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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha tv Review

While on her way to school Nanoha Takamachi, a third-grade elementary student, stumbles upon an injured ferret-like animal wearing a bright red stone. She leaves him in the care of a local veterinarian and happily plans on adopting a new member to the Takamachi family. That night, a mysterious voice calls out beseeching her help. Nanoha races over to the veterinarian's office to find the very same animal being chased by a dark moster. After being rescued for the second time, the ferret asks Nanoha to use his magical power to stop the dark monster. He hands her the red stone and asks her to repeat a magical incantaion. The stone begins to glow and Nanoha magically receives armor and a magical staff transformed from the very stone she was holding. Nanoha ungracefully, yet instinctively uses her new found powers to defeat the monster. After the battle the ferret identifies himself as Yuuno Scrya, the red stone as Raging Heart, and the origin of the monster as a Jewel Seed.

Yuuno explains that the Jewel Seeds are ancient relics of his world that are uncontrolled magical stones that sometimes become unstable and become like the monster from the previous battle. After hearing the history of the Jewel Seeds, Nanoha agrees to continue looking for the Jewel Seeds with the help of Raging Heart and Yuuno. Her decision leads her towards more hardships, battles, and a shadowy, young mage with long blonde hair called Fate Testarossa.

Written by docdaneeka.

- This is a tag for the first two Nanoha Series. Alternative retelling movies/video games that shared the same timeline will be merged here.

Story & Characters

Loli fans rejoice! We have a magical girl show complete with little girls doing butt naked transformations. Wait! Don't everybody click that back button. That was just an attention grabber. Anyway, we do have a magical girl show to review, one called Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. Magical girl shows is one of my specialties, but this one kind of threw a wrench into my normal view of the magical girl genre.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is about a 3rd grader by the name of Nanoha Takamachi. She has been tasked by a boy named Yuuno, who has accidentally unleashed the deadly Jewel Seeds onto earth from his dimension. He is quite effectively owned during his first battle with the monster that the Jewel Seed has possessed and is forced to take another form that doesn't strain his magical energy. He becomes a ferret and becomes Nanoha's protection. As she starts her finding and collecting of the Jewel Seeds, she runs into another trying to do the same, Fate Testarosa. Fate appears to be out to collect them for all the wrong reasons, and Nanoha wants to find out why. Eventually somewhat of a 'dimension police' comes into play and warns Nanoha that the Jewel Seeds are actually artifacts from an advanced civilization that destroyed itself, and that they could actually be used to create a cataclysmic dimensional disruption in the wrong hands. Those wrong hands... Fate's mother. Now Nanoha joins with them to collect all of the Jewel Seeds so that they can be properly sealed before anything bad happens. The story progression overall was extremely well executed. Although at first it seemed it was going to be one of those shows where you collect one each episode until the end, it quickly shifted to a very serious show. Nothing like seeing two cute third grade girls blow each other to pieces in vicious battle. Season one was very good on it's own. But then came season two...

Season two took on a much darker tone than season one. Now instead of capturing Jewel Seeds, Nanoha and friends are attempting to stop the Book of Darkness Lost Logia from being completed. A group of three women and one very angry dog man who call themselves the Cloud Knights, are in possession of the Book of Darkness. They go hunting for other magic users, and once defeated, use their linker cores to supply the book the energy it needs to complete its 666 pages. They are doing this so that their master, Hayate can live a normal life. Hayate is in a wheelchair and getting worse everyday because the book is straining her power. So they set out to fill it as quickly as possible to free her from this curse. It goes much deeper than this with plenty of twists and turns, but describing anymore would ruin the fun.

The story in this show was fantastic by any anime's standards, let alone the usual low standards set by run of the mill magical girl shows. It proved to be much darker, deeper and more emotionally engaging than I ever thought it could be. It had everything that a show needed; engaging characters, drama, plot twists and a well executed (dare I saw flawless) design.

Rating: 10


Animation was very spot on for this type of show. Cute girls, detailed clothing, many various character designs and wonderful effects. Every character was meticulously crafted, and were all very unique. The spell effects were detailed and animated precisely to really give the viewer a feel of the gravity of the situation. The costume designs for characters were probably the strongest point of the show. They were all painstakingly designed for each character and were fitting of each of their respective personalities. Animation frame rate was also consistent and smooth. It flowed very well and no jerky animation in sight. This was especially evident during the multiple battles that took place throughout. Each sequence was animated and no animation was reused. The only shortfall was the rather bland background animations. The majority of the time you are definitely focused on the action at hand or just laughing like a giddy schoolgirl at the sheer amounts of cuteness on the screen. Even still, all aspects of animation play a role in the overall score. While that certainly won't kill it overall in the animation department, it is a shortfall nonetheless.

Oh and if you are anything like me, there will be at least one of the girls who you'll just find so adorable it's unbearable. Don't feel bad. FATE-CHAN!!!

Rating: 9


The music in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha was phenomenal. While I've never been too horribly impressed by Nana Mizuki's singing in the past, she belts out four great songs throughout both seasons. 'Innocent Starter' and 'Eternal Blaze' may very well be two of the greatest anime opening songs I've heard in my many years. The image songs 'Take a Shot' and 'BRAVE PHOENIX' were not only great songs on their own, but the placement within the show was nothing short of perfect. The reunion of Fate and Nanoha and their first time fighting together and everybody coming together to defeat the book of darkness were memorable moments on their own, but adding in these wonderful songs, will give anyone with blood in their veins goose bumps. The background music was also quite good. Again though, the thing that made it shine was the placement within the show itself. If you were supposed to be sad, it sounded sad. If you were supposed to be pumped up for an insane battle, you were getting a fast-paced work. I've nothing to say bad about the music department.

Voice acting was spot-on to say the least. This show thrived on emotions and the seiyuu's did the show justice by playing their part flawlessly. Making the transition from yelling back and forth during an epic battle sequence, to the tearful sounds of a crying girl all within a short time shows real versatility. Matching the right voice to the right character can sometimes prove difficult, but the casting in this show seemed to get it right. The best performance had to go to Yukari Tamura as Nanoha. She had the most emotional impact on the show as a whole and was the one that really brought the viewer into the moment on screen. She had the most adorable voice when speaking to Yuuno or her friends, but when she got serious... she got scary serious. After being called a devil, she replied "I guess I'll have to defeat you with my devilish weapon"... scary. Well-played part.

Rating: 10


Being a show in the magical girl genre is hard. It risks being compared to the epitome of that genre (in my opinion of course) Cardcaptor Sakura, or written off as just some other show meant to appeal to girls and fanboys in their mother's basement. Nanoha takes all those preconceived notions, throws them out the window and deals with them with a divine buster (one of Nanoha's biggest attacks). We aren't talking chasing the wood card here, or using the power of the wand of Pegasus to stop the bad guys stealing hearts; we are talking little girls beating the hell out of one another... a lot. I would actually venture to say that this trumps Cardcaptor Sakura in this genre and easily takes the top of it. CCS was a fun ride but it was long and didn't really hit big until the end. Nanoha was great from beginning to end.

Now seeing this many 10's in a review might throw some people off, or may even lessen the impact of the overall review. Let me say this; this show is good... damn good. This is the type of show that will remind you once again why you love anime in the first place. It has all the ingredients that are necessary to really achieve greatness. I can say without a bit of doubt, this show hit all the marks and did nothing wrong in the process. As for recommending it to people, it is as simple as this: If you have working eyes, watch this show. Be warned though, watching anything after this may prove too boring because not much can do what Nanoha did; completely entertain.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.83 (excellent)

Reviewed by shoujoboy, Apr 17, 2006


  1. Mabui Apr 17, 2006

    Nice review. ^^ And I agree, Nanoha is great. The only thing I feel should be brought up(which wasn't) was the bad english of Raging Heart. Sometimes the things it said didn't make any sence. It was cute though. ^^;

  2. novalisk Apr 19, 2006

    A great and very detailed review!
    I too think this is a series close to perfectness ^^

  3. coiulspinzurat Apr 19, 2006

    its terrible!

  4. zonama Apr 19, 2006

    This anime is interesting since it sort of combines technology (the weapons) and the magical girl (transformation) thing together. Instead of being a full magical girl anime where the heroine waves her wand around and throws out spells ala CCS.

    Anyway I think this anime beats CCS upside-down, inside-out any day of the week. Plus the music's great too, and it's short, maybe too short, 24-26 episodes per season would have been nice. Or maybe just the 2nd season, since it seemed abit rushed, some back story for the knights would have been nice.

  5. Zeigard Apr 21, 2006

    I Have watched and Enjoyed this anime. I had to agree with zonama, the thing that attracted me to this Magical girl Anime (Aside from the character design and Art) are the weapons which seems to be a combination of Magic and Technology. Although it was short, at about 2 seasons and 13 episodes each, I was not bored with any of the episodes.

    Although some of the characters werent very well developed so they didn't sorta grew into me. Which kinda makes me wish there where more episodes. But nonetheless it is an excellent anime to watch

  6. SebastianvonKane Apr 23, 2006

    I found this anime very standard in the concept, and the main feature which attrated me it was the cute girls (Fate). But I found it was really interesting. Loved it more than CC Sakura.
    As I told before, standard in the concept, but really nice. I agree. Good review.
    OK. May be the rankig you set was a little hihg, but still very good. Thanks.

  7. AsSlowAsHell Jun 10, 2006

    Amazing Anime. I wholeheartedly agree. CCS was put in its place by this series. Amazing... This series was almost as touching as Full Moon wo Sagashite. I cannot belive how much I cared about the characters with so little time (13 episodes) to become attached to them. Fate-chan won me over from the start of the series. As soon as she quietly muttered "I'm sorry" quietly to herself when sending the big attack at Nanoha, I knew things about her character. Amazing. This Anime is very fast paced, no filler, and doesn't leave you angsty.

  8. clowtrigger Oct 23, 2006

    Yeah, Very well said... And I would like to add that the fight choreography in Nanoha, especially in A's was a masterful job. Nanoha has better fight scenes than Mai-Otome or even HiME at some point or another.

    The series may even put a much, much darker tone because of the 6 year timeskip...

  9. hideo Nov 05, 2006

    Nanoha is great on its own, and as for the CCS issue, I'd say that CCS is the epitome of the classical- and i do mean classical Mahou Shoujo genre, with Nanoha being the flagship of the new generation of (Neo-) magical girls (like the Mai- series- i think)- hereby placing it as more or less equal to CCS- that depending on the view of the person watching it. While some MS shows will continue the classical form that CCS has provided or set, there will be more that will try to emulate Nanoha's example.

    Character development was a bit fast, and some items were left hanging- Like the reason the A's Epilogue (StrikerS) Nanoha only had one hair ribbon- if I say the reason, it would be a spoiler.

  10. JetKrazy Jun 28, 2007

    Awesome review here, it seems pretty accurate.

    Hope you can review the StrikerS season too

  11. romanon Sep 22, 2007

    this is an amazing anime, the characters are really good

  12. dondonkun Nov 15, 2007

    it's good to hear that there are people who would rate this anime so high...because...it is absolutely amazing!

    Fast paced battles (not blogged down by unecessary DBZ elements), actual plot and decent character development and most importantly loads of cute anime girls (minus all the stupid sterotypes).

    In my opinion this show defentiely beats out CCS in many areas (action, plot etc.) and adds a new spin to the Mahou Shojo genre. Nanoha is basically everything that you could possibly want in an action oriented anime.

    Too bad StrikerS is nowhere near as good as A"s or the original series...(still watchable though)

    PS. Go Fate-chan and Vita!

  13. luizcarlo Dec 24, 2008

    la serie es muy buena pero la verdad deveria salir una temporada mas ya que todos tomaron destinos interesantes y seria bueno ver q les sucede en los rumbos q han tomado

  14. hello-me Jan 25, 2009

    The weapons of Nanoha and Fate are AI device. I never thought of a magician could use such weapon. It was really cool.

  15. rukasu04 Mute Member Aug 17, 2009

    Good review :D

  16. Sanisa Feb 23, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  17. Nano-hime Jul 14, 2010

    Nice Review ^.^ Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is my favourite anime ever. The characters are really cute and weapons are cool too. My favourite season was Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's.I don't know why, but I just love watching it <3
    I just love Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. <3

  18. hitsu-chan Jul 20, 2011

    nice review! :3
    now I want to watch it... xD

  19. Yugito-san Nov 09, 2011

    You give out to the point details and evidence, I love their graphics as well as their character designs

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