Nismosis' Mahou Shoujo Ai Tv,game Review

Mahou Shoujo Ai tv,game Review

Story & Playability

Mahou Shoujo Ai started off as a very popular H-Game in Japan and finally made the well anticipated transition to a full fledged hentai series.

Storywise, Mahou Shoujo Ai is actually fairly decent with enough intrigue to keep to you interested. That is, for a hentai. This series definitely took the traditional "Magical Girl Fighting Monsters" story and put a fair yet well executed H-rated twist on it that consisted of a large amount of tentacle and monster scenes. People who are looking for a good tentacle hentai series with an actually storyline won't be disappointed as will original fans of the game.

I should issue a fair warning to those with weak stomach however. This series does have quite a few scenes in it that could leave one feeling ill. When it comes to the brutality level of a tentacle series, Mahou Shoujo Ai definitely does not hold back as it definitely has some scenes that could leave a strange impression in one's head.

Character-wise, the characters in the series are all well defined and you can actually get a feel of how each character thinks and acts individually. This is of worthy mention since in most series, the characters are just more-or-less there. Having this sense of development, leads one to believe tha a lot of well thought out planning went into the character designs.

Rating: 7


The artwork for this series was pulled off excellently when compared to other series of the same genre.

The character designs are crisp and solid. The body lines are well done and the attractive eyes play a large part in their appeal as well. Their colors are full and well protrayed as are their fluid movements. The anime hasn't shown any scenes of chopiness or heavy use of recycled scenes.

The background work is well displayed and matches the character style nicely. Matching the background with the atmosphere and select scene is a job that this series pulled off well sense it does help you get into the feeling of the scene. The background colors are traditionally soft painted or water colors with few glares or shines to get in the way of the focal characters on screen.

As far as matching the artwork to the genre, I would say that this adds a better sense of quality than that you would find in other similar titles. There is no budget style artwork which really helps the viewer enjoy the series.

Rating: 8


The soundwork and music of the series is nothing praiseworthy but it's not hard on the ears either. All the background music and foresounds come thru nice and clear without interferring with the voicing of the characters.

The voice acting in the series is well executed without any truly annoying voices except for that of the primary villain. In a way, that definitely helps with the appeal of the characters as one doesn't want a horrendous voice paired with an attractive character.

Traditional sound effects are pulled off well in most aspects will others do seem to be overplayed. The over-excessive "slurps" and other "gooey" sounds is sometimes a little much, which could make some viewers want to adjust the value of them in their media players. Still, it's not annoying enough to make one want to mute it all together.

Rating: 5


The overall presentation of this series was nothing short of outstanding. While I've only seen episodes 1-4; the storyflow, artwork, and overall appeal of the series had me at full attention. The series dares to take the tentacle hentai and step up the quality to a, thus-far, unmatched level.

Viewers who are fans of series like Twin Angels, La Blue Girl, and Angel of Darkness will more than likely appreciate this series more than others since it adds an extreme brutality level to the tentacle genre. Fans of the original game also won't be disappointed since the story made the transition to anime quite well with artwork that will remind them of the game's popular appeal.

Overall, if you are looking for a satisfying hentai series with good art, a story, and tentacle scenes, then this one comes highly recommended. However, the series is not fully available as of yet. The final DVD, Volume 5, should be available in May 23, 2006.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.17 (above average)

Reviewed by Nismosis, Apr 28, 2006


  1. FuturePerfect Apr 08, 2007

    OH reading this really makes me want to have a look, im not a big fan of "Hentia" but i really like the characters i have seen. Anyways i dont want hentia so i will only be looking forward to the story itself :P anyways great review ^^

  2. kanon14 Apr 21, 2007

    this review..mayb u need to keep on working..I will support u!

  3. Shadows Jan 24, 2009

    Finally the second season has been realeased.

  4. zaznzo Feb 08, 2009

    wait, can anyone tell me where I can watch this series? thx. =D

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