. what kinda comment is that?

  5. DragoonzDead Feb 15, 2005

    what a great review

  6. Enchanter Jun 23, 2005

    One thing is definitely missing in the show: battle details.

    In duels, each warrior acts to draw out their most powerful moves and clash. Without much further details, the winner is declared and you are left with questions to why he is the winner (other than the fact that the author wanted him to win).

  7. ryo88 Jul 02, 2005

    hey does the uncut funimation version of shaman king (on dvd) still have the same voices of the one from 4 kids?

  8. soulas Aug 05, 2005

    gah!!!! that means its ending soon? =( its showing up till 55 episode as of in singapore =(
    man i miss this .XD

  9. NeoStryder Aug 31, 2005

    I like the anime, I'm not sure about the manga

  10. cagallicruz Oct 15, 2005

    I realy like Shaman King, it is cool. i like len.
    http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=GundamSeed4ever :)

    Quote by nullnull

  11. kiminitodote Oct 22, 2005

    it's モモの種 (peach seed) in japanese モモ =tao ,の種=ren...
    so in japanese, taoren is "peach seed"

  12. kiminitodote Oct 22, 2005

    WHY I cannot TYPE IN JAPANESE?????!!!!!?????!!!!!!??????!!!!!!?????
    this is stupid.....
    is everyone here english???
    i m japanese.....http://neko5.pekori.to/kakoillust/shamanking02/rudosebu_seiramu.jpg

  13. kiminitodote Oct 22, 2005

    my fav is anna......i hate hao.....i m notsure about taoren,,.....did u read book 19
    ???hmmmmm............i bought the figurines at 29360406yen....soo expensive!

  14. kiminitodote Oct 22, 2005

    the anime is also expensive........ 5 sets of vcds cost soooooo much.......am i talking too much???
    hya & bye
    & watevar
    anyway where is singapore?

  15. akika Nov 02, 2005

    Quote by kiminitodoteWHY I cannot TYPE IN JAPANESE?!?!?!?
    this is stupid.....
    is everyone here english?
    i m japanese.....

    Yes, this is an English forum, because most people probably can't understand Japanese. You probably shouldn't link such a bit picture here, it takes up more than half a page >_< oh bandwidth~

    Anyway, I thought Shaman King was quite a good anime, but what's with the ending? >_< I thought there'd be more seasons coming or something, but I haven't heard anything about it.......they can't just leave it like that~!
    I like your review though~ keep up the good work! ^^

  16. acido Feb 14, 2006

    i love shaman king, it's my favorite anime, i know that there are more interesting animes and with better stories, but this have nice characters, nice story (at least it talks about something differentes, and the shaman theme it's really interesting), and it has a very nice manga.

    How the story evolves, also, is great

    And of course, in this appears my fav character HoroX2 XD

  17. Hotaru89 Mar 04, 2006

    Well.. Shaman King is one of my Fav... hehe
    it's a nice anime...
    I like Hao as much as I like Yoh~

  18. Auelneider15 Jul 28, 2006

    This is one of the best animes I have ever seen.It told much much about friendship.I like Yoh x Anna but I truly hate Hao(Zeke).

  19. nainoi Oct 06, 2009

    nice review.

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