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Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi tv Review

Miaka is like any ordinary schoolgirl. She loves to dream, eat and enjoy her life rather than concentrate on her studies. She doesn't mind the fact her mother wishes for her to resemble her intelligent best friend, Yui, and life seems pretty normal.

Things change when they both enter the forbidden section of the local library, and consequently fall into a book. The two girls find themselves in a place that resemble ancient China, where they meet their first love, Tamahome, and get caught up in a jealous love triangle. Miaka and Yui are no longer best friends and become enemies due to several misunderstandings, and are recruited as Priestesses for the Suzaku and Seiryuu Constellations in order to summon their Sacred God (in the form of a giant beast).
The complicated battles between the Seiryuu and Suzaku end up in a fatal battle and race against time, involving the past and the present, where it is decided by fate. Fushigi Yuugi draws viewers into the fantastic realms of the imagination, love and friendship, to inform everyone of their importance in daily lives.
Synopsis by: Kuroimisa

Story & Characters

There is no story.

Well. Okay. So there is. There's a story about a girl (Miaka) who gets sucked into a book and then is worshiped by anything male within a ten mile radius. The *one* non-male person around (Yui) does the opposite of worship, which is hate, and tries to make Miaka's life miserable but ends up making her own life hell.

But Yui isn't the point of the story. The point of the story is how Mary Miaka Sue is a normal girl -- which apparentely means stupid, bad at cooking, stomach the size of China, clumsy, and any other negative adjective you can think of-- who is still Adored By All and can do Anything She Wants To Because The Authors Say She Can, Damnit.

Yes, the first few episodes are addicting. But don't be deceived! No matter how well-crafted, exciting, innovating, and interesting the series appears to be for the first handful of episodes, halfway through you'll be kicking yourself for ever having involved yourself. Because once you start... you can't stop. By the time you come out of the series, you'll be watching the third set of oavs in absolute, pure horror.

Rating: 3


Art is worth nothing. Whoever designed the series had no care for color. Which means the cast has got lovely blends like dark brown (Miaka) with dark purple (Nuriko) and this putrid tinge of grey-and-green (Hotohori). Yuu Watase, the mangaka that created the series, probably did not help with the fact that in each and every one of her color drawings the characters sport different hair colors (one day they all have flaming hair, the next they're purple). But that is no excuse.

Also probably Yuu Watase's fault, everyone is excessively flat. Miaka has a button nose, as does Tamahome, Hotohori, Chiriko, and even the cat Tama-chan. All faces are identical, with the possible exception of Tomo, who wears face make-up. Eyes in the series LITERALLY shimmer. It is a frightening phenomenon.

In other words, no-good art.

Rating: 4


The vocal-stuff leans towards decent and good. The ending song to the tv series is the catchiest thing you'll ever hear-- hear it once, and you'll need tohear it again. Beforeyou know it you'll be humming "hitogomi no naka..." in the shower. Even if you don't watch the series, you may want to listen to this song.

Other songs are good too. The openning, Itooshi Hito no Tameni, isn't quite to the same level as the ending, but it's a good tune to dance to. A lot of the character songs are interesting, as well as some of the op/eds/inserts to the oavs. Because FY was so popular, a lot of music was produced. Several cds worth. Seek out as you like, but... some are CRAP.

As for the osts, they're nothing worth noting.

Rating: 6


To help you keep track:

-- 18 volumes of manga (translated by Viz). There are two arcs: 1-12 covers the first quest, and 13-18 is... well, weird and unexpected.
-- 52 tv episodes covering the first 12 volumes of manga
-- 3 First-OAV series that are completely random
-- 6 Second-OAV series based on manga volumes 13-18
-- 4 Third-OAV series based on... not quite sure what. Miaka spends most of her time unconscious, but do not rejoice, for she is replaced by a Mary Sue FAR worse than Miaka ever was. And who somehow is pregnant with Miaka and Tamahome's child. I'd feel sorry for her but she sucks so much, so I don't feel like investing the sympathy.

Not to mention countless novels, drama cds, character music collections, and spin-off manga like Genbu Gaiden (a telling of the Genbu miko). FY is one huge, sinking, hole of cash-wasting opportunity.

Like I mentioned above, it's an addictive series, but overall? Not worth getting into. Try something of higher quality, like Escaflowne or Scrapped Princess. Not all shoujo sucks this much, I promise.

Rating: 5

Final Verdict

4.33 (below average)

Reviewed by bellaboo, Nov 21, 2004


  1. kinyo Nov 21, 2004

    aaaaahahaha!!! was actually considering writing a review for this but you've already did it for me.

  2. k9999 Nov 24, 2004

    :) :D :angry: XD XO :o :nya: :hmpf: :\ -_- :sweat: ^_^'

  3. Kiarame Nov 27, 2004

    wow i never thought an anime could be so bad, i know ppl who keep doing rgps on it so im amazed

  4. leeca Nov 28, 2004

    i've never seen it but i know people who love it really much ...
    but i think the manga is nice to read ^^

  5. Neppy Dec 08, 2004

    I actually liked Fushigi Yuugi. Well... I didn't finish watching it... but that's due to my ridiculously short attention span as opposed to how good/bad the series is. And the fact that the format was .rm and RealPlayer sucks too badly to install... but I digress. The colours were a bit disorientating, I agree with that, and the story was well, random, but I did like it. It deserves at least a 6. ;)

  6. Kittiko Nov 23, 2005

    well i loved the manga. never seen the tv series. I dunno is it really that awful? I mean Yuu Watase did do a great job on the manga, i thought. I fell in love with the story yadda yadda. I would've given the manga a 8, the art was okay but the story is what did it for me. So the anime sucks that bad? hmm what would you rate just the story?

  7. nainoi Oct 06, 2009

    Thank you for review.

  8. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  9. back07 Sep 24, 2012

    thanks for the nice review

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