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.hack//SIGN tv Review

In a not-so-distant future, a popular game hits the nations. Millions of users join this role-playing game filled with monsters to slay, treasure to recover, and a place to meet new people. Welcome to the World.

A young Wavemaster called Tsukasa one day wakes up in this strange place. He does not know who he is, what he is doing here, and lest of all how he got here. When he tries to log out, he realises he cannot do so. In the World, if a player dies, they restart where they last saved. For Tsukasa, however, it is a whole different game. If he dies in the World, he will die and will not be able to re-start the game. Luckily, he meets some friends along the way, and together they travel the World hoping to find the legendary "Key of the Twilight" as well as what is going on behind Tsukasa's past.

Will Tsukasa ever get out of the World, or will he be trapped forever?

By: daos

Story & Characters

.Hack//sign is an anime i enjoyed watching beacause it's very unique. This story is about a player character named Tsukasa. Tsukasa is a loner and always seems to be noticed by someone. Tsukasa is in a virutal reality world that is called The World. Tsukasa is a wavemaster that has special abilities given to him by a cat player. Tsukasa meets many other player characters as the story progresses. First he meets Mimiru a optimistic girl who never gives up. Then he meets The Crimson Knight's, they are a group that was created to keep order in The World. He also meets a player character named Bear. Bear is like a father figure to the group. Tsukasa meets Subaru, she is the leader of the Crimson Knight's. She has a certain attraction to Tsukasa, but it is mixed feelings. Crim is another player character who joins Tsukasa later on. Crim is a player character who dosen't do the smart thing some of the time, but he is a great help to the group. A wavemaster called B.T. is a regular player character, but she is interested in all the things that are going on in The World. Lasty there is Sora, he is just an annoyance, enough said. So Tsukasa is trying to find out who he really is and he is accompanied by these player characters and they all help each other to find who Tsukasa is and what is going on with the world.

Rating: 9


I love the backgrounds of .Hack//sign it sets the mood of the scene that is going on. The mountains and skys are vivid and unique. One of my favorite drawings in .hack//sign is the fights. The fights are very good because the spells they use are colorful and the weapon fights are very good as well because it is against other player characters or monsters. Each player character has a different distinguishing look. Other player characters may look like another but their skin color could be different or the color of the clothes might be different. The art is very different from other animes ive watched because everyone in the anime looks so serious. Another thing i like that they drew was a Grunty. A Grunty is a sort of a pig that you can ride on. The Grunty's in the anime are so funny because just by the way they look.

Rating: 10


The soundtrack of the anime is pretty good. A song i like from the anime is called " Fake Wings ". " Fake wings " really sets the mood to some of the conversations or non-conversations. Another song i like from the anime is called B.T. it is an instumental type of song it kind of sets a relaxing mood to whatever is happening. Another thing i like about the music is they always seem to have something for every scene. If its a slow serious scene they would play Fake Wings. If they were outside in a bright clear day and people are cheery they would play a nice song. If things were just serious then they would play a song called aura. So that is why i like the songs of .hack//sign

Rating: 8


.Hack//sign is very enjoyable to watch, unless you are one of those people who hate waiting a while until the story gets good. The story slowly unfolds and becomes better and better as it goes on. There are not many humorus parts in .Hack//sign it is mosty a serious type of anime. I think that the anime lightens up at the end of the anime series. I recommend .hack//sign to people who like a slowly forming story line and people who like serious animes. You might not understand the anime at first, i know i didn't, but if you watch the whole thing you are able to understand it more. There are other series of .hack, there is .Hack//sign, .Hack//dusk and .hack//liminality. Each one is different except the characters of .hack//sign and .hack//dusk meet once. So the people who read this review and never watched .hack//sign, .hack//dusk or .hack//liminality you should really watch it. Overall i think that many people should watch .hack//sign it's complex and mostly for the older audience because i do not think people under 13 would understand the concept of .hack//sign. The game of .hack i do not really like because it follows the same thing for the first 3 games and for the fourth game you do something else. I personally think that the .hack game is easy.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

9.00 (very good)

Reviewed by darkshadowz, Oct 11, 2004


  1. jackalx66 Oct 13, 2004

    ha this is my fave too..
    considering the drawn and the story..

    *i wish if i could play the world in this 'world'*
    *such a high anime quality*
    *check the other series of .//hack*

  2. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 15, 2004

    wow...how did you manage to give the sound department an 8? i think it deserves 10+ because it's done by yuki kajiura and it incorporates so many different music genres to fit the mood. i remember that many people seeked the ost when they didnt like the anime itself :b

  3. DarkVirus Oct 15, 2004

    Even though dot hack sign did not have alot of action, the art was what made the show pretty good

  4. RahXephon Oct 16, 2004

    I think the rating on the sound department is justified. It is indeed a good soundtrack, but not the best there is.

  5. alucard242 Nov 17, 2004

    Don't forget to watch/read/play all the dot hack project. It's a really complex project .

    And the music of hack sign are so great :)

  6. link212112 Aug 04, 2005

    hack sign should of at least go 9/10 for sound. and by the way it is one of the best soundtracks.

  7. AWOL Jan 26, 2006

    The anime's presentation is too choppy, though the story may be good, the expression of the dialouge is too dry and unengaging.

  8. strawberryghost Jun 13, 2006

    Its been a while since i've watched any .hack//sign episodes but i agree with you that it is a great series. The only thing that i dislike about it was that it took such a long time for there to be any clear plot to the series, and that in some places it did drag on quite a bit. Other than that though, the character developement was awesome, and i loved the music SO much!

  9. nainoi Sep 26, 2009

    Thank you for review.

  10. back07 Jan 26, 2014

    nice review, i want to try to watch it

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