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Story & Characters

Being made up of 9 ten minute episodes there really isn't a great deal of room for a complex storyline so I emphasise that REC is suppose to be short and sweet. Also don't let the first episode turn you off as it may look lolicon at first however the female, Aka, is actually 20 years old while the male, Matsumaru, is 26.

Storyline starts typically with a random encounter, followed by circumstances that force the two to live together, what makes REC different from animes I've seen is that it is based much more on their working lives, which also happen to cross after they start living together. Because of this I think that this anime will probably appeal much more to people who are or have been employed. It creates an interesting satire of the working world and what it takes to get to the top and not only do we see the troubles of the jobs themselves, but we see the troubles created by having relationships within the workplace.

Interestingly enough Aka is employed in anime voiceovers, an anime about making animes, just thinking about this itself is rather amusing and it also seems to give valuable insight into what it takes to make an anime. Matsumaru works in advertising and his job reflect the true tragedy, and often comedies, that is many peoples working lives.

Character development again is restricted by the shortness of the series, however on the two characters it does explore it does a pretty good job within the time frame. You see all the parts of a typical relationship, however I found that because they were working and living together it made the circumstances unique. I will also mention Aka's manger as an interesting catalyst for this but leave that for you to discover yourself.

I should also point out the story contains themes of a fairly mature nature as well as some ecchi, an exmaple of mature nature is Aka does a voiceover in a H-game however there are no naughty visuals, just a few interesting sounds. Also a few typical light but suggestive jokes thrown in, if your the kind of person who detests that kind of thing maybe you should avoid this anime. I would classify the series 13+, maybe 15+.

Rating: 9


If your looking for beautiful artworks then REC isn't the place to go. In all honestly the art is pretty crap however I do feel that it fufills it's purpose within the anime. The character design is simple, however there is the slight element of ecchi, nothing too revealing. One thing that did come to my attention is there seemed to be a lot of close-ups and facial expression were fairly well done. The backgrounds are also simple and generally remaining static. The greatest compliment I give towards art would definately be the opening sequence.

Rating: 7


And once more I must say the music remains simple but intact with the anime. The highlight of music would again be the opening sequence, the song is lively and fun and really creates the mood you should have when you watch the rest of the episode. Not much to say about music however voicing is important.

The voicings of most characters remains fairly standard and our focus is of course on Aka, who herself is a voice actor (hence a voice actor voicing a voice actor!!!). Her normal voice is cute, but not in the childish way and being a voiceactor we hear a number of impersonations. She has a habit of impersonations from various old movies, unfortunately I hadn't seen any of them and can't comment much there.

Rating: 7


I wish to pull together the last two sections and glorify the opening sequence, as I could watch it over and over. Upbeat song and a subtle summary of what the anime is about in both mood and general direction. If you don't enjoy the opening I would guess chances are you wouldn't enjoy the anime, but I couldn't say for sure because I did enjoy it.

As I said before you must remember that REC is short and sweet, and if this isn't kept in mind you wont be able to enjoy it as much. If you are out for short and sweet then I (unconditionally) guarantee this will leave you feeling good inside by the end. It has all necessary elements for a good anime in a nice even mix. It's about working life and does a great job of portraying the reality of it in a mostly realistic fashion.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.00 (good)

Reviewed by littlejonny100, May 17, 2006


  1. wald89 May 17, 2006

    Good reviev, even thought I would give it a 9 or a 10 becouse in my opinion its just so great.

  2. envision May 18, 2006

    A very intelligent review methinks. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with the short and sweet thing, I agree with that. For such a short anime I thought it did everything well, and ye. Good review overall ^^

  3. LunarTwilight May 18, 2006

    I rather liked your review, and I agree with it on most, if not all, of the points. Nine 15 minute episodes was indeed good enough to tell a short and sweet romace-comedy. Your review is written in a more personal way, but also keeps the anlyatical style.

    Good review, and keep on writing. (:

  4. BigJoe69 May 20, 2006

    Well, due to the callibur of the review, its length, its consistency and structure, i can tell that an actuall inteligent person is wrighting this! Like i said, good consistency with this 'short and sweet' idea. This review makes me want to actually go out of my way to watch REC, keep up the good work

  5. dystania May 21, 2006

    good review. but would have rated it a little higher.

  6. Blue-Fox May 21, 2006

    very nice review, keep up the good work

  7. Hades1223 May 29, 2006

    Interesting review, but i would give it a better rating

  8. REK982 Jun 20, 2006

    Quote by Hades1223Interesting review, but i would give it a better rating

    I completely agree. You're review's good, but you can count the film's quotations all along the anime in the sound, for example ^^
    For me, REC deserves a better rating than 8 :p
    It's a very short, but refreshing anime too!

  9. larrymoon Jun 28, 2006

    creo que rec es una serie muy linda y facil de ver. me gusto bastante

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