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My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro tv Review

Story & Characters

Basically it all begins with 2 girls, Satsuki and Mei, riding in a truck along with their dad.
They're heading towards their new home, which is where the whole story revolves around. Their new home, their new place in the world... oo the magic of it all.

I didn't really know what to expect from this film.
I wasn't too sure what the storyline was going to be about either.
To me it has all the usual magical formulas that Studio Ghibli offers to us...the black little thingymajigs/the black cinderpuffs/ma-kuro kurosake..and easy fun magical storyline to enjoy.
At first I didn't really understand the whole purpose of Totoro. I know the title of the film is based around him, but i didn't see much purpose to him being there. it was just basically a little magical element added in. And i suppose to show that someone is there for those girls.

There wasn't much to the plotline...but I enjoyed it still immensely. There were times near the end where you sat up straighter because of the heart felt scene thats happening, and you feel all fuzzy when Totoro appears to help...the sentimenal scenes... aw.
I felt that the characters of Satsuki and Mei were definitely played more here. The role of the older sister watching over the younger one...the whole misinterpreting what each other really means and getting into a squabble...

I watched it when i was younger and fell in love with the cute little Totoros...(you'll see..bom bom ba tzi tz tza) and when i watched it again. I still enjoyed it. Its just a simple film that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the magic.

Miyazaki...he knows what he's doing!

Rating: 8


The art is brilliant as aways!
I watched the first 5 minutes of the film 3 times accidently.
First time...i pressed the wrong button, I began to watch it in the sketchy mode. It was really great to watch it like that. To see how the layers got built up into one mega colour exploding extravaganza!
second time...I began to watch it, but then got disturbed by family.
So third time round in the quiet of my room and watching it on the computer I began to watch the whole thing again from the start. I could have missed the first 5 minutes of it, but I didn't want to miss any seconds of the artwork flying before my eyes.

its just a ... wholesome...kind of art to this.
The same style that has been used over and over again which never in my mind seems to lose its quality.

The best character design would be the more magical creatures...especially the cat-bus. its so cute! The furry lining seemed so warm and cuddly that YOU yourself just want to go on and sit there enjoying the ride...
The next ones in my favourite character design would have to be Totoro, Chibi-Totoro, and Chu-Totoro. Again, so damn cute! Weird creatures..but loveable look created for them the same.

Rating: 9


The sounds of this film didn't really stick with me as do some other Studio Ghibli animations, like in Kiki, after I watched it I went to search for the piano score to play. I play it regularly because its such an uplifting tune. But for My neighbour Totoro...the music score didn't really hit me, so the music therefore must have been good enough to accompany what I was watching that I didn't really notice it.

i do remember some parts of the film where i did listen.
The background music really did fit into the whole action at that time.
the rain began to fall and you could feel as if something magical was going to happen by the music. You just knew.

Rating: 7


Like i said before.
Its an easy enough film to watch.
If you want depth, you won't really find it here.
Its sentimental at the most. Its a magical experience that you will get.

Humour? Well I didn't really laugh at loud to any bits, but I did smile occasionally at the interaction between some characters. The boy made me smile the most I guess, just due to the way he acts.

Concept? Well it was easy enough to understand. I mean its a fantasy after all. You accept what you are seeing.

Enjoyability? Definitely enjoyable! Loved every minute of it when i was younger and when i watched it again when i was older. I think this is the kind of film which can be enjoyed by just about everyone!

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.00 (good)

Reviewed by fallenfate, Apr 04, 2006


  1. Kidder Apr 04, 2006

    I absolutely loved this film. It has such child-like innocence. I also first watched this when I was a lot younger (maybe 10+ years ago) and enjoy it now as much as I enjoyed it back then. Great for kids and adults.

  2. cyd84 Apr 04, 2006

    This is one of my favorite anime movies ever
    Not a bad job reviewing...although a bit more detail about the plot would probably be helpful to people who haven't seen it

  3. shoujoboy Apr 04, 2006

    What a... different writing style you have. Short and to the point, and almost conversational. As for the show itself, haven't seen it yet. I've nothing against Ghibli movies, but they just don't interest me all that much. Maybe one day I'll break down and watch it.

  4. Shadu Apr 04, 2006

    This is definitely my favorite film. ^_^ I don't know what it is, but I feel like a kid again when I watch it (corny, I know). Anywho, you mentioned that you weren't really sure of the purpose of Totoro besides being a helping hand?

    I dunno, but to me, he was the manisfestation of the wind (as was the cat-bus) in the childs eyes. The whole time they were with Totoro, things happened that no one else could see. I suppose he acted more than just the wind, but ah well. ^_^

    Nice review though. I agree with you on the music too. Not as fitting as some of the other films. ^_~

  5. cloud811 Apr 04, 2006

    hhaha very nice review. Although you gotta keep in mind when we say deth you shouldn't add the deth into this when judging. because this movie was orginaly aimed for children. i remeber watching it when i was 4. other then that good review

  6. Dream24 Apr 06, 2006

    I just love this film. This is and has been my favourite japanese film ever since i was just a little kid (like 12 years ago and i had like no clue what they were talking about since i saw the raw verison). I just love Totoro and the lil creatures that show up from time to time. I found this movie to be very heart warming and magical even now. It's true that there is no real depth to this film but it's a very nice story. Good review.

  7. BlackKitty13 Apr 10, 2006

    NIce review :) My nieghbour Totoro is one of my all time childhood favourites!

  8. satsuki-san Apr 11, 2006

    Yay! My neighbor Totoro...such a cute movie! ^-^ hehe

  9. carolyaza Apr 18, 2006

    It's a great review for a great movie! I've watched it many times when I was little, although I didn't really remember the details of it. But I've watched it again now, and my opinion hasn't changed. =)

  10. Leosam096 Jul 09, 2006

    love his films. you really have done it well on this review. well, because i love the movie!

    for the people who don't like this movie, it would either be:
    1. its not your style.
    2. you have lost the inner-child in you.
    3. nothing.

    this movie will help you find again the child that you once were. :)
    child-like innocence theres my word.

  11. koeziekoo Sep 07, 2006

    after reading the review im sooo keen to see it. have a few wallpapers from the movie - looks cute
    niiiiiiice one

  12. Northy Jun 06, 2009

    TV? As far as I know, this is a movie, unless they've somehow managed to sneak a TV show of Totoro under my nose without me noticing.

    I'm not going to argue with your rating on it, but I will say that any movie or TV show doesn't NEED to resort to numerous plot twists or bigtime adult-related (I don't mean pornographic or violent -- just adult; watch Gankutsuou if you want to know what I'm talking about) elements to succeed in creating a movie or TV show with a lot of depth. It just makes me sad that people judge shows based on how dark and edgy they are, and anything that isn't must be made solely for children.

  13. rukasu04 Mute Member Feb 08, 2010

    Nice review

  14. ai-yame Jul 03, 2011

    Thought it was fascinating the fact that you rated My Neighbor Totoro's Art the highest, since that's probably the factor that'll attract viewers first, starting from Totoro's cuteness to that insanely cute cat-bus.

    The depth of the movie should not really be an issue since Totoro's viewership caters to children, or at least for the young at heart plus those who want to rekindle the inner child in them.

    Still, I must say this was a decently written review. :)

  15. Alehioana May 29, 2012

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