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Puchimon manga Review

Story & Playability

Melty Bagel is a cheerful wanna-be swordsman who wants to be a quester. She attends Quester Academy just for that reason. There, she meets many new friends who join on adventures with her.

The basic storyline of this story is a very typical kid-goes-on-adventures-and-meets-friends-who-helps-her thing. The main character, Melty Bagel, wants to be something. She meets friends. They go on hopping adventures together.


First of all, the main character...Melty Bagel? i burst out laughing when I realized that this is her NAME. Later on, when her read that her older brother's name was Custard Bagel, I burst out in fits again. Enough said on that.

After getting through the first chapter, the storyline immediatly reminded me of .hack//Legend of the Twilight. Both of them is a happy go lucky kid who meets a bunch of people who decides that since the main character is so amazingly special, they should follow her/him.

The characters themselves are interesting, but some seem a little too stretched out of the way to become like that. The main character is too happy-go-lucky and smiley and eager. Melty seems to be one of those changes-every-she-meets people. And that is very annoying to me. She's like Naruto without a sob story. Her roommate Maris and her friend Chamomile are much more interesting, and they seem to actually have a more realistic character. I got really excited when the first boy in the seemingly all-girl story appeared, and even more so when he showed to have an attitude! However, his character was completely killed by the next segment of events, when he goes obsessing over Melty. When that story finally became amusing after a point, it had to be ruined by a Melty smile and saying it was ok.

Having only read the first volume, I can only say this story is very cute, but nothing more. It isn't a boring read, the author is still somehow able to make you wonder, "What happens in the next episode of adventures with Melty and her friends?" The story really, really needs more plot; its very good entertainment fluff, but if you're looking for deeper story you can digest, look elsewhere.

Rating: 7


The art is the true highlight of this story. Aoi Nanase is a VERY good artist. She is, after all, the artist for Seraphim Call, Angel Dust, and Report of Nature Spirits. Her drawings are cute and adorable, very matching for the story. The hair isn't one of those crazy hairdoes made to stand out; the looks looks ver natural, but they all rather stand out. Details are drawn very carefully, especially on the clothing. In fact, I love the clothing that is drawn, they are all ver stylish and refreshing to see.

The coloring on the pages I have seen are also fantastic. The artists really knows how to highlight lighter areas and combine colors. Colors are bright and attractive, and in my opinion, very good wallpaper material. XD

Rating: 10


I have only read the manga, so I don't know anything about sounds in this series...=/

Rating: 5


The cover of the book is quite appealing, due to the appealing art. The colors and coloring and art in general really is amazing. Really. As expected from Aoi Nanase.

As I have said, the story is mainly very cute. The panels are arranged in a non-secial way, good enough for the telling of the story. The story proceeds relatively smoothly, though some endings of chapters are awkward. The manga did give me a few laughs; some of the things are just too silly. The small body and funny faces tricks are used often, too, as expected.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.50 (good)

Reviewed by meepers369, Jun 05, 2006


  1. Inuyasha-FAN Jun 05, 2006

    Good Review! Very good! :) Goodjob

  2. Neko-Sempai Jun 06, 2006

    Yes ! Very good ! ^^

  3. Milkiyo Sep 11, 2006

    ROFL...interesting review ;)

  4. rukasu44 Oct 03, 2010

    I don't know this manga, but it seems to be good

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